Tuesday, October 23, 2007

24 hours and counting.

As I deal with a daughter turning into a pre-teen before my eyes, a boy who is on the verge (seriously) of getting tossed from PRE SCHOOL, and a baby who, while cute as can be, is showing signs of being the 21st century version of Evil Kenivel, I continue to keep my eye on the prize.

The World Series.

Sox vs. Rockies.

Game 1 is tomorrow night from the Cathedral known as Fenway Park. I CAN'T WAIT.

Today brought some sad news though: Tim Wakefield's balky shoulder is keeping him off the World Series roster, which means the Game 4 starter is most likely Jon Lester. And while I'm rooting for Lester with everything I have, the thought of him starting a game in Colorado has me more than a little nervous. I'd rather it be Bat***t.

Speaking of which, he's off the roster as well, and Gagne is in. Which means one of two things: either Gagne has pictures of Julian and Theo in a compromising position, or else someone is trying to justify giving him $4.5 million dollars in return for, well, a healthy dose of crappy pitching.

Jacoby gets the start over Coco in CF for game 1: if this development shocks you, what rock have you been living under the past week or so?

My biggest worry today has been wondering what in the world Tito is going to do when the series gets to Denver: no DH in the NL parks, so there is an odd man out with Youk, Mikey, and Papi. Who sits? What is he going to do? Yep: there's a war on terror in two countries, wild fires in CA, a drought on the east coast and Ryan Seacrest still has a job, yet my biggest worry is who plays first base for 3 games in Colorado.

What is WRONG with me? Do I need a shrink? A lobotomy? Or just a good, hard smack upside my head?

So: who do you think IS going to play 1B in the National League games?

(I asked what was wrong with me: I didn't say I was going to change.)


Tex said...

::smacks Ted upside head for good measure and good luck::


Is is Wed yet??

Ted D said...

Thanks Tex: I think I needed that.

Unfortunately, no, it's not Wednesday yet.

BUT: it will be soon. ;)

scott h said...

Are we checking into military preschool?

scott h said...

Better yet, send him to Uncle Wheatgerm, he apparently has time on his hands.

Tex said...

heck send Rakes to Auntie Tex. I'll have in shape in no time. Teachers today don't know how to deal with little kids these days. All ya gotta do is bribe them with candy and toys. :)

JMP said...

Is it Wednesday yet??

Cant wait for the game.

Too bad about Wake. Feel bad for him. I do not have much faith in Lester and when Gag-me steps up to the plate I will have to start popping Prozac!!
He has a long way to go to redeem himself in the eyes of the RSN.

They should of left Buchholz on the roster. His injury could not be that bad and being so young he would bounce back...and now we need his arm.

PS I am sure the ladies are un-happy about this but I am glad that Papelbon decided to leave his pants ON for this past celebration!

Ted D said...

Bub, no military school, but Wheatgerm sounds like he has the time.

Tex, with your job background, you may be the perfect candidate for this job: how's your blood pressure?

jmp, I'm ready man. Hate it for Wake, and I'm with you: glad Pap left his pants ON this time!

Tree Newt said...

What is it with the cracks on my time? This is coming from a guy who only works 5 months a year and one who somehow finds time to watch all 182 Sox games? HELLLLLOOOOOOOO!!!!!

beckperson said...

Are you ready for some BASEBALL???

Cannot wait.

Anonymous said...


Ted - Tell the kids that if they delay their misbehaving until after the World Series is over, that you'll go easier on them LOL

Let's do it again Sox!

Ted D said...

Becks, I was BORN ready: GO SOX!

Carol! Where have you been? Good to see you again, and your logic would work on D: not on my two hellions.