Friday, October 26, 2007

Who's on First?

I'm guessing someone made a joke about Big Papi's fielding ability, or lack thereof.

Tito announced today that Youk would be riding the bench tomorrow night for game 3 in Colorado with the big man playing first base.

I've read a lot of stuff today about who would sit because the World Series has switched to the NL park: I'm just not as worked up about it as some people. The best argument I've heard against Ortiz playing first is his health: his knee is cottage cheese right now and looking at his face after scoring from second last night you can tell he's in some serious pain.

However, I don't think Papi would say he could play if he felt he'd hurt the team. and if the Sox can win tomorrow night the Rockies would be in a really difficult spot: win or go home. While I hate the fact Youk and his bat won't be in the lineup tomorrow, you've got to think that if the Sox have the lead after the 5th inning, Youkilis will be in the game faster than you can say "Whadda think of that, Mel Gibson?"

It's a really nice problem Francona has right now: his biggest worry is out of three guys, which hot bat does he have to sit on the bench. We'll probably see Lowell sit on Sunday with Youk moving over to third, and if it goes to a game 5, Ortiz get a day off against the lefty Francis.

Besides, if it gets to game 5, Beckett will be on the hill. Anyone else see the similarities between Beckett in '07 and Pedro in 1999?

I was going to post about my daughter Ciera and the science experiment that is her bedroom: you won't believe how much stuff my wife picked up off the floor and put on her bed today. However, the cord we use to download pictures from the digital camera to the computer is missing.

Something tells me I'm gonna find a G.I. Joe action figure hanging from a camera cord noose in the near future.
*UPDATE* I found the cord and it wasn't a GI Joe action figure: However, I'm sad to report Malibu Barbie is no longer with us.
Take notice of the 7 water bottles/cups on the nightstand, as well as the clothes, boxes, food wrappers, and shoes on the bed. This was ALL on her floor: either in the room or in her closets. And according to Ciera, her room was clean when she left for school this morning.
If you've never seen a grown woman freak out, you should have been here this afternoon.
I'm STILL scared: needless to say, Ciera is grounded from the computer and the tv this weekend.
One day we'll laugh about all this.
I'm afraid to bring it up tonight.


Tex said...

Now Ted. You say that like it's an inside job ;)

Ted D said...

Tex, I can guarantee you, Rakes has that thing rat holed away somewhere just waiting to cause some havoc.

You ever see Toy Story? Rakes is the next door neighbor, Sid.

Tex said...

if I could draw a tree with an apple on the ground next to it, I would. ::rolls eyes::

Ted D said...

Are you trying to say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree?

I'll have you know I was an angel as a child.

An angel I tell you.

Tex said...

if you say so. meanwhile back at the ranch, G.I. Joe is being tortured by gluing him to a soccer ball.

Ted D said...

I updated Tex: GI Joe is fine.

Malibu Barbie's next of kin have yet to be notified.

Tex said...

the boys musta came in her room and did it right?

Ted D said...

Tex, I find it's better not to ask how, but why.

She made the mess: the demise of the Malibu Barbie is a mystery we may never solve. All the suspects/victims are asleep, so I'll have to turn into Sonny Crockett tomorrow.

Tex said...

G.I. Joe did it.

Ted D said...

Works for me, Tex.

I'm heading to bed: need to bank some sleep before tomorrow night.

Edge of Design said...

Please send my condolences to Angie. I've had a similar experience. Do you wanna know what the sad part is in all of it? They know where everything is! IKES! Oh, thanks for the laugh today. Tell Ciera, I'm sorry it was at her expense but a laugh just the same.

Stacy said...

::I'll have you know I was an angel as a child.::

As someone who was THERE when you were a child, I must disagree with this statement. While you were no Rakes, you were certainly no angel.

That picture of Ciera's bed is hysterical! Wonder who put all that stuff in there while she was at school? :)

Tex said...

oh crud Ted. I just realized i sorta used your title on mine. I didnt even read your title..just put something up and came back over here to harrass ya. Sorry

Ted D said...

Denise, I'll pass the word: and it's good to know we're not alone.

Stacy, you are obviously losing your long term memory. An angel I tell you.

Tex, no worries sis: great minds and all. Just got home from the childrens museum where Rakes was invited to a birthday party: havoc was wreaked.

Stacy said...

Was he banned from future visits to the museum? :)

Ted D said...

No ban Stacy: 3 warnings and some evil looks though.