Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Man-Child

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Lying in bed, eyes propped open with toothpicks, I watched Mike Scioscia call for Ortiz to be intentionally walked, and I'll be honest: my heart sank.

As much as I love Manny, I just KNEW we were going to extra innings. Now normally that wouldn't bother me, but with this stupid furniture market I'm in right now, I'm running on fumes. Knowing I was already getting 4.5 hours of sleep at the maximum, I was dreading staying up any longer.

I've never been more glad to have been more wrong: I'll never doubt you again Manny. With one crushed KRod pitch, off to sleep I went.

I don't care that he pimped it for an hour, or if Scioscia had a hissy fit over it: that pose Manny struck after hitting the walk off home run STILL has me smiling.

Memo to Steve Bartman: watch the video of Danny Vinik taking a foul ball out away from the Angels catcher Jeff Mathis. Instead of out number 3, Ramirez walks, Lowell hits a sacrifice fly, and the Sox tie the game. THAT is how you catch a foul ball, you dink.

Topping the whole night off was the fact the Yankees lost again to Cleveland and are down 2-0 heading back to the toilet, and Mr. April was in fine form, going 0 for 4 with 3 strikeouts. Just in case you were wondering, Slappy is 4-for-47 (.085) with no RBIs in his last 14 postseason games. If he's the MVP of the American League, I'm 6 ft. 4 and handsome.

If there was ever any doubt which team God was a fan of, last night should finally put an end to that debate: how else do you explain that plague of bugs that attacked the Yankees during the inning Joba Chamberlain gave up the tying run? I kept waiting for frogs to start jumping out of the Yankee dugout and locusts to cover the field.

Sox take a 2-0 lead out to the Left Coast with Father Curt looking to take the mound on Sunday: with that horse on the hill, I think the chances of a game 4 are getting smaller by the hour.

Finally, a quote from Manny: "I haven't been right all year. When you don't feel good and you still get hits, that's how you know you're a bad man."

Yes you are Manny. Yes you are.


Mattie said...

You know, when you hit a shot like Manny hit, you get a free pass to pimpville. That was absolutely classic. How can anybody be mad at Manny? He's too easy going? He'll probably be laughing with K-Rod before game 3.

But, you know, I just wish he had more confidence in his ablilties.

Ted D said...

Exactly right little brother. Let's ask all those people who criticize Manny for his antics how many walk off HR's THEY have hit.

But yeah, he really needs to develop some self confidence: just think how good he'd be if he believed in himself!

beckperson said...

I can't stop smiling today. Life is good.

Sure wish Manny would do more interviews - imagine the joy we'd have with his unbelievable quotes.

Wasn't it great to see Paps so fired up? He lives life with such energy and passion. I love that about him - and I especially loved that his postgame press conference was confident yet calm. He knows when to turn it on and off.

You're right. Father Curt will take us to the Promised Land, appropriately on the Lord's Day (and at a reasonable hour - how lucky is that?).

You've had a tough week, and I hope you get to rest a bit over the weekend. Are you at the Furniture market this coming week too? Can't remember.

Ted D said...

Hi Becks.

I know what you mean: I can't wipe the smile off my face. Sitting here at market, I've watched the video of the home run around a dozen times, and it hasn't gotten old yet.

The post game press conference was classic: "I'm one of the best hitters", "I'm a bad man", "Sometimes they get you, sometimes you get them". He was great.

Pap is a character. I bet someone tells him to shut up every 5 minutes on a plane ride!

Hopefully, today is my last day: it's still up in the air, but no later than tomorrow. I'd REALLY like to sleep in little in the morning but we'll see.

BTW, check your email when you get a chance. I need some tech support, and figured anyone who can master the Iphone would be very helpful to me! You may have responded to me, but if the wife has checked the email I can't pull it up from here.

Stacy said...

Glad the boys won. Too funny that they walked Papi and then Manny homers to win the game! :)

Those bugs in Cleveland were terrible. Reminds me of summers in Pennsylvania.

beckperson said...

Ted, I did send you the instructions you asked for. You'll be amazed at how simple it is. :)

Holler if it's unclear or you need any more help. Glad to hear the show's almost over - you'll need your rest for the weeks ahead.

Ted D said...


Because the bugs bothered the Yankees more than the Indians, I thought they were great!

Thanks Becks: I'll look at it when I get home. I appreciate you helping the weak minded out! Just found out I have to come back from 9 to 12 tomorrow, so I can sleep a little bit late. Be home in plenty of time for the game, and you are right: come the next 2 weeks, I'll need all the stored up sleep I can get.

Tex said...

howdy ya! Im watching the tx vs ou game. as much as im not much of a football fan...its been a pretty good game. tied AGAIN. I know ted....i need a new computer but life is good. as much as my head was killing last night...lying on the couch....i couldnt help but smiling watching Manny's walkoff

Ted D said...

Tex, good to hear from you. I saw you are getting a dryer before a computer, and I have to tell you I feel somewhat responsible for that one. My fund drive to get that for you was not well done, and I apologize. ;)

Miss you, glad the new job is going well, and hopefully we'll get to talk more again soon.


KAYLEE said...

I didnt see it had switched over to hockey by teh time he hit it :D

JET said...


Cool use of links.

Ted D said...

I can only thank Becks, JET. She explained how I could do it, and I just followed her directions.

I do feel somewhat smarter though.

I'm sure that feeling will pass soon. ;)

JET said...

Yor wikid smaht Tedders.

When I went for a run earlier this evening, a (repeat for emphasis: ONE) tiny little gnat flew into my eye. I was pissed and had to stop and try to wipe it outa my eye to continue on. It was super annoying.

Then I thought of what it musta been like to have hundreds of the little buggers attacking me...

and I laughed with glee...

Ted D said...

JET, you made my night. The thought of that big goon having all those bugs land on him last night is too good. I love the fact the MFY fans are crying today about the bugs when the Indian players had to deal with the SAME THING.

What do they think? The Tribe spent the whole season building up a immunity to insect bites?


JET said...

//JET, you made my night//

Evil is good Tedders.

Ted D said...

Now JET, there is nothing about you that is evil. Me @ Furniture Market? I'm tempted to beat this woman from Budapest who keeps asking me questions with a wooden spoon.


JET said...

I wish I were as good a person as you believe I am Tedders. :)

Yay. Furniture Market ends for Ted in 15 minutes!

::googling to see if a Budapstian woman was murdered there this morning by a guy wearing a Sox cap and suit::

Ted D said...


Just got home, and I'm done with that mess for 6 months: WOOT.

JET, don't go blowing up my belief system in you now:)

Budapest woman escaped any harm: I think she saw the look in my eye and decided against any more questions.

Christine E. said...

Evening everyone:

Whooo Hoo! And the sweep is complete!

Going to the ALCS--lets just hope we are joined by Cleveland...:-)


Hoep everyone is well...

Go Sox!

Ted D said...

Hey Christine: Our Sox are going to the ALCS!!!!!

Get out the brooms!!!

Christine E. said...

Now all that needs to happen if for the Indians to beat the Yanks...and it will all be good!

Whooo Hooo!

Sorry to hear you were stuck at a trade show all week...I know how THAT is..

Glad you back tho..:-)

KAYLEE said...

I am glad we are going to the ALCS!!!!!!!

made me feel better!

KAYLEE said...

LOL fut didnt last long!!!!!!!:P

Christine E. said...

Roger Clemens, the big game picther, does not even make it through the 3rd inning....


Oh, I HOPE the Tribe sweeps!

Go Indians!

Christine E. said...

And how bout that HOMER by Trot!

Whooo Hooo!

Ted D said...

Thanks Christine: glad I'm back too.

$28 million and he can't make it out of the third inning: Nice move George. "He's a warrior".

Is he? (For Mattie)

Trot with the homah is sweet: it's 3-1 now, bottom of the 4th.

Go Tribe!

scott h said...

Yellow. No time for baseball, but Im kinda leaning toward the Rockies right now.

It was a good weekend and topped off with a dagger deep in the heart of Texas. Pass me another slice of Bevo please, Well done!

Ted D said...

Bub! Figured you'd jump on the Rockies bandwagon! They are looking tough right now.

Meant to tell you: I got a text from Tex yesterday, and she told me to tell you she was watching the OU/Texas game. She said she could care less about football, she was just there for the party.

I texted her back: "Color me shocked"!

Mattie said...

I guess there will be no sweep for the Tribe. Dagnabit.

~**Dawn**~ said...

That game stole *years* from my life, I tell ya.