Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Commander of the Kick A** Brigade

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How often does what you imagine happening in your head actually come true? If you're me, not too much: tonight, Josh Beckett made my daydream come true.

All day long I kept envisioning an outing by Beckett that was one for the ages: 99 mph fastballs, curve balls that Barry Zito would envy, and Angel batters breaking bats and punching water coolers in the dugout in frustration.

I don't know about the bats and anti water cooler behavior, but the fastball was there. And I'll bet Zito was taking notes: the Angels are asking each other right now if anyone got the number on that train that just ran over them.

9 innings. 4 hits. 8 K's. 0 BB's. He retired 19 consecutive hitters after allowing a leadoff single in the first inning, and ran his post season scoreless streak to 18 innings. This is a guy who has 4 complete game shutouts in his career, with THREE of them being in the post season. THAT is the definition of a big game pitcher.

Throw in Youk's first ever playoff hit being a home run and Papi remembering he is the new Mr. October by hitting a 2 run HR, if you're a Sox fan, tonight was a very good night. Now it's the Angels who have to win 3 out of 4 and start to press. Hopefully, we get the Daisuke Matsuzaka who pitched the AL East clinching win vs. the Twins: you know, the really good Daisuke.

Tomorrow night, Trot Nixon and the Indians take on the MFY's. Nothing would please me more than CC and the Indians pimp slapping the Yankees in game 1, and the Yankees getting swept away in the ALDS.

Hey, it COULD happen.


HorshamScouse said...

Great game to kick off the post season. I got to see Papi's HR and left with the lead at 4-0. I'm not sure I like the idea of CGs in the post season, although JB's pitch count was acceptable.

Ted D said...

Horsham, Papi killed that ball: glad you got to see it. I'm not a big fan of CG in the post season, but 108 pitches is about where he was all year long when he left the game, so I''m OK with it.

Great way to start the series.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I just hope we see more of this team & not the one we got this time last month. And I am admittedly not looking forward to Matsuzaka's start. The last few months made me gunshy about him. We already know that Beckett & Schill come up big in October. The Hundred Million Dollar Pitcher still has to prove it to us.

Mattie said...

That was a work of art, as far as I'm concerned. I got a little hooky when Beckett trotted out for the 9th, but he was the epitome of nails last night. He wanted the CG, and he deserved it.

The Canes lost in their opener, though, so my elation was tempered somewhat.

Ted D said...

Dawn, I think Daisuke will be a crapshoot for the playoffs, much like he was this year. One positive is the Angels have never faced him. I sort of view him like I did Beckett last year. New leauge, new batters, etc.. means a huge learning curve: Long term he'll be fine. Short term? I gotta think he's a big game pitcher (WBC) and he'll want to match Beckett. And just think how pumped up Schill will be for Sunday!

As for you little brother, I 100% agree with you. There IS a first time for everything after all.

And what are these "Canes" you are talking about? Was it really 10 years ago we went to their home opener in Greensboro?

Carol said...

It sure was a very good night/start! And here's hoping that A-Rod will be able to get home sooner rather than later to pregnant Mrs. A-Rod (from the MFYs getting swept ;)

Ted D said...

Carol! Where have you been? I've tried to get on your blog and it looked like it was closed down.

Best possible scenario for a Sox fan happened last night: here's to the Indians doing their part tonight.

JMP said...

Only Crisp and Pedroia failed to get hits last night. That is unusual.

Lowell banging away at third and with his bat yet again... Contract, front office..CONTRACT NOW for this guy!!!

Here is to Trot tonight....where he goes 4 for 4 with 5 rbi's against the Chumpies!!!

Stacy said...

Glad the boys won, and Beckett had an amazing game.

Did you know he's from Texas? :)

Ted D said...

jmp, Lowell has been the rock this year. Hopefully, Theo will come through in November with that extension. Read online where almost the whole team showed up for a voluntary workout today, which I thought was pretty cool.

Stacy, it was great AND it ended at 9 oclock: a win/win. And I'd heard somewhere he was from Texas. Speaking of Tex, I texted her last night that Beckett pitched a great game. Her response?

I'd have his babies!!!

Can't wait until she gets that computer this weekend: place is dead without her.

JMP said...

Very nice how the Tribe is whacking the chumpies!!! Top of the 8th 3 to 11 Indians...sweet!!!
I was worried as the chumpies and Indians have played 6 times this season with the chumpies sweeping the Tribe!!

Ted D said...

jmp, no worries tonight. 12-3 Indians, and it's a final.

The Yankee dynasty is gasping it's last breath.

KAYLEE said...


JMP said...

Guess its true when they say that the regular season is best forgotten when your in the play offs as nothing is the same!