Sunday, October 28, 2007

Rockie Mountain High

According to all the doubters, last night was supposed to have been the game the $103 million dollar albatross allowed the Rockies back in it. Going to their park, playing NL rules where Daisuke would have to hit and Ortiz would do the Red Sox in with his horrible glove at first.

Where Manny wouldn't be able to cover the big outfield and Ellsbury and the Munchkin would wilt at the top of the lineup.

Yeah. About that...

Daisuke strapped on a pair and was flat out dealing for five innings. Oh yeah, he got his first Major League hit as well, a 2 run, bases loaded single. Manny made not one, but two great plays in LF, and Ortiz played 1B like he'd been out there all year. Ellsbury and Pedie went back to back with doubles in the 8th inning that made the score a little more comfortable than the 6-5 it had been. Combined, they went 7 for 10 and Ellsbury had three doubles on the night, with 2 of them coming in the same freaking inning. As much as I like Coco Crisp, I hope he didn't buy a house in Boston: it's not exactly a sellers market right now.

Only blip on the night? The bullpen, with Lopez, Timlin, and Okajimer making it interesting. Some nights you got it, and some nights you don't. Other than the relief corps drama, the Red Sox just grinded the Rockies into the loss: just when you thought the Rockies were going ahead, Pap comes in and gets a one pitch flyout to end the 8th and the game was essentially over.

So far they've won a blowout in game 1, and tight one in game 2, and a get out in front, they get close, then put it away game 3. Tonight, Jon Lester takes the mound for what could be series clinching game 4.

How sweet would THAT be? 14 months after being told you've got cancer to starting in the World Series: if it got pitched as a movie idea, they'd turn it down for being too unrealistic. I'm not getting ahead of myself, however. We all know that it ain't over until it's over, and a desperate team is a dangerous team.

From the great philosopher Manny Ramirez:

"We don't want to eat the cake before your birthday,"

Amen, Manny. Amen.

*Update: The game is going into the bottom of the 8th. Lowell and Bobby Kielty have hit HR's, and it's 4-1, Sox. Also, the entire left side of my body has gone numb: I'm not sure that is normal.*

*Update #2: Garrett Atkins just hit a 2 run shot off Okajimer: it's 4-3 Sox, with 1 out in the bottom of the 8th. In a related note, the right side of my body is now also numb. So I have that going for me at least.*

*Update #3: The Papelbot came in after the home run and got out of the inning. I'm also starting to feel some tingling on my left side, which I can only believe is good news.

*Update #4: SOX WIN! THE SOX WIN!!!!! MIKE LOWELL IS NAMED MVP AND THE SOX FREAKING WIN! 2 World Series wins between '04 and '07 after 86 years of not winning: I LOVE THIS TEAM!!!!!!!!!!! More tomorrow: for now, I've got to see if Beckett keeps his promise and Riverdances with Papelbon.*


Tex said...

I love it when our $103 million was spent for runs too :)

as much as i would love to win tonight...I want to go to the parade and if its won tonight it may be hard to arrange it all.

BUT I know its not ALL about me :)

Ted D said...

Man, Tex: you're quick with the comments!

How great was that fist bump he gave Alicia at first base: he looked just like one of the big boys out there!

I saw where you bought your ticket already. Part of me wishes it could end at Fenway, part wishes Beckett can pitch one more time, and part of me just wants to sleep!

I hope it works out so you can be there for the parade, Tex.

Stacy said...

Great post, Ted.

Sometimes it's best not to listening to the "talking heads."

Sometimes you've just got the "stuff".

Sometimes you don't eat your cake before your birthday.

Ted D said...

Manny is classic, Stacy.

Tree Newt said...

Dude, I have to go back a post and comment on the Rakes' post: CLASSIC! Absolutely one of your best! Amanda and I were hooting at that all the way through. I have to say, I see him more as the X-gamer than anything else. Of course, that wouldn't eliminate the possibility of the last picture coming true.

As for tonight: so far, so good. Lester worked out of that little situation nicely.

Ted D said...

Mattie, like I said earlier, it's easier to write well and take good pictures when you've got a good subject. ;)

Lester is pitching well so far, and Cook is also other than the first inning.

Gonna be one of those games, I think.

Nancy said...

I LOVE YOU TED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tex said...



HorshamScouse said...

Can't stop saying the Red Sox are World Series Champions, AGAIN.!!

Ted D said...

Nance, I love you too!!!

Tex and Horsham: THEY DID IT!!!!!

What a team, from top to bottom!!


Tree Newt said...

All I have to say is:


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Ted! No doubt you're thrilled. I hope you'll continue to blog even though the Season is over until Spring training. Sorry, I hope I didn't rain on your parade. It's just that I've just been enjoying your blogs. Especially the ones about the kids. Congratulations once again!

Ted D said...


I told you all season long to believe. NOW will you listen to your older brother?

Densise, don't worry, I'll blog all during the off season. They tend to be more about the family and stuff, but there is always baseball news to talk about.

I stayed up until almost 3 in the morning: is it possible to have a MT Dew IV?

Peter N said...

WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JMP said...

Victory so soooooo sweet!!!
Going Yankee hunting today and bringing a little salt to rub into there wounds!!!

Christine E. said...

Afternoon everyone!

Whooo Hooo! The Sox do it again!


Congrats to everyone!

Now, how many days until baseball again?

Hope all is well!

Anonymous said...

Here's to the World Series Champs! I predicted that the Sox would sweep again in the World Series :) It was a somewhat bittersweet ending where I live. Just minutes after the win, as all the celebrating was unfolding, I heard a car skidding and then a horrendous thud. I thought it sounded like someone had hit a tree and, from the sound of the impact, could have been killed. Sadly, that's exactly what happened!

Ted D said...

jmp, my Yankee buddy wouldn't answer his phone today: how great is this.

Christine, all is most definately well: let the Hot Stove talk begin.

Carol, what a bummer ending to the night for you: sorry to hear that.


beckperson said...

Ted, I am FINALLY making the rounds of the friendly neighborhood blogs. Last night was such a blur, I had to spend all my time channel surfing and visiting SG.

I know we've all said it a million times, but I've thoroughly enjoyed this baseball season and it's been such a pleasure to spend it with ALL OF YOU! Only 3.5 months till pitchers and catchers report! WaHOOOOO!

Ted D said...

Becks, I had the same sort of night last night: it was a whirlwind. And I have to say the amount of friends I've made this year is more than I've made in the last 15! You and everyone else made this a great year of baseball.

I'm still having a hard time believing it: the Red Sox have won the World Series twice in the past 4 years!

courtney said...

i am not really sure i understand why i needed a play by play of the game? if i was a sox fan, or a sports fan for that matter, then wouldnt i be watching the game myself?! hmmmm...

Ted D said...

Courtney, you forget: this is therapy for your Uncle. Any comments I get are gravy on top of the sundae.

Or something like that.

Tell your Dad to quit putting you up to stuff and to actually comment himself.

::writes Courtney out of will::

scott h said...

::writes Courtney out of will::

Ho ho Ha ha Wee who !

Ted D said...

Hey: I've got a will. It doesn't matter that it has nothing to leave to anyone.

Wait a minute, it does: anything happens to us, YOU get the kids!

See, even from the great beyond I'll still be busting your marbles.

~**Dawn**~ said...

::still doing a wild happy dance::

Is it April yet...?