Friday, October 19, 2007

A Field Trip to Pass the Off Day.

Angie and I tagged along with Rakes and his pre-school class on their field trip to the Pumpkin Patch today. It was a damp, rainy day, but we had a blast. Plus, it took my mind off the fact that I won't see the Sox play until tomorrow, when Father Curt extends our post season one more day.
First picture is Rakes and his buddy Tommy sitting atop the giant spider hay bale: you wouldn't believe the convincing it took to get him up there if I told you.

Here, Rakes is giving me his best serial killer look while in the corn maze: I'll admit it, I had a few horror movie images float through my mind. He looks a tad demented here. On a side note, we had to do the maze three times: I'm just hoping he wasn't practicing for any future corn field encounters.

Here's Rakes pretending to be a cat: how he can look ornery in this setting, I have no idea. Yet he pulls it off like a true pro.

Rakes and his friend Natalie: he wants her to "Come to my house for dinner and a deep over Dad". He's three, and already wanting girls to stay the night: yep, that's my boy. I've got a sinking feeling I'm going to be getting a lot of phone calls during his teenage years.

Rakes and his old soccer foe Jeremy during story time: leave it to those two to find the only ghost at the pumpkin farm and plop down right next to it. Could have been worse, I suppose: they could have tackled it to the ground before beheading it. I take my small moral victories wherever I can get them.

A rare shot of Rakes being still with his Dad: hey, it doesn't happen every day. I'll always treasure pictures like this: you only get to have one first born son.

Tomorrow, baseball will be played in Fenway Park. And Curt Schilling will be taking the ball and hoping to extend the Sox season by one more game: me? I think he's up for the task. Watching Beckett dominate the Indians last night seems to have pumped the old guy up.

I've said it since Tuesday night: we get back to Boston, and all bets are off. But for today, getting to spend some time with my boy was just what the doctor ordered.


Tex said...

Ted, looks like ya had a great day with the kids. Well tomorrow is actually "Buy Tex a Dryer Day". My son and I are going shopping and bringing one home. The only other thing planned is watching the game. We may go out to watch it with a good friend of may not be around to post.
I just plain don't have any thing to blog about tonight.

I could post a pic of some cheese and crackers to go with that wine i heard today :)

Ted D said...

Tex, we had a great day. Good luck on the dryer: man, I wish I had never brought that up!

Hope you are around for the game, but have fun if you aren't.

And who was whining today? Not me: I was full on positive!

Tex said...

not email member?

Ted D said...

::slaps forehead::

Sorry Tex: it's been a long day. You ARE the chief bottle washer now: just drop the hammer on those people. ;)

Anonymous said...

Cool and damp? You mean it's been raining there? Awesome! My dd turned 10 yesterday and is officially on her way to becoming a teenager.

I hope you enjoy your game and who knows maybe the Sox will have a Jays Repeat and win the World Series. It's possible, yes?

Ted D said...

Denise, it rained off and on all day yesterday: took Rakes to his last soccer game this morning and the field was muddy. We needed it bad.

Happy Birthday to the little one and the Sox aren't dead yet!

Tree Newt said...

Dude, classic pics of the Rakester. And I don't think the boy looked demented at all. Go easy on the lad. I've got some pretty freaking scary pics of his dad, you know...looking like you just got out of the pen.

And praise God for the rain! I've never been so happy to see it!

Ted D said...

Looking like I just got out of the pen?

OH Yeah, THOSE pictures.

Nancy said...

Wonderful pictures, Ted.

Nancy said...

Wonderful pictures, Ted.

Ted D said...

Thanks, Nancy. You must have really liked them to post twice!

You all have a blast storming the castle today: tell Becks I said to drive careful, she's got valuable cargo!

JMP said...

Looks like great fun!!
Are you going to carve pumpkins in the effigies of Cleveland players today??? Then let the kids smash them on the ground!!
Sounds like fun !!!

Redbeard76 said...

Great pics Ted!

Ted D said...

jmp, hadn't thought of that, but now that you mention it...

My little girls Godfather is a trainer in the Indians organization (lower minor leagues) and got to go games 3 and 4 with his son. He knows Manny from his early years and got to talk with him for about 10 minutes before game 3. He and I are having a lot of fun going back and forth.

Stephen, thanks man. I trust your little one is doing well.


Stacy said...

Ted, those pics of Rakes are so cute...especially the one in the corn maze. He does have a funny look on his face (funny, not demented). Love the one of he and the little boy beside the ghost.

Ted D said...

You say funny, I say demented.

Same thing, really.