Saturday, October 27, 2007

Seeing into the Future

Rakes was invited to his buddy Daniel's birthday party today and he got to visit the children's museum for the first time. He had a great time, and as I looked at my little man sitting in that big chair, I had one of those "moments".

If you have children, you know the kind I mean: one of those "I'd better enjoy this time, because one day, he'll be off on his own, living his life, and I'll be sitting home alone with nothing but my memories" kind of moments. As we wandered through the museum and looked at all the different things, I could see my little man doing in real life one day what he played on today.

Maybe he'll make his living on the left turn circuit, thanking Hot Wheels, Pontiac, Budweiser, Depends, and Viagra for making this victory possible.

What about a fire fighter? His close proximity to the ground, having no fear, and his love of anything LOUD make this another logical choice.

How about an X Gamer? A protective God, having a short distance to travel before hitting the ground, and sheer blind luck are the only things that have kept him from a body cast so far in his young life.

Still, one image from today is sticking with me. After seeing him in cars, trucks, planes, banks, post offices, and doctors offices at the museum today, for some reason, this final picture is the one that gives me chills.

Rakes. In the BACK seat of a police car. Scary thing is, he looks right at home.

Game 3 tonight from Denver, with Daisuke squaring off with Josh Fogg. We already know Youk is sitting, Ellsbury will be in Manny's hip pocket to help cover LF, and it'll be a different scene than what we saw in Fenway.

It don't matter.

As long as the result stays the same.


* Update: In what was the longest game EVER for the World Series, the Red Sox won 10-5, with Jacoby Ellsbury as the star. It's now 3-0, Sox and there ain't enough white towels in the world that can save the Rockies.*


Tex said...

such cute pics Ted. Im sitting here listening to the song "Dont Blink" its true they do grow up. fast.

lets hope the boys brought their oxygen masks

Ted D said...

Thanks Tex: I was reading where they were supposed to drink plenty of water too. Something with the altitude.

2 hours, 15 minutes to go.

Nancy said...

Vintage post, Ted!

Ted D said...

Thanks Nancy. It always helps to have a good subject.

Stacy said...

Personally, I think he looked the most comfortable on the hood of the racecar. All your years of making fun of the left turn circuit, and he could set you up for a comfortable retirement. :)

Hope the Sox wrap it up tonight; you need the sleep!

Ted D said...

Stacy, he looks relaxed on that car. Problem is, it takes him so long to talk, he'd never finish his post race interviews.