Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Legend of Pedro

I honestly don't know what to write about: I've got so many thoughts ping-ponging around in my head, and I can't seem to formulate them into anything that makes sense.

Schilling vs. Carmona.

Win or go home.

I'm amazed at all the former players who STILL pull for the Sox. Kevin Millar, who plays on a team in the Red Sox DIVISION, was on FOX wishing the boys well.

The Professional, Billy Mueller, now a Dodgers front office executive, is throwing out the first pitch tonight.

Somewhere, hopefully, Pedro is pulling for his former teammates. The last time these two teams met in the playoffs was the 1999 ALDS. Petey, fighting a bad back, loses game 1 and the Indians win game two 11-1. Battling back, the Red Sox win games 3 and 4 tying it up 2-2.

Game 5, the Indians jumped out to a 8-0 lead, and it was here where Pedro went from a great pitcher to a New England Legend: fighting that same bad back, he comes in and pitches 6 innings of HITLESS relief. He and Troy O'Leary (grand slam AND a 3 run homer) carried the Sox into the ALCS.

Somewhere in Fenway tonight, the ghost of Pedro will be lingering: for all the talk about the Sox breaking the Curse in '04, the White Sox in '05, and the never ending tribulations of the Cubs, people forget the Indians last championship was in 1948: 59 years ago.

Baggage? They got it in spades.

Tonight can go a long way in adding to their misery: I find I'm so excited, I can barely sit still or hold a thought in my head. (Sorry Mattie: just couldn't resist.)

Editor's note: The Sox just won game 6, 12-2. Schilling was dominant, and JD Drew had a Grand Slam. Down 3-1, the Red Sox have tied it 3-3. The Indians are on the ropes: I. Am. Floating. On. Air.


Christine E. said...

1st to post on a night like this???

And would have ANYONE ever believed that Julio Lugo and JD DREW would contribute offensively like they have...

No, Curt needs to give us some zeros!

Go Sox!

Hope you are well!

Ted D said...

Hey Christine: missed you around here.

JD is making all of us who complained about him all year look a little silly. Turns out he was saving all the good stuff until the post season!

I'm great, and I hope you are also.

~**Dawn**~ said...


Ted D said...


From your lips to God's ears.

3-3 going into tomorrow.

I LOVE this team.

Tex said...

acan you float on air? im floating on sheer will power of the red sox

JMP said...


Tex said...

T'aint no cowboying UP needed. These boys need some hard working Japanese arm throwing pitching now

Ted D said...

Tex and jmp,

One. More. Win.

That is all we need.

What a GREAT game last night.