Thursday, October 25, 2007

For Mom

My Mom found out yesterday she has cancer: She wasn't going to tell me until after the game last night because she wanted me to enjoy the game. That's my Mom, thinking about me and my Red Sox obsession before thinking about herself.

This morning she told me she was grateful that the Sox were in the World Series because it'll be good for her and me to sort of focus on that and try to smile awhile before she goes under for surgery in 2 weeks.

Anytime you hear the words "Mom has cancer" it'll throw you for an ever lovin' loop, and I'm still trying to not think about it. Good news is the Doc says it's localized and she won't have to have chemo, just radiation, so it's about the best case scenario other than not having it in the first place.

I posted the picture of Pedroia, because after Papelbon, he's Mom's favorite: you should have seen her light up this morning when we were talking about the Munchkin cranking one over the Monster last night.

You always hear about sports being a great diversion: that thing that helps us take our minds off that idiot boss at work wanting to know where the focus group reports are and your 3 year old son who you PRAY won't set the backyard on fire before you get home. It keeps you from jumping on the moron in front of you at the store buying $300 worth of powerball tickets when all you want is to pay for your STINKING MT DEW AND BE ON YOUR WAY, and from plowing into the stupid dink talking on his phone, oblivious the light has turned green.

Right now, the Red Sox are my escape from thinking about the greatest woman I've ever known having cancer. And it's helping her forget about it too, at least for awhile.

Love you Mom.


HorshamScouse said...

Hope things work out for your Mum, Ted. My Mum survived late-onset breast cancer with radiation and surgery and was cancer-free for the last ten years of a very long and happy life.
PVs from NZ.

Tex said...

Ted I heard your mom.

check it out. things like this make you stop and think. stop and appreciate. stop.

Enjoy this series

::HUGS:: and give that to your mom for me. :)

Ted D said...

Horsham, thanks for the well wishes: I'm keeping the fair that everything is gonna be fine. And thanks for sharing that about your Mum as well. (I LOVE the English way with words!)

Texas, thanks for the link again. I'm gonna give it to Mom, along with the hug. You're the best. :)

Christine E. said...


I am so sorry to hear about your Mom--Please know that your both in my thoughts.

Sending tons and tons of positive vibes!

My grandma was diagnosed with breast cancer at 72--and lived to the ripe old age of 93..:-)

Hang in there...

Ted D said...

Christine, it's much appreciated. I told Mom today she has a bunch of internet serial killers wishing her well: I got a funny look and a smile!

Edge of Design said...

Ted, I'm sorry to hear about your mom. Please let her know I'll be praying for her. It's tough when your parents who have always been so strong, get sick. She has her faith and a ton of people who love her and that will serve her well.

Tex said...

Two Down

Two to Go

Ted D said...

Thanks Denise: I'll be sure to pass the word along. You stay safe out there with the fires.

Tex: you got that right. 2 down, have to win 2 of the next 5: I LIKE our chances.

Tree Newt said...

For Mom, indeed.

Carol said...

Ted - I'm sorry to read about your mother's news, though relieved there's a best case scenario involved. I'm sure she will be receiving lots of prayers!

And 2-0. When I heard who the Sox would be playing in the World Series, I was absolutely not worried - and with good reason :)

Ted D said...


Thanks for the well wishes: Mom has got a lot of people thinking about her and sending along prayers and well wishes. This is the first time something like this has affected me so personally: I've come the realization that getting older sucks.

Up 2-0, heading to Denver is a VERY good thing.

JMP said...

Hey Ted:
First the good stuff!!
2-0 going to Denver! Thats great. I was really hoping for that. the 1-1 split a home with the tribe drove me if we drop 1 or 2 in Colorado it wont be such a big deal.
Taking the WS on home turf would be sweet.

Bad stuff...
So sorry to hear about your mom.
What you are going through, I have been there and right now am in it again. No its not easy.
Just remember.... It is curable.
Keep a positive attitude and both you,your Mom and family will get through it.
Tell your Mom I wish her all the best.
Should you need a bit of support you can e-mail me at

Ted D said...

jmp, I'm right there with you: taking the first 2 takes some of the pressure off. I'm curious to see how Tito handles the no DH situation.

And thanks for the thoughts on Mom, and I hate to hear you are dealing with the same sort of stuff. I appreciate you sending your email address: you can expect one coming your way soon.

gojohn said...

Hope your Mom will be OK..

Stacy said...

Prayers and hugs for the greatest lady ever.

Love you, Mom.

Ted D said...

Thanks John: appreciate it, man.

Stacy, you ready for the invasion tonight?

Stacy said...

Bring 'em on, Ted. At the end of the night, they go home with you. :)

Plus, I just took two ibuprofen, so I should be good to go.

Ted D said...

You mean you just took two valium, right?

~**Dawn**~ said...

I am so behind on blogging. My own & everyone else's. I just wanted to say I have your Mom & your family in my thoughts & prayers. I remember when it was my Gram, who for all intents & purposes was really more like my mom. They gave her 3-6 months at the time. She loved more than 15 years, and when it was her time, it was not at the hands of that hateful disease.