Sunday, October 7, 2007

In Curt we Trust

In game one, we rode the arm of the 26 year old future and the bat of David Ortiz. Game 2 saw the Japanese import and Manny Ramirez carry the day.

For Game 3, until the 8th inning, it was back to back Ortiz and Ramirez HR's and the arm of the soon to be 41 year old Curt Schilling that brought out the brooms.

Whether it was the 11 game rest between starts, the fact he's a big game pitcher throwing in a big time game, or even the fact he was a little ticked off about pitching third in the rotation, I have no idea.

What I DO know is Curt Freaking Schilling was outstanding today in the Red Sox ALDS clinching win.

Whatever hope the Angels had of extending the series past today got slimmer and slimmer as the innings went by, as Schill kept kicking the Angels right in the marbles. When you think about it, it's amazing he has transformed himself from a power pitcher to a bigger version of Greg Maddux DURING the season: it's a testament to his willingness to change and his passion to win that he's done this and today we saw the finished product.

Watching the post game celebration in the clubhouse, I've realized 3 things:

1. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY enjoys the celebration process more than Papelbon.

2. We have seriously missed out on some high comedy this year with Manny boycotting the media: the stuff I've seen the past 2 days alone is priceless.

3. As much fun as it's been to see Papi, Timlin, and Lowell celebrating, I keep wishing I'd see Pedro in there, goggles on and holding a bucket over his head.

Oh well, onward and upward: next series for the Sox starts this Friday, and it'll be either the Indians or the Yankees coming to Fenway: it's 8-4 MFY's in the bottom of the 8th as I type, so they most likely will live to fight another day. However, they still have to win 3 in a row, and I just don't see it happening. We'll see.

All I know is the Sox just keep on rolling: AL East? Check. ALDS? Check. That's step one and step two.

Bring on step three.


Stacy said...

Curt looked great, and that 8th inning was a beautiful thing to behold.

Theo, best get that contract extension ready for Mikey; he's more than earned the extra mil.

Ted D said...

Hear, hear Stacy. Hopefully he's got a plan.


JMP said...

What a Friday night!!
What a Sunday Afternoon!!!

Dice was a crap shoot on Friday. He really needs to work on his strength in the off season.

Shilling... pure artistry... pegging the corners like a heat seeking missile! He's got a few years left!

The bats and defense!!! WOW!!!
Its great to be in the Red Sox Nation!!!
GO SOX!!!!

Ted D said...


It was quite a weekend wasn't it?

I think Dice will be much improved next year: pitching on 5 days instead of 6, new hitters, culture change, etc..

I wonder if they change the rotation or leave it as is. I think if it stays Beckett, Matsuzaka, Schill, and Wake, that allows you to throw Schilling in a game 7. We'll see.

And the old man still has it: good stuff yesterday.


sittingstill said...

Nobody, and I mean NOBODY enjoys the celebration process more than Papelbon.

I forget now who is was that said that when he is on the mound, he is pure rage (in the context of his being more suited to a closer than a starter); in the celebrations he is the pure expression of elation.

I also love the guy because every time I see him act--in a TV commercial, in a NESN spot thanking the fans, anything where he's been told what to do--he's terrible. He can't act to save his life. So you know that everything that comes out of him on the mound or in the clubhouse is genuine.

Ted D said...

Morning Kelly,

It's good to be a Sox fan this morning!

I get NESN on my dish, and you're right: guy can't act his way out of a paper bag! So all those emotions we see in the game and after come straight from the heart.

And I think it was beckperson or alnm that said that: either way it's true.


~**Dawn**~ said...

Three wins down. Eight left to go. I would breathe a little easier if the Yankees would just go quietly into the night already.

Ted D said...

Hi Dawn, welcome home: read on your blog you were going away for the weekend.

I'm ready for Cleveland to put it away tonight: I wanted a sweep, but it'll make the Yankees losing even better after they got some hope.

Mattie said...

I can see now that we're not only going to have to break the "colon" button on your computer, but we'll have to ask google to prohibit you from using links in your blog. Becks, you have created a monster.

How bout them Red Sox?!!

Ted D said...

Bite me you dink! Why do I not remember you being this obnoxious when we were kids?

//but we'll have to ask google to prohibit you from using links in your blog.//

Will ya? :)

becks, ignore him.

JMP said...

Dice-k is just a so-so pitcher at the moment. His last outing in regular season against the Twins was a bit better that most of the season.
Be interesting to see if he gets pushed back and Wake moves up with Shill in the 4th position.

Here is to the Chumpies falling on their face tonight.
Need some NYC rats to swarm the field tonight and watch Joba the Schmuck run home to his mommy!!

I cant believe they are protesting the " game conditions " from the other night. Typical of them..

I remember playing in quite a few softball games and having swarms of skitters and gnats attacking us.. we never quit. Its part of the game.
What will they complain of next, the temperature??

Just received my Bo Sox 2007 Div Champ hat today!! Too Cool!!

Ted D said...

jmp, Daiuske gave up 3 runs in the one inning Friday, and pitched pretty well. Lot of balls fouled off by Figgins, etc.. and that was getting frustrating. I still can't believe it took 4.5 hours to play a 9 inning game.

Congrats on the hat.

JMP said...

It was a long game. I nodded off a couple of time for a minute or two.
Plus we had to be on the soccer field for 7:30am .....not much sleep that night.

Dice threw 96 pitches in 4 and 2/3 innings. He had 62 strikes. 3 strikeouts, 3 walks and gave up 3 runs. His era on the game was 5.79.
That outing was so-so. Not great and not to bad and for me thats so-so. Like you I want him to do better. I honestly hope he really listens to the Sox pitching coaches and follows their recommendations. Clearly the intensity of his work outs and the change to US BB have worn him down.

Heres to a healthy Dice in 2008.

Torre is going with Wang tonight while Wedge is using Byrd and saving Sabathia for a possible game 5.
I would of thought that he would use Sabathia to shut down the Cranks.

Should the Cranks win tonight the momentum will be on their side for game 5.
Hope Wang is petered out at this stage of the season and that the Indians hit him fast for at least 5 runs.
I would not want to see the Sox against the Crankers as I am sick and tired of looking at them.

Ted D said...

jmp, maybe the reality of him wearing down will convince him to stop all the extra throwing. He really needs to get a personal trainer, if he hasn't already.

His outing was so so, but I actually give more credit to the Angel hitters for it than blame him. LOT of foul balls.

Personally, I'd like to see Schill get the game 2 start and get them out ahead.

Wedge going with Byrd puzzled me until I saw Sabbathia had only gone on short rest once in his career. Byrd is hit or miss, so hopefully he's got his a game. I think Wang will struggle, and with Torre pitching Joba twice last night, even though he says he'll run him out there, how effective will he be.

Should be good.

beckperson said...

Mattie, Ted's next trick will be to post YouTube videos! He's going to be a blogging expert by the time Tex and I get finished with him! :)

Here's hoping the Trot mojo works far better than the Demon mojo tonight!

Go Indians!

KAYLEE said...


Ted D said...

Thanks for sticking up for me Becks: little brothers can be a pain!

So far, so good on the Trot mojo.

Mattie said...

Oh Becks! Say it ain't so!! SAY IT AIN'T SOOOOOOOOO!!!

Ted D said...

See you little wanker? Becks has my back.

The Wanger got whacked tonight: 4-1 in the top of the 4th: it's 9:30.

Stupid Yankees making me stay up late.

Ted D said...

6-1 Tribe: The toilet just got flushed.

Go Indians!