Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Riverdancing at City Hall

Tek is a very smart man. John Henry and Theo Epstein: listen to your Captain. Forget the stats on 34 year old third basemen: I seem to remember a guy in Baltimore playing pretty well into his late 30's. Mike Lowell is a leader on this team: a level headed presence in a sea of insanity.

He's one of the few players on the team who is bi-lingual: Tavarez teaching Daisuke and Okajimer how to curse in Spanish doesn't count. He plays 3B like he's defending the Alamo, can groom a beard like nobodies business, and without his 21 HR's and 120RBI's, I really don't think the Red Sox are celebrating their second World Championship in 4 years. This is not a guy on his last legs, but a integral part of the team and clubhouse.

Listen to your Captain.

I was going to write about how my life is one three legged dog away from being a country music song. Angie's heat went kaput in the man van last night, so I had to take it to the dealership this morning. At the same time, Trot had a Dr. appointment, Rakes had his Halloween party, the guy was coming to fix the dishwasher, Ciera had a parent/teacher conference, and I had to try to convince clients with full inventories and no money that they absolutely, positively, HAD to have the bedroom suite I was showing them. Then I get to figure out someway to get the man van picked up from the dealer, get home, and take the family to Rakes soccer party/trophy ceremony.

Somehow I made it: I'm pretty sure there were speeding violations, illegal U Turns, and crimes against humanity committed during the day, though I can't swear to it.

Rakes was beaming when he got his trophy in case you were wondering.

I decided against it though: even though I thought about the Rolling Rally Parade all day, I'm trying to spread my happiness out over the winter. Figure I'll try and hold out until mid November before I actually watch the whole thing.

However, I did watch bits and pieces online tonight, and I've come to the following observations:

A. Jonathon Papelbon is, without a shadow of a doubt, certifiable. He at various points in the parade smoked a cigar, Riverdanced, wore a kilt, used a broom as an oar, and generally acted like Vince Neil in his prime.

B. Sharing Pap's duck boat were Mike Timlin and The Dropkick Murphys, which is awesome on about 10 levels. Can you imagine the Yankees letting a rock band share in their parade? Can you imagine Mariano Rivera doing a jig with Kyle Farnsworth? Better yet, given their championship drought lately, can you even VISUALIZE the Yankees in a World Series parade? (OK, that was a little mean spirited. And I could care less. Hehe.)

C. Watching my team celebrate winning the World Series will never, EVER, get old. It's a little sad to think that Schilling may not be back next year. Or that Senor Doubles may leave as well. But seeing the joy the fans got in thanking the players, and the joy the players got in thanking the fans was great to see.

I thought after 2004 I'd never feel as good about a Red Sox team again.

Happily, I was wrong. Different team, different guys, but just like your children, you can't pick a favorite.

You love them equally.

Thanks for a wicked awesome season guys.


Tex said...

\\Different team, different guys, but just like your children, you can't pick a favorite.

You love them equally.//

thats all ive been trying to say.
i tried to glaze over the videos/pics today but its really been hectic around here. gonna have to deal with some employee issues tomorrow. :(
But my plane, car and hotel reservations are made for this weekend. Its all good :)

JMP said...

either sat or sun morning there was a blurb in the sports section on how the Yankers were going to try and resign A-Rude. I felt that all was well..Mikey will stay in Boston..then on sun night after the A-Rude announcement I felt like I was hit with a ton a bricks for now you know the Yankers will try and sign Mikey.... UGH!!!! More post season stuff to worry about!!!
I really like the guy even last year you could see him trying and giving his all. I hope he stays.

Watch the Pap video for a few minutes.. get him, Timlin and Millar at a party and watch out!! The riot police will be there too!

Glad you are having fun with the kids!! They do love the trophies at that age.

HorshamScouse said...

Caught a little of the NECN coverage online but it was just the final minutes :(

Oh, and Mikey:


You heard it here first.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I had to steal your photo, Ted. I'm apologizing right now for doing so without even asking. I haven't seen an footage from the Rolling Rally yet, but I plan to watch some. This team... ::shakes head:: I love each & every one of 'em. Well... except for JFL. ::shrugs sheepishly::

Ted D said...

Tex, you have a blast in Boston this weekend. Call if you need any bail money.

jmp, it's sort of bothering me about Arod, but I really don't see it happening. Theo usually plays stuff pretty close to the vest pretty much said last week he was confindent they'd get something done with Lowell. Just trying not to think about it.

Horsham, you are my elder: and since I was taught to listen to my elders, I say right on with your prediction.

Dawn, steal away. I took it from the Globe, so it wasn't really mine! I hope you'll come around on Lugo one day: though it seems your dislike is pretty well rooted!

Have a great day everyone.

~**Dawn**~ said...

No dice. I didn't like Lugo when he played in Tampa. I think he is so overrated. I appreciate the contributions he made, but they do not outweigh all the poor hitting, the bad base-running decisions, and the abominable overall defense. I still can't figure out why they were so hot to trot for him in the first place. I would take the stellar defense of Alex Gonzalez anyday.

Stacy said...

Horshamscouse, I SURE hope you are right. Mikey gave it his all this season, and should be resigned at a salary commensurate with his contributions.

And Teddy, your're right; gotta love this team. An awesome mix of talent and personality.

Ted D said...

Dawn, I wondered the same thing: why was Theo so set on him? However, as long as he's here, I'm sure we'll wish him the best. Maybe he'll have a nice turnaround year next year.

Stacy, while I agree with your thoughts, you lost me with the big words!

Carol said...

FYI - Papelbon is on Letterman tonight!

Ted D said...

Saw that Carol: bigger news is Manny on Leno tomorrow night: there is no telling what will come out of his mouth!