Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Live from Cleveland. Sort of.

Posted the Tek picture to remind myself that even though we lost last night, Tek did give us an example of some late inning magic with his Home Run late in the game.

So far tonight, Wake has been outstanding: 3 innings, 5 K's, 2 walks, and 0 hits. Top of the 4th, it's still 0-0 with Byrd throwing junk and Wake matching him knuckle ball for knuckle ball. Listening to Buck and McCarver go ON and ON about Paul Byrd is a more than a little annoying, but to their credit, have given Timmeh his props so far.

Heading to the 5th, and Wake is pitching his tail off: finally gave up his first hit, a double, but pitched out of it. So far, it's the fastest game I've seen this post season: the bats just need to wake up and score a couple of runs. I've got a feeling with Wake pitching like he is and Papelbon waiting and rested, it's all we need for a win.

May have spoken too soon: Wake gave up a BOMB to Casey Blake in the bottom of the 5th, and it's 2-0 with runners on 1st and 2nd with two out. In a related note, I've lost feeling in the left side of my body: that's not a good sign, right?

Crap: Martinez just came through with a single, and it's 3-0 Indians and Wake is coming out of the game. Be back in a minute: going to change shirt, hat, and possibly underwear to rally the mojo.

Well, that didn't work: Peralta just hit a 3 run home run and it's 6-0 Indians. I've gotta give the Indians credit: they have out pitched the Red Sox (unless your name is Beckett), out hit the Red Sox, and outplayed the Red Sox. It's not about what we HAVEN'T done, it's about what they HAVE done. Having our work cut out for us doesn't begin to cover it.

Mercifully, the inning is over: however, the score is now 7-0 and a lonely RSN turns it's eyes to Josh Beckett to keep hope alive. Well, I'm not ruling out a repeat of the Mothers Day Miracle yet, but it's getting pretty dicey.

May have spoken too soon: Youk and Papi just went back to back, and it's 7-2, nobody out, top of the 6th. Now the right side of my body has gone numb: at least it's all evened out.

Manny just hit a bomb, and yes, they just went back to back to back: it's 7-3 with 3 innings to go and 4 runs needed to tie. Just when I think I'm out, they pull me back in. I'm now going to hunker down behind the couch until the 6th is over.

Jon Lester gives up a lead off walk to Sizemore and that's it: heading to the 7th, still 7-3 Indians.

Keeping the Fair, Keeping the Fair, Keeping the Fair.

After Tek hits a seeing eye single, Lugo grounds into a double play and Pedie lines out to end the 7th.

Nothing doing in the 8th, and while Lester has pitched some fine innings in relief, we head to the top of the 9th down 7-3 and needing a miracle to win this thing. Tough game to watch: down the whole time, praying for the comeback when we get the 3 HR's in a row, then getting deflated every time after those hits.

3 outs left and 4 runs needed to tie. I'm just praying they bring in Borowski: if they do, we've at least got a fighting chance.

Lowell pops up: one down.

Drew flies out: two down.

Crisp lines out to first: three down, ball game over.

Heading into the off day, the boys are down 3 games to 1: it's not over, and I'm not going to officially start to freak out, but we need some help. We need Beckett to sack up on Thursday, Schilling to remember he IS Mr. Big Game pitcher in game 6, and God help us, Daisuke to come through in Game 7.

Stranger things have happened.


Tex said...

oh so we are live posting??? Wooo HOOOO aren't WE Getting all techy on me? :)

I still believe and we're depending on Commander Kick### of the %% Brigade to lead us.
good cover on the game...and of course...i wrote about beckett.
I look to the future

Ted D said...

Tex, not getting techy on you: just knew I would be exhausted by the time the game was over and not feeling creative. I'm not giving up until they tell me it's over. Beckett thursday and if we win that game who knows what happens.

It's an uphill climb for sure.

Mattie said...

It's uphill, but at least we only have to win 3 in a row, not 4.

Can Beckett pitch 3 straight?

Ted D said...

No, he can't go three gmaes straight. Can he?

I refuse to give up, and I'll be pulling big time for my team tomorrow night: and hoping I get to do it again on Saturday.

beckperson said...

Just wanted to send PVs to my bud. It's been a strange week, for sure. But as everyone posted today in SG Land, we are still keeping fair.

Just wanted to say hi! I'm enjoying the off night to regroup for the big push starting tomorrow.

Ted D said...

Hi to you Becks: I always smile when I see your odd little robot picture!

I've sort of enjoyed today as well: well, as much as I can down 3-1. Took Ciera to her football game to cheer tonight, watching "Kitchen Nightmares" and steeling my nerves for tomorrow.