Monday, October 1, 2007

The 7th Circle of Hell. AKA Furniture Market

This is the Showplace building in High Point, NC, home of the International Furniture Market every April and October.

Trust me: it's not all it's cracked up to be. 10 days of boredom, interrupted by brief periods of frustration so intense you feel like that guy Michael Douglas played in "Falling Down".

Years ago, this particular event was a key part of the industry: now, with everything being made overseas, it's a major pain in the keester that still exists only because of the obscene amount of money it pulls in for the cities that host it: High Point, Tupelo MS, and Las Vegas.

For me, it means long days, short nights, and meetings that start a 7 a.m.: that is for Sales Manager Bob in case he reads this post. When the Fall market rolls around, it also signals playoff baseball: I'm currently watching the Rockies/Padres play a one game playoff to determine who gets to play the Phillies in the NLDS.

Here's how the playoffs are shaking out:

Sox vs. Angels starting Wednesday night.

Indians hosting the MFY's beginning Thursday.

Diamondbacks vs. the Cubbies, and the Phillies hosting either the Rockies or Padres.

MLB has got to be happy: Cubs, Yankees, and Red Sox are in, plus teams in L.A., Chicago, and Philadelphia. Not exactly a crew of small market teams.

My wish for the WS? Sox vs. Cubbies.

My actual prediction? Sox vs. D-Backs. If they can run Brandon Webb out 3 times in a 7 game series, the Diamondbacks are going to be tough to beat.

Can we get a Fast Forward button for life and get me to Wednesday NOW?


scott h said...

Jr. Still moaning about your 7 days of R&R. You are killing me.

You need to checkout you know what. It is testing my willpower right now.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I'm taking this opportunity to enjoy the Patriots on MNF. I don't get to see them much, living in Florida & all.

Looks like that Padres-Rockies game is prodicing a bunch of ulcers for all those fans. I find it difficult to root for one or the other! Padres feel like the Red Sox alumni team so often, but the Rockies have really been the unsung NL Cinderella -- even moreso than the Phillies in my opinion. All I know is that I am glad it's not the Sox involved in that.

Ted D said...

Bub, it's not R&R: can I call you at 5 tomorrow morning and wake you up? Glad you are back: missed you around here. I didn't get a chance to ask you, but I hope you have sold out of all your inventory and are waiting for more. How are things going? Good I hope. As for what you are referencing, I can't deal with that right now: I'm afraid my head would explode.

Hi Dawn: I forget you are a NE transplant in FL. I haven't even turned it on, so I have no clue what is happening. For your sake, I'm pulling for the Pats.

On the baseball game, I'm rooting for the Rockies: any team who has come from so far back to get to this point I've got to pull for. However, I will agree: I'm glad it's not the Sox!

Ted D said...

Bub, just checked you know what.

::head explodes::

Stacy said...

Ted, e-mail me and let me know what you and Bub are speaking about in code. Head explosions cannot be good.

Ted D said...

Trust me Stacy: you're better off not knowing.