Sunday, January 27, 2008

Change is good. Or so they tell me.

If you stop by here on a regular basis, you'll realize this picture is a little old. About a year ago in fact; looking at it, I'm amazed how much all three of the little ruffians have changed. Back then, Trot couldn't walk yet, Rakes was just approaching Defcon 5, and Ciera was still more of a little girl and less a pre-teen.

Flash forward to this morning after church as I'm trying to get them all rounded up and out to the car. Have you ever tried to wrangle three little gophers into a small hole while trying to avoid a thundering herd of elephants? That's about what it was like getting all of them through the hallways at church, zigging around the old folks who wanted to pinch their cheeks and zagging around the other senior citizens who were recoiling in horror.

Before I knew it Rakes and Trot were behind the Welcome Desk in the foyer, stealing the candy canes we pass out at Christmas time with Trot eating his as fast as he could open it. While I dealt with his theatrics, Rakes took two candy canes and proceeded to run around the foyer and down the hall using them as pistols, firing randomly at anyone who came across his path. It was about the time he ran up to the preacher and shouted "You dead, Pator Darrell" that I started hoping for a giant hole to open up and just take me away.

Using the whole "change" thing, you may have noticed the blog looks a little different. That's what happens when a moron decides to start messing around with his template. I saved the old one, but for some reason I can't get it to post back. So, I'm thinking I'll keep the new one for awhile.

However, I'm getting conflicting comments on the colors, particularly the blue; thanks to Dawn I now know how to change it, but when I went back to the white I found the blue had sort of grown on me. Being this is an election year, I figured I'd put it out there to the people, and I'll go along with the popular opinion.

Which is why I'm putting a poll up in the sidebar on what to do. If you don't mind, take a few seconds to help me figure out what color this thing should be. I know anyone stopping by has a few minutes to kill, because this place isn't exactly the Wall Street Journal. Just a place for an exasperated Dad and Red Sox fan to vent every now and then.

If you're gonna stop in, I at least want you to feel comfortable.

Like those two old guys in the Bartyles and James commercials used to say, thanks for your support.


Tex said...

Can I vote more than once? hee hee.

I tried to do a change but it acted like it was gonna mess up my other stuff so i left it alone. Im not as computer savy as you'd like to think Ted.

but you are right. Change is good.

Ted D said...

Tex, I meant to tell you. If you change the template, it erases ALL your widgets. I was up until almost 1 last night getting the slide show, links, almost EVERYTHING reset.

At first I panicked, then decided I could do with some change. Ask Newt: I'm not usually good with change, so this may be a big step for me.

And vote as many times as you want. You know Scott will.

Tex said...

Well i am NOT about to stay up till 1am. this will wait. Another busy week ahead. sometimes I wish I could just fast forward to my retirement day.

Ted D said...

You and me both, Tex. Of course, when I'm 56 Trot will just be starting college.

Good Lord, now I'm depressed.

Tex said...

when you're 56...I'll be 69. now IM depressed :)

Ted D said...

Sorry, Tex.

Didn't mean to make you sad.

Man, does it suck to get old or what?

::remembers I'm going to Fenway in 4 months. Feels like a teenager again::

Tex said...

::patiently waits to see Teds face as he walks up and sees the Green Monstah::

Ted D said...

Tex, if I cry, and you tell anyone about it, we may have to rethink this adopted sister thing.

I'm just sayin'.

Tex said...

Im just gonna walk backwards in front of you with my camera (with the video on) I have no clue how to work youtube :)

Ted D said...

Becks does, so I may be in trouble.

This whole thing may make "You made me spill my beeaar" a mute point. ;)

Tex said...

i guess you need to learn to read between the lines...I DO KNOW how to work youtube doofus

Ted D said...

Tex, how long have we know each other? Do you really think I know how to read between the lines?

I've been married for 15 YEARS and I've got no clue.

Tex said...

i guess i need to use this ;) if Im being sarcastic. But Ted you should be able to read minds AND between the lines. what in tarnation have you been doing these past 15 yrs anyway?

Ted D said...

What have I been doing the last 15 years?

Surviving, Tex. Surviving.

Don't forget; You're a woman. Try and see the male point of view.

I'm the Rambo of marriage, Tex.

Tex said...

just giving you a hard time. its late and im tard. later.

Ted D said...

Night, Tex.

See you on the other side.

Edge of Design said...

Sorry to interrupt your conversation with your adopted sister? I like the new blog although I am curious as to who adopted who? I am sure Pastor Darrell would have enjoyed Rakes and who knows, perhaps gave him a walk down memory lane. You never know!

Ted D said...

Edge, I think we both kind of adopted each other. Although knowing her she'll take all the credit. ;)

Redhead said...

Blue is masculine, so it's good. How quiet (or not) are the kids during mass?

Tex said...

\\Although knowing her she'll take all the credit//

Man i dont get any respect around here.

and Ted..just going on redhead's comment...i didnt think you were catholic

Redbeard76 said...

Hooray for Lost coming back this week. Love that show. Luv.

Candy canes as guns. In church. Heh!

JMP said...

The blue looks great!!!

Krystle THE Red Sox Oasis said...

LOL, as much as Rake's telling a preacher he's dead ISN'T funny, it really is.

I like the template the way it is. But then again my eyes are good and young.

Stacy said...

The kid shot the Pastor with candy cane guns. Lovely.

They may take away your membership for that one. :)

And we ALL know you will cry at Fenway, so stop pretending you won't. Tex will have it on video for all to see. Hee, hee, hee

Tex said...

hmmmm this may be a chance to make some money. I wonder if I could make more by extorting Ted or selling the video?

Ted D said...

Stephen, LOST is great, huh? And the fact it's going to be new episodes, if only 8 of them hopefully helps bridge the gap until ST. And Tex is right, I'm not Catholic.

Hey, JMP. Thanks.

Krystle, it is pretty funny, but man does he pull some stuff out of his rear.

Stacy, you think? Now if it had been a water gun, you may be right. And I'm NOT gonna cry, and Tex is NOT going to video it.

I hope.

Go for the shirts, Tex. More money in that.

beckperson said...

I really CANNOT wait until May 17. I'm not sure Fenway will be the same after our little group hits there AT THE SAME FREAKIN' TIME!!!


Ted D said...

Me either, Becks. Let the chaos ensue! This trip is going to be an absolute blast.

Tex said...

Ted i made NO mention of shirts. Stacy, Scott, Newt, Others?? anyone else wanna buy a video of a grown man crying as he walks up to Fenway?

Do I hear $100?

and if I did DO shirts...they'd say

I went to Fenway and all I got

was to see Ted cry


Ted D said...

Why I thought you said shirts I have no idea.

And quit riling up the natives. Like they need any encouragement.

Ted will NOT cry.

Tex said...

who you trying to convince? cos we aint buying it

Ted D said...

Myself, mostly.

They say if you say something enough time, it'll come true.

Or something like that.

Tex said...

you aint in Kansas Toto...that only worked for Dorothy.

i think those okies rubbed off on you too much

Ted D said...


Though I am a product of the Oklahoma School System.

Suddenly a lot of stuff makes sense.

Stacy said...

I'd buy a t-shirt. I could wear it while I watched the video of you crying. :)

Ted D said...

Stop encouraging her, Stacy. ;)