Saturday, January 12, 2008

Just Another Day In Paradise

Rakes started the day getting up before 6 a.m. and ended it sitting on the couch watching tv in his Spider Man pajamas and his busted Redskins football helmet. How does one actually BREAK a football helmet? I have no clue; but there's your proof right there.

In between these two events, we had 762 times he asked me to "play Tar Wars wit me, Dad", one brief nap that consisted of he and I laying on the couch while his jimmie legs kicked me repeatedly in the marbles, and countless threats of bodily harm if he hit his sister ONE MORE TIME.

Highlight of the day? Tonight at bed time; Ang has already gotten Trot out and is getting him dressed while Rakes is still in the tub hollering "Come look at dis, Sissy". Of course Ciera is ignoring him so I stroll in to see what he's doing.

You know those foam bath toys that are letters and numbers in all sort of different colors? If you get them wet they stick to the side of the tub; theoretically you are supposed to use them to teach your kids the alphabet and their 1, 2, 3's. Theoretically.

You can see where this is going, right?

There was Rakes, sitting Indian Style in the tub and holding the letter B; I'll give you 3 guesses what he had sticking through the hole at the top while he giggled like a maniac.

Throw in Trot with his hole in his lip and a respiratory infection, Ciera in full-on loud/giggle mode, and me working on 5 hours of sleep AND Saturday being house cleaning day? Let's just say it's awfully nice and quiet right now.

'Course tomorrow we get up and do it all over again.

Tell me again why I want ANOTHER one?


Tex said...

oh come ON Ted. you know you have to keep kids around so you'll have someone on your age level ;)

Ted D said...

Tex, I think you may be right. I hadn't thought of this before, but it makes perfect sense. ;)

I should have clarified that last line. If you can promise me a GIRL I want a 4th child. Otherwise, tell your story walking. 2 boys is plenty.

JMP said...

Man you guys crack me up!!!!

Some crazy stuff going down in Casa del Dalton.

After reading your life seems boring and trivial!!! ( and there are a lot of people that think my life is crazy...I have to send them to this post!!)

Keep it coming pal.... we all look forward to the life and times of the RED SOX DAD!!!

Ted D said...

jmp, glad we can bring you a smile. Which is another reason why I'm blogging. Right now, all this stuff is really not that funny to us! But I know one day it will be.

And you're not boring and trivial; you are just normal. I just happened to have a bunch of circus performers for kids is all.

And trust me, they'll keep coming; I don't have the money for a shrink.

Tex said...

normal. now theres a word I wouldnt ever use here.

Ted D said...

::sticks tongue out at Tex::

Normal is relative, right?

Tex said...

normal is NOT in your relatives family. :)

i made a new sign ::sticks out tongue::

Ted D said...

Now that was just unnecessary. :)

Heading there now.

scott h said...

I've never pulled for Dboys in my life.

To busy drawing to chet and chat here. Finished 8 and framed 7. Im on the B's now of classic rock stars. I ought to be done by may of 2012.

Ted D said...

Are you honestly going to deny rubbing my nose in the Jimmy Johnson era Cowboys? I'm stung by this.

You realize you'll be 55 by then and wearing Robert De Niro's glasses from Casino by then, right?

Tree Newt said...

Classic comment about the glasses, Jr.

Wayne's World said...

Well, since I've now subscribed to this blog (A few days ago now anyway) it would be rude not to comment so here goes. Thanks for a great read man. All of your posts have cracked me up a great deal.

Tex said...

not that 55 is a bad age right TED???

Welcome Wayne's World to Ted's Toons.

Ted D said...

Wayne's World, welcome to the nuthouse. I appreciate you reading and taking the time to comment. We're all harmless; well, except Rakes and he's small.

Morning Tex. And no, 55 is NOT a bad age at all.

Tex said...

NOT that Im 55 or near it even.

WW..don't let Ted fool ya. Rakes may be small...but he packs a powerful punch to the marbles :)

Ted D said...

No you're not. Especially where it matters, your heart.

WW, don't listen to her. She's from Texas for Pete's sake.

Tex said...

::puts on cowboy boots with spurs::

you WERE saying Ted?

Ted D said...

Nothing, nothing. Don't mind me Tex; I'm home with the sickly Trot while Ang took Ciera and John Dillinger to church.

I'm sleep deprived and trying to type while he's in his penguin pajamas, Sox hat, and climbing all over me and the computer desk.

Tex said...

well im going to finish up the house cleaning, laundry and sorts this morning. I've got some "work" to do at some point today. I want to walk around the lake later.

So keep this place tidy ok?

Ted D said...

I'll do my best.

gojohn said...

Breaking a football helmet...hmm you have a strong kid Ted!

Ted D said...

Hey John. And not necessarily that strong. Just an evil little mind!

Tree Newt said...

Speaking of Texas:


Ted D said...


Trying to come up with a post on that now, raisin bran.

Green Bay vs New England sounds like a pretty good Super Bowl to me.

scott h said...

This finally proves you are bored or jaded like a Chinese Buddha.

There is no bigger buffoon then Snyder. If its Jerry's 900 zillion he can wear the headset if he wants.

I am not a Cowboys fan ( the name and the color turn me off) But they are considered Americas team and that drives you nuts.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Say what you will, but you are one awesome dad & it's evident just how much you love your kids. =) As for it being a girl though, if I remember my biology lessons, that's all up to you. ;-)

Dude. Rakes *broke* a football helmet??

Ted D said...

Bub, you forgot to take your medication again. You're leaving comments about one post on a different one!

Dawn,thank you. I try to be a good Dad, but sometimes it's hard. With Rakes it's like that most of the time. ;)

Yes. A football helmet. It's a wonder the house is still standing.