Monday, January 7, 2008

Taking a positive out of a negative

Driving home tonight and listening to the circus that was the Clemens press conference, I tried to make sense of it all. His lawyer spoke for a few minutes and basically wanted everyone to know that in NO way did they hold George Mitchell or the US Government responsible for this attack on Roger's name. The fact anyone with a brain could tell that's EXACTLY what they think must have escaped their attention.

Then they played this bizarre 15 minute or so phone call between Clemens and McNamee from last week. If you've never heard a man on the verge of a total nervous breakdown, listen to this thing; McNamee is one step away from a straight jacket and sharing a rubber room with Britney. Both of them talked more and said less than two people I've ever heard and the whole thing belongs on an episode of the X Files.

At the end of the day we've still got Clemens denying everything, McNamee one step away from electroshock therapy, and baseball with egg on it's face. This is still one of those he said/he said that without any definitive proof leaves Clemens, McNamee, and the rest of us just twisting in the wind. I'll say this for Clemens; he does "pissed off athlete" better than almost anyone I've ever seen.

For me, the ONLY positive in the whole steroids mess is that it appears to be causing the dinks who vote for the Hall of Fame to actually sit down and look at a retired players body of work and not just his stats. Which means guys who've been left on the outside looking in might just get a shot at Cooperstown now. Tomorrow we find out who, if anyone, is going into the HOF in the Class of 2008.

If I had a vote? Goose Gossage, Jim Ed Rice, Bert Blyleven, and Jack Morris would get in tomorrow. I'm not gonna post all their stats; if you're reading this you've got the Internets, the World Wide Webs, and a mouse. But for me, these 4 should have been in years ago.

'Course, I'd vote the entire Red Sox team from 2004 and 2007 in, so what do I know?

Let's just hope some past wrongs get made right come tomorrow.


Tex said...

to quote cousin steve

"Big win for Jim, Big numbers, Big votes BIG"

gojohn said...

Well Goose made it, but not Rice...too bad I thought this would be Jim Ed's year. Blyleven should be in too.

Redbeard76 said...

I really feel bad for Jim - count me in the throng of disappointed Sox fans. He really deserves it. Maybe not more than Mark McGwire, but he still deserves it dammit.


Tex said...

im striking

Ted D said...

Tex and Stephen.

I agree 100%. I was glad Goose made it but if Rice didn't make it this year, he's probably out.

And Tex, what are you striking? Oil? The Hollywood writers? Inquiring minds want to know?

Tex said...

and Ted I read your post over on stephens blog...if you actually say that to're ruining your chances at Fenway.

Ted D said...

Tex, figured out why you were on strike.

::picks up picket sign and marches with Tex::

And it's done in a very joking manner, Tex! Besides, it's an unrefundable ticket; I'm playing with house money!

Tex said...

every time you say something dumb to have to buy me a beer. :)

::plans on how to spend my beer money now that i dont have to buy any::

Ted D said...

Tex, if I did that I'd have to buy you your own brewery.

Tex said...

sounds good to me...then I could retire :)

Ted D said...

Keep dreaming big Tex. Do you actually think I'm SMART enought to learn to quit saying stupid things?

I'm 37; I'm not changing now.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I swear, I listened to that conversation so many times on ESPN the other night, I just wanted to grab McNamee by the shirt & yell "Next time you ask Rog-ah what he wants you to do, and he says to just tell the truth, tell him YOU ARE!!"

Ted D said...

It was crazy wasn't it Dawn? I was just dumfounded they could talk that long and not say a word.