Friday, January 4, 2008

Rakes being Manny

Unsure of what to write about tonight, I googled "Images of Manny Ramirez" which always gives me a laugh. Needless to say, I wasn't disappointed; there was Manny sitting under one of those hair dryers you see in a beauty salon, Manny pointing at anything and everything under the sun, and Manny admiring another one of his "Holy Crap can you believe I hit that thing that far" Home Run shots.

This one got me though; His wife Juliana holding his son, Manny. Only I don't know which one.

Yep, Manny has TWO sons named Manny; One is Manuelito (Manny) Ramirez and the other is Manny Ramirez, Jr. He also has a third son named Lucas Ramirez, and I'm not quite sure why he didn't name him Manny the 4th. You'd think he'd pull a George Foreman and just keep on giving them the same name until he was out of kids.

But what got me about the picture is there is this beautiful woman holding this adorable child, a perfect picture of a Mother and her son while Manny is apparently channeling his inner Vulcan.

I see a little bit of Manny in Rakes. Both of them just bopping through life to the beat of their own band wanting to be liked but yet not really caring if they are or not. While Manny slides into second and pops up pointing at the dugout, Rakes scores a goal in soccer and runs down the sidelines to give me a high five. Manny has his helmet bounce of his leg while running because it won't fit his hair and Rakes points at the kid he just scored on and says "I dust scored a doal on YOU". For every time Manny goes into the Green Monster for whatever reason, there is Rakes lining up with other team and putting his arm around his friend Jeremy.

I always liked Manny, but since Rakes came along he's turned into one of my all time favorites.

I wonder why?


HorshamScouse said...

Rakes with dreads? That I'd pay to see!
Just got back, about 5 hours ago, with temps around 78 F and a warm northerly. Looking forward to the Skins/Seahawks on my deck Sunday morning.

Ted D said...

Hey Horsham! Rakes in dreads is probably coming one day.

Glad you made it home safe, and it was indeed a pleasure to meet you. The kids are still talking about "Mr. John".

Here's to the 'Skins taking the Seahawks out tomorrow. Or Sunday.

I just can't get used to you being from the future.

Tree Newt said...

You want to know why you like Manny and you like Rakes? Because they love life. They love living this crazy life, and they try to enjoy it and take it as it comes. They don't worry about all the nonsense the rest of us worry about...they just live.

I say we could all use a bit more Manny in us.

Or Rakes.

Tex said...

Rakes as Manny? hmmmm well he does speak another language altogether. Manny is true to himself which is not what I can say for alot of people.

so for Rakes to be Manny aint a bad thing.

Ted D said...

I like that, Corn Muffin. I really do. And I think there is a lot of truth there. Right now it's tough, but the fact Rakes is NOT a follower will pay off later.

And I see Tex agrees. I guess I could see I see a lot of Rakes in Manny AND Tex. You're an example of being true to yourself as well.

Tex said...

thanks Ted. I like to think so

guess we got rid of the trash

Ted D said...

You are welcome, sis. And it's true.

Lord, I hope so. It just kills me people are that desperate for any kind of attention.

And to think I thought I needed a life.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Hey, Ted! Sorry for being MIA for a bit. I'm all caught up now though. Traveling & the holidays got me way behind. I hope your Christmas was wonderful & that you're off to a spectacular (and I'm sure, noisy) 2008. =)

As for Manny, no matter how many bonehead things he does or how many times we catch him out in left field (both literally & figuratively) making dandelion chains or finding shapes in the clouds, the pure joy he shows to be playing baseball is something I respect about him. Even when he seems out to lunch, I think it's clear that what he does really *hasn't* gone to his head. Manny can keep being Manny as far as I am concerned.

Ted D said...

Hi Dawn. I figured you'd make it back around when you got all caught up. I know you had a busy Christmas going to CA and all. Glad to have you back around.

I'm in complete agreement. Hopefully he sticks around for a few more years. I read he's staying in AZ working out at that training facility this winner to get in top shape. $20 million dollar options are great motivators!

Stacy said...

I think Manny is like a little kid playing ball...WOW! Look at that homer. Or easily distracted by a butterfly or whatever is out in left field. I think that's why we just automtically love him.

Rakes is the same way...notices every bug, bee, whatever and lives enjoying every day.

Gotta love 'em both. :)

Ted D said...

I agree 100%.

On a related note, Rakes just told his sissy she had ladies underpants on, totally out of the blue.

::shakes head::

beckperson said...

Go 'Skins!

(waving at Ted)


Ted D said...

Thanks Becks. I appreciate you pulling for 'em but the magic ran out. It was going to be tough and they gave it a good run, but just got outplayed by a better team.

For all of you, I'll now be pulling for the Patriots full time.

beckperson said...

I'm really glad that I'm not too hung up on the football playoffs - it's not like baseball season for me, where I hang on every play and get ulcers on my ulcers. If the Pats win that will be great, but if they lose, well, it's just that much closer to spring training.


Ted D said...

Becks, tonight was the first time in a while I've yelled or hollered at a 'Skins game. Probably because they've stunk for the last 16 years except for a few bright seasons.

But yeah, I get upset at a May game in Tampa for the Red Sox, and last week was the first time I'd been anxious about the 'Skins all year.

Tex said...

Ted's GOING to FENWAY!!!!

Ted D said...


Yes I am!!!!

How am I going to make the next 4 months?

::shrugs. Resumes the Riverdance::