Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Discovery and Disapointment

Totally by accident I stumbled across a brilliant new sport tonight while Rakes, Trot, and Ciera were playing video games; UFC meets PS2. Playing, of all things, Madagascar, a steel cage death match broke out in the living room at Casa de Ted.

Apparently, Rakes didn't like the way Ciera was moving Alex the lion through the jungle maze and let his fists do his talking for him. She commences to scream like somebody from the movie Saw and runs away, which gave Trot the perfect opportunity to grab the cordless control and jump in. Of course instead of breaking it up, my idiotic mind is thinking "This would be a great picture to put on the blog tonight".

After getting the rundown on my priorities from Ang, I set them all down and explained with fatherly wisdom that would make Ward Cleaver jealous how they needed to treat each other with love and kindness, after which we had a relaxed evening playing "The Quiet Game."

Or I could have muttered something about keeling over before I'm 50, promised to give the PS2 to the Salvation Army and threatened Rakes with military school; that was 3 hours ago so who knows?

At precisely 2 p.m. today I pulled the car into a parking lot and turned my XM radio to the MLB channel to hear who made the HOF. Very disappointed to hear that only Goose Gossage's name announced, with Jim Ed Rice falling 14 votes short; Gossage is a deserving candidate, but Rice should have made it as well.

It's about time MLB did something about who votes when it comes to this. I'm all for the writers getting a shot, but how about the broadcasters who do the team's radio and tv coverage? What about former players/managers/executives who were in the league for a certain number of years? It blows my mind we let 500+ writers, most of whom are frustrated, out of shape wannabe ballplayers vote for who gets enshrined in Cooperstown.

Jim Rice made Barry Bonds seem like a media darling. So I guess for being a tad surly, his punishment apparently is being kept out of the Hall of Fame. The voters are allowed to vote for up to 10 players every year and several only vote for 2 or 3. Why? Why not vote for 10 players in the order you deem them HOF worthy? Pro Football has at least 5 inductees every year; why does baseball have years where only 1 and in some instances, NOBODY gets in?

Now that my rant is over, I'm gonna figure out how I can trademark this new sport my kids have discovered. Hopefully this'll fly and I can commence to hermitizing myself for the rest of my life, only venturing out every 6 months for baseball season.

A guy can dream, right?


OKYank said...

hey your sis gave me your blog- love the kid issues. have 3 myself-15,13,11. Been there done all of that- still doing it! ploblems are less physical as they get older and become more of a mental game. I told your sister that you should know better being a YHS graduate-the RedSoxs? What was wrong with the Yankees? That is ok my husband has an obsession with the soxs too. and good news for you- now my children have the obsession. crazy how that works like that- we do rub off on our children. oh, yea we went to school together my maiden name was Dalgleish- can't forget that!

~**Dawn**~ said...

I still don't get why the sports writers determine who gets into the HOF. It's not like they have an impartial vote or something. I really think a variety of people should get to vote: some writers, some former players, some broadcasters, some other former team staff members, some members of the HOF itself. With the media in charge, it just seems like it's mostly a popularity contest.

Redbeard76 said...

//"This would be a great picture to put on the blog tonight".//

Always using your noggin, T.

Good idea Dawn. I know Cooperstown is hallowed ground, possibly much more than any other sport, but JimEd was at one time in the top 10%, right? Or are we overstating his career simply b/c we're Sox fans? It's probably a fine line that could really go either way, but still after how many years and not getting in, it is frustrating to say the least.

Redbeard76 said...

//And Tex, what are you striking? Oil? //

Loved this bit. Except it's not oil, it's aaawwwlll. Rhymes with y'all, as Tex would tell ya.

Ted D said...

Okie, thanks for stopping by. Sonya told me she ran into you and she gave you the address. It's good to hear from you. To be honest I had to pull my yearbook out to remember you! Don't take offense to that; the years haven't made me any smarter and I was never that bright to begin with. I SHOULD have remembered you; our last names were so close in spelling our pictures were side by side. Congrats on the great family; you started quite a bit earlier than we did.

Glad to hear your kids have the Sox love; your husband sounds like a fine, upright man! Have you heard anything on our 20th reunion? Let me know.

Dawn, here here; let the writers have a vote, along with all the people you mentioned. gmta.

Stephen, thats me. Always thinking. Stupidly, but thinking.

Tex said...

\\Of course instead of breaking it up, my idiotic mind is thinking "This would be a great picture to put on the blog tonight".//

cos its All about YOU right? :)

Im still striking

Ted D said...

Of course. ;)

I'm right beside you on the picket line, Tex. Robbery is what it is.

Feeling better from the food poisoning?

Tex said...

yah energy level is down alittle..but Way better than yesterday. I went to work. headache now but trying to keep it from being a migraine. got some work to do tonight. later

Ted D said...

Glad to hear it. But now a headache? You sure you don't have some sort of the flu and not just food poisoning?

Tree Newt said...

After the b-day party for Mom at the Dalton house, nothing you write will ever surprise me again. Your house is officially "Thunderdome."

Ted D said...

Stay tuned Corn Nut.

You never know what's next.