Sunday, January 13, 2008

Victory in Defeat

Unless your last name is Steinbrenner or you wear a pinstriped uniform while performing your job, I'm pretty much a live and let live kinda guy when it comes to sports. Unless it's the Dallas Cowboys.

Growing up in Oklahoma as a die hard Redskin fan wasn't the easiest thing in the world; all the pinhead Cowboy fans living there never let me hear the end of it. Of course I got to gloat over the 3 Super Bowls the 'Skins won in the 80's and early 90's, but once Jones bought the Cowboys, hating them was easier than ever before.

He brought in Jimmy Johnson as coach, drafted Aikman, Irvin, and Smith and started winning Super Bowls left and right; they were more insufferable than ever. The ineptness they suffered the last 10 years or so was nice, but here lately they have re-emerged as one of the best teams in the NFC.

Seeing the Giants beat them IN Texas Stadium tonight and eliminate them from the playoffs brought back all that animosity I thought was now only reserved for the Yankees. Watching Jones and his botoxed head staring vacantly at the field while Eli Manning, yes Eli Freaking Manning, celebrated on that stupid star made me smile from ear to ear. What other owner goes down and stands right behind the head coach? Bob Kraft doesn't, and he's got 10 times as many reasons to be an obnoxious dink than Jones. Dan Syder, owner of the Redskins, is probably as big a weasel as Jones and I've never seen him do it. Even Steinbrenner doesn't sit in the dugout; though he's probably tried.

Point is the egomaniac drove away 2 of the best coaches of the last 50 years in Johnson and Bill Parcells. He hires guys like Dave Campo, Barry Switzer, and Wade Phillips as head coach, cancers like T.O. to play wide receiver, and gave his quarterback a $67 million dollar extension when he's never won anything and his claim to fame is he's dating Jessica Simpson. He's then SHOCKED they got out coached and outplayed by one of the most esteemed franchises in football.

I hope it's New England vs. Green Bay in the Super Bowl. I hope New England wins it all, just so I can see history made and for all of my Patriot loving friends I've got to know over the past year. It really doesn't matter, though.

Because I know it WON'T be the Cowboys.


Tex said...

blah blah blahblah football blahblahblah cowboys blah blah patriots blah blahblah skins...


only thing I do take exception to is calling Cowboy fans pinhead. My whole family and loads of friends are cowboy fans and they have normal size heads thank you very much

Ted D said...

Sorry Tex, I don't get wrapped up in football much unless it's the Redskins winning or the Cowboys losing. And I'd never refer to your friends and family that way.

I figured you'd like it; I was referring to OKIE'S who like the Cowboys. Sort of a double insult. ;)

Tex said...

i have to do my one barb.

it was pretty good. I do remember growing up listening to the rivalry against the Skins :)

Im watching Comanche Moon :)

Ted D said...

So am I. It's pretty good, though I have a hard time seeing anyone in the role of Gus other than Robert Duvall.

Tex said...

yah Duvall is one of a kind. and as much as I love love love Tommy as Woodrow...that boy that's playing him NOW is uhmm niiiiiice :)

Ted D said...

I don't know about all that, but I do know that Jones played Woodrow as sullen. This guy is sort of a stiff. But it's pretty good, though. Better than the one with James Garner as Woodrow.

I heard Lonesome Dove; it's hard for me to watch the imitations.

Wayne's World said...

True that man! Jerry Jones (And to a lesser degree Al Davis) irk me to no end. Their micromanagement has only hurt their teams over the years. Good for those of us who don't like their teams though ehh?

I'll leave you the comment that I left on my blog just now (In response to your comment):

Thanks very much for the comment, and since you're a Skins fan I'll leave you this; The league was a better place with Joe Gibbs in it. After Sean Taylor's death, he proved that he was of the finest leaders of men the NFL has ever seen.

Ted D said...

WW, I have to agree with you on Big Al. He's turned one of the greatest bunch of rebels and outcasts into a joke; the NFL needs a good Raiders team for everyone to hate.

And Gibbs getting those guys turned around and focused after Taylor's death was one of the best coaching jobs I've ever seen. You are 100% right; he'll be missed.

Ted D said...

Tex, I just figured out why you like the guy playing Call so much.

He looks just like Beckett!

Tex said...

that is NOT why.

is it? ::takes a good long look::

hmmmm NO. he's cuter and manlier than Beckett and has a more scruffy beard. cant be. can it?

Ted D said...

Just call me Dr. Freud, Tex. He looks just like the Commander.

The bill is in the mail. ;)

JMP said...

Hey Ted,
YA-HOO!! The Giants wooped the Cowpies!!!

Have been a Giants fan for many years and the Cowpies are always a carbuncle under my saddle!!!

I would like to see the Giants and Pats in the Super Bowl!

Now..if we can only get Parcells back ....

Ted D said...

jmp, I had no clue you were a Giants fan. Congratulations, man.

I was really glad to see them knock of the 'Pokes tonight. Eli may have earned his stripes today.

Now I've got a dilemma; root for Favre or root for the Giants for my man jmp. Either way won't kill me.

Good luck jmp!

Anonymous said...

17-0 and ring #4 on the horizon :)

And after Romo bobbled that ball last year, I can't believe he didn't pull it off this year. Heard that they are blaming 'Cancungate'. I'll have to ask my neighbors about it as they are returning from Mexico today (if their flight isn't cancelled). Time to break out the shovel again!

Redbeard76 said...

Who would have guessed the day that Eli Manning made it further than big brother Peyton in the playoffs?

Romo = choke

Jessica Simpson must have been in the building.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I see you feel about Dallas like I feel about the Bucs & Colts. I do like Romo. Not the Cowboys though. Or I should say I did like Romo til he stopped showing the Favre-like enthusiasm he had last season. If the Patriots & Packers meet in the Super Bowl, I will be one happy girl.

Stacy said...

I gave Keith no end of grief after the Cowboys lost. :) Love that Eli got the win.

But I'm going for Green Bay next week; any guy over 40, playing football at that level and loving every second of it is my kind of guy!

Ted D said...

Carol, it looks that way, doesn't it? Romo pulled an Arod; great season, and it looked like a deer in a headlight by the end.

Stephen, you can see I agree on Romo and Eli has played pretty good football the past 3 games. That said I think the Packers KILL them.

Dawn, I can't STAND them. I get the Colts, but why don't you like the Bucs? And I'm with you, it'd make a great game.

Stacy, he's only 38. He just LOOKS really old! Sort of like me.

Tree Newt said...

I was dancing a little jig last night. It's a strange feeling I get only when the Yankees or Cowboys lose. It's rather enjoy it.

But bro, and I know I'll get blasted for this, I must digress from your hope for a Pats Super bowl win. As a...sigh...Dolphins fan who has already had enough put on him this year, I must hope that the Pats lose at some point. In my mind, the record ain't broke until they win it all. Go Packers! Go Chargers!

Ted D said...

Mattie, Bub blasted me pretty good for this post. Problem is in his old age he posted it on yesterdays post!

Sorry man, can't agree with you even though you're my little brother. I'm sort of sick of hearing those bitter old men go on and on about it and popping the champagne corks every year. I was 2 and don't remember it. I want to see history made.

But yeah; anytime the 'Boys lose it's a good day.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Mike Lowell is to baseball what Breet Favre is to football in Dawn's world. ;-) Yum.

And if you lived down here, you would understand why I hate the Bucs. And the Rays. Homerism at it's absolutely most revolting. At least in Boston when our teams stink it up, we call them out on it. We love 'em but we tell it like it is. Down here, the Bucs & Rays always played the best game, but the calls all go against them & the refs are all helping the opponent. The Rays could lose 19-0 or the Bucs have 12 turnovers, and they would still say they looked great. They could have Dolphin-esque season records, and they would still say the teams were playoff contenders.

Ted D said...

Dawn, gotcha. I should have guessed from listening to the Rays announcers. You'd think Carl Crawford, and he is VERY good, was the second coming of Lou Brock the way they go on about him.

Plus they've got that idiot wrestler Knobs yelling in the background all the time you want to punch the tv.

~**Dawn**~ said...

OMG they were betetr about Crawford last year, but in 2006? If I heard them slobber all over him & call him the best CF in the game one more time, I was going to have to hunt those to morons down.

I don't know about Knobs yelling. I know that they have The Heckler -- he's a season ticket holder that sits almost right behind home plate. And he gets the award for the world's most annoying voice ever. He's the one I always hear yelling. Speaking of a set of vocal chords I would like to remove with my bare hands.

Ted D said...

Yeah, I've read about and heard the heckler; if you ever want help yanking his chords out just let me know.

You usually don't hear Knobs until he's good and tanked up, which apparently is around the 3rd inning most games. ;)

Tree Newt said...

I stand alone.

Ted D said...

You're the sports equivalent of that guy in Tiemimen Square facing down the tank.

I admire you for your conviction, yet wonder about your sanity. ;)

Keep the Fair, Mattie.