Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Say it ain't so, Miggy.

Other than the obvious things we've learned from the Mitchell Report like don't trust the clubhouse attendants and Bud Selig is a doddering, bumbling idiot the other little tidbit that has jumped out at me is this; there is GOING to be some sacrificial lambs one way or the other.

After Rafiel Palmiero got up three years ago wagging his finger for all it was worth that he did NOT take steroids and then got busted with a positive drug test, Congress is going to make an example out of someone. Right now, that someone looks like it may be Miguel Tejada.

When Palmiero flunked his drug test, he did what all friends do to their buddy; he promptly threw him under the bus and claimed the drugs came from a supposed B-12 shot from Miggy. Naturally Tejada denied it along with claiming he'd never taken any PED's or androstenedione and even said he'd never even heard anyone TALKING about steroids. Right. And Trot is going to start eating with a fork in the morning.

I hate this is happening to Tejada; I've always loved the passionate way he plays the game and I think he's just one guy they are choosing to single out in all of this. I'd guess that during the height of the "Steroid Era" there were probably just as many guys doing something as there were who weren't. To single out certain individuals to me reeks of hypocrisy; you can't change yesterday. They need to be working on making sure tomorrow is going to be different.

This rant is now over. I'm so sick of hearing about steroids and HGH I'm looking for a "Simple Life" marathon with Paris and Nichole to watch. To top it all off today I learned that Ritalin and Adderall, drugs I'm pretty sure Rakes should be taking, are being abused by athletes. It's a well known fact I'm an idiot, but for the life of me I can't figure out the advantage of taking a drug that is used for hyperactive children. At this point it wouldn't surprise me to learn that somehow mainlining laxatives has some performance enhancing edge.

Finally, tonight one of those "Dad moments" happened that make me realize for all my horror stories about raising kids I'd love to have another one. Reading stories to Rakes on the couch while he laid his head on my chest, I realized he'd actually gotten still enough to fall asleep.

Sort of hard to buy him as a future menace to society when you see him like that, isn't it?


Tree Newt said...

Tired of 'roids. Tired of HGH. Tired of Paris.

But Rakes...never tired of that. He's an awesome kid, bro, even with the hyperactivity. That kid does his thing, and you and I both know that's worth its weight in gold.

Ted D said...

I hear you little brother. And I'm right there with you.

Rakes is a blessing; it's just I don't always appreciate it when it happens. Tonight I did. I'm going to print that picture off and frame it. He's so innocent looking.

Today was a good day to be the RSD.

scott h said...

Dude I wouldn't print anything till that boys hair grows out. I still think social services is on the look out for you.

Tex said...

even superheroes need their sleep

Krystle THE Red Sox Oasis said...

Oh Miggy, how COULD you. Just think, the Red Sox could have him like the rumors said and this could be our issue, not the Astro's/O's.

Now I'm not the most educated when it comes to ADD meds but don't those things make you really drowsy and as Paul Byrd said "a zombie"? Why is it worth feeling like that to make yourself feel better?

Note : Trot Nixon is my all-time favorite baseball player. Nice choice of the childs name.

As for the picture of Rakes. Awwh, that's SUPER cute. He really reminds me of my step cousin, expect she's not AS active as this tot is =D!

~**Dawn**~ said...

I was watching PTI yesterday on ESPN. They made reference to an upcoming topic they were going to cover. Something about OJ Simpson. Mike Wilbon groaned & said "Please no more OJ stories..." I feel exactly that way about OJ, steroids, HGH, Rog-ah, and the whole Spy Gate nonsense.

scott h said...

Ted are you still holding tryouts for High school Musical? I just love it when you put on plays for your kids.

Ted D said...

Bub, he likes his haircut. He looks like an army dude.

Tex! Glad to see you around; hope the work week hasn't been too bad.

Krystle, that's what I thought on those type of medications. I'm still trying to figure out what advantage it serves for a baseball player. And I still can't figure out how I convinced Ang to name him Trot.

Dawn, I feel the same way. Let's just figure out how to make the future better and let's move on. And the fact we're still talking about OJ Simpson 14 years later is a sad commentary on society.

Scotty, what in the great wide world of sports are you rambling about now?

Redbeard76 said...

I second Tree Newt's motion. Please no more Mitchell Report. And more Rakes. He's an enigma wrapped in a puzzle wrapped in an enigma.

But I sort of wished my parents put me on ritalin or adderall when i was a kid. I was either all over the place or staring out the window in boredom. Not so much hyper as the disattentive.

Ted D said...

Stephen, he's a handfull and more. And I can't figure out why ball players would need those two medicines. Boggles my mind.

Krystle THE Red Sox Oasis said...

It's funny. I'll probably marry someone who's not a sports fan and I'll HAVE to convince him to name our child after a sports player. But I find that very doubtfull.

My cousin almost named her son Corey Dillon. Now it's just Dylan =D!

Ted D said...

For some reason the wife wouldn't agree to "Manny Schill" as a name.

Next dog I get, you can bet it'll be named Beckett.