Thursday, January 10, 2008

First Times

*Picture courtesy of Kelly*

Thanks to Cousin Steve, I just spent about 2 hours of my life I'll never get back while I tried to find the first comment I ever left at Surviving Grady. Don't ask; just know the OCD never rests.

It got me thinking about other "firsts" in my life and since the Red Sox don't play again until March, my trip to Boston isn't until May, and surprisingly the kids didn't end up in a body cast today, I thought I'd share a few.

First kiss: A girl named Melissa in the 5th grade. I'm sure I was awful, but thankfully don't remember.

First Red Sox memory: Fisk waving that ball fair in the '75 World Series. Of course with all the replays of it I've seen over the years, this could be totally wrong.

First time I THOUGHT I was in love: Age 16

First time I KNEW I was in love: My first kiss with Angie.

First time I actually said to myself "I can't believe I'm seeing this": see above picture.

First time I really knew what unconditional love was: When the nurse put Ciera in my arms for the first time.

First time I was ever scared s******s: see previous comment.

First time I knew I was wrapped around my baby girl's finger: When I teared up hearing that stupid "Butterfly Kisses" song. Man, am I a dink.

First time I cried after the age of 16: when Angie had her second miscarriage in 6 months.

First time I cried after that second miscarriage: When Rakes was born 13 months later.

First and Last time I do a "First" post: tonight.

Can pitchers and catchers just go ahead and REPORT already?


Tex said...

Wow!! now you're gonna make me waste another 2 hours thinkin of all my firsts :)

This week has been just bad. all creativity has been sucked/zapped/waffled whatever the term you choose...out of me.

but great follow through with Cousin Steves sucking up my time

Randalls Chapel Church said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ted D said...

Don't do it, Tex. If I ever see Cousin Steve, I'm gonna beat him about the head with a Coke bottle.

I had NOTHING for tonight, so I've at least got to thank him for the inspiration, such as it was.

Tree Newt said...

Here are my additions:

First time you nearly made your brother a quadriplegic: attempting the "piledriver" from a top the bed to the floor.

First time you realized you better look before you swing: the time you were waling on me and dad came in to pull you off, and you reared back to take a swing (thinking it was your sister?) and realized it was Pop. (I still remember his comment: "Go ahead and try it.")

First time you realized that sunscreen was a good thing: the time Sheri locked us out of the house for the afternoon in the dead of summer because we wouldn't quit bugging her.

First time you showed your OCD: when you asked me 50 times in 5 minutes whether or not I had Angie's ring before your wedding.

I'll stop while I'm ahead, or we'll see another first:

First time I banned my brother from commenting on this blog.

Tree Newt said...

And the deleted comment was me. I've been working on Horace's blog (yes, you read that correctly) and I accidently posted under his name.

Tex said...

I have material but i cant write about it. its work and just cant.

but tomorrow is Friday. the weekend is near. sleeping in sounds like a dream

Ted D said...

Matt, did he really say that? WHY don't I remember that?

Horace has a blog? God help us all.

If Sheri'd have done that today, she'd have been locked up.

I still cringe thinking about the sunburn I got.

Tex said...

ok all i know is I want to be in Fenway for your first with the videocam going on my camera.

Tree Newt said...

Tex, I hope someone gets him on camera crying like a little girl.

Ted D said...

Tex, you'd better be there.

Matt, I will NOT be crying like a little girl.

More like a 70 year old grandmother.

Tex said...

i hope i can get a ticket for friday. believe me mattie. Im gonna get ahead of him and do a whole interview and all...course i dont have a videocam just my ill have to find one so I can do a good job

Ted D said...

I ain't going to cry.

This is my new goal in life; I will not cry at Fenway.

Who am I kidding? Tex, if you have a camera, you may have cinema gold. If you don't?

It will never have happened.

Tex said...

Ted. its ok to cry. its Fenway.

ok im gone to bed. later

Anonymous said...

I still cry when I hear that song. You HAD to go and bring it up didn't you? I write this as my sleeping beauty stirs. It's early, I know! but that dang cat...

Ted D said...

Sorry Edge. I used to hate that song, and part of me still does for making me tear up.

Hey, I heard the good news that you guys are headed back our way in a few months. Ang and Ciera are really excited to have you back.

Tree Newt said...

I guarantee Ted will be singing "Butterfly Kisses" to the grass at Fenway.

Ted D said...

Bite me, Oat Bran.

You're just jealous.

Redbeard76 said...

Just wait till she plays "Butterfly Kisses" for the father-daughter dance at her wedding.

I tried to go back to find my first post one time. Took me forever and I'm still not sure I found it. All I remember is being blasted by Josh Blue because of something I said about Johnny Damon, sometime early on in the '06 season.

scott h said...

I guess I will pipe in. First time I realized I better keep praying for Ted? After this blog.

~**Dawn**~ said...

My dad has another song for you. Look up the lyrics to "I Loved Her First." ;-)

Hmmm... it's probably not nice for me to make grown men cry... note to self.

Ted D said...

Stephen, it won't happen. I can't let it happen. And I mean the wedding.

Bub, you don't show up for days and when you do you leave a cryptic message. Which part?

No Dawn, it's not. ;) And by the title alone, I don't think I want to read them!

beckperson said...

OK, Ted, I don't think anyone asked the real "first" question that EVERYONE wanted to ask?

When was your first time?


Ted D said...

First time for what? ;)