Saturday, January 5, 2008

Proof He DOES Sleep

For everyone who wonders if Rakes EVER throttles down, I finally have photographic evidence; this picture was taken today during nap time.

Since we realized about 2 months ago that napping during the day meant Rakes took 2 hours to finally sleep at night, we'd reached a compromise; while Trot sleeps, Rakes could stay awake as long as he remained in his room. He could read books, play, whatever; just NO coming out of the room unless it was an emergency.

Today, he emerged from his lair on the verge of crying, grabbing himself and hollering "I gotta go to the bafroom". I unlocked the door (Yes, we lock the bathroom doors. Trot is fascinated with the toilet, and we've got pennies stashed all around the house to unlock the doors; Rakes just isn't tall enough to reach them.) and went back to the computer. About 15 minutes later I can hear really loud breathing a ways behind me, and as I turn around I can see his bedroom door open with the light on.

Also apparent is that the bathroom light is still on which means Rakes didn't close the door. I get up, turn the corner, and see the picture I used for this post. After getting Ciera so she could see, I grabbed the camera and snapped the picture thinking "I've got my blog idea for tonight."

A few things that don't jump out to the naked eye; there was a couple of towels laying outside the door, neatly folded and ready to be put away. Rakes thoughtfully stepped over them and THEN laid down. Second, see the swim shoe sort of half-way hanging off his foot on the right? Somewhere in his little mind he'd decided he needed to put on his pool shoes for quiet time. As for why, your guess is as good as mine. Third, the fingers on his right hand were twitching JUST like Coco Crisps do when he's in the batters box waiting on the pitcher to come to the plate.

Unanswered as of right now is whether he had fallen asleep BEFORE going to the bathroom and why he decided he couldn't go another 2 feet to his bedroom door before laying down.

Personally, I think it's proof that the way a man thinks isn't finalized when he gets older; it's ingrained in us from an early age. Rakes didn't want to fall asleep but he was exhausted, so instead of showing "weakness" by getting in his bed, he just laid down on the floor to "rest his eyes". Which is EXACTLY what I tell myself when the Red Sox are on a West Coast swing, it's 1:30 in the morning and I'm wiped. Instead of going to bed like a normal person, I sit down on the couch and when a commercial break happens I tell myself I'm just gonna relax for a minute. Next thing I know an inning and a half has gone by and I'm jolted awake by the latest Sullivan Tire cheese fest.

This may be the first picture I've ever taken of Rakes while he's asleep. If you're a regular visitor here, you've seen a ton of shots of him in action, but you've never seen what I see right before I head to bed. My little hellion, who has hollered, yelled, thrown things, knocked his brother down, and antagonized his sister for the entire day looking like the sweet, innocent child he really is.

Now you know why I've never had to be institutionalized.

Seeing him like this makes all the other stuff just disappear.


Tree Newt said...

That is an awesome pic, bro. Those are the priceless moments that make all the crying, screaming, and fussing worth it. They're so freaking angelic when they're asleep!

But you know his hands were twitching because, in his dreams, he was wielding his Bibleman sword as a bat and smacking Trottie upside the head!

Ted D said...

Thanks, man. But instead of Bibleman, I'm betting on he was Darth Vader hacking some Jedi to his death.

But he does look peaceful. If you only knew how I wish I could bottle that up.

Tex said...

yah Im with Mattie about why his hand was twitchin'!

Awesome picture...and I know how ya feel. my son was like rakes...speed was Very High...or Off.

i remember my son doing something similar...just falling asleep some random spot...Im just blogless tonight

Ted D said...

Tex, what's weird is he rarely does that. Trot is known to fall asleep in his lunch, but Rakes just fights it every day.

Which is why I love that picture so much; just complete innocence.

Blogless. Does this mean you are searching for something to write, or just spent?

Tex said...

i had to drive to katy and back today for my nieces babyshower...and although i got home around 4ish...I have done absolutely nothing but veg on the couch watching the tube. no creativity running at this time. Im sure Ill come up with something tomorrow.

Ted D said...

I saw where you were going to Katy. How far is that from Austin?

Can I tell you how much I'd LOVE to have an afternoon to veg on the couch?!

No worries Tex. Your post today is worthy of a day off.

Tex said...

2 1/2 hours. shower began at 11am. I left for austin around 1:30.

I have tons to do tomorrow to get ready for my week long visit up at my other facility plus go to my friends 5 yr olds little girls bd party. if I dont go...she'll have a hissy fit. not my friend...the kid :) what can I say? she loves me.

JMP said...

Hi Ted,
Yes they all look like angels when the are asleep...its the awake part thats tough.

I do like your choice for

Cant believe that you are still alive or at least not missing a part of your manly-bits.

Your wife is a true angel!!
Mine would have fed me to the gators just a short way down the street!!!

You have Irish in ya?? Because you sure have the LUCK O' THE IRISH!!

Ted D said...

Tex, I can see that. Stacy said tonight that she can't wait to see you and Rakes/Trot meet for the first time. Hopefully the week will go well for you.

JMP, I'll agree. The awake part is the toughest! And I'm not sure whether to be glad you like my choice for Dink of the Week or to be insulted!! And yeah, she is the best. IF you knew how much dumb crap I've spouted off over the years you wouldn't be so shocked. I'm married to a saint, and I know it. Seriously, I'm thinking of writing a book; with the writers on strike in Hollywood, this may be my best chance.

Edge of Design said...

I'm not sure if it's the angle of the camera or not but man! does he look like he's sprouted up fast in the few months we've been away. I see you haven't found that "Slow it down" button either. I've asked around and no one can tell me where it is.

Ted D said...

Edge, it's mainly the angle, though he has grown a little bit. He's still a wee lad though.

And if you find that button, let me know, OK?

Stacy said...

Such a cute photo. I think they look so sweet when they're sleeping to give us strenth for the next day! :) He's like his cousin Jared; he also thinks napping is a sign of weakness. He'll even fight it when he's sick. Boys...go figure.

Ted D said...

Stacy, it might be my favorite picture of him. Little monster looks so peaceful.

Now I'm gonna go try and get him to take a nap.

beckperson said...

Great post, Ted! It's so great you'll have this blog to remind you of the sweet times.

Ted D said...

Thanks Becks. Tex actually brought this up to me a while back. Once they are grown up a little, I can print all of the ones off about them; sort of like a diary of their lives growing up.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I do the exact.same.thing. during West Coast games. LOL!

Lookit him all sweet like that... =)

Ted D said...

Glad I'm not alone Dawn.

And yeah, he's an angel when he's out cold. ;)