Saturday, November 22, 2008

5 Years? It Seems Like 5 Minutes.

Tomorrow morning, my little man turns 5 years old.

I honestly can't believe it's been that long; seems like yesterday Ang and I were wondering if he was even going to make it. Umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, he came kicking and screaming into the world at a whopping 4 lbs and change. And while he's not much bigger now (26 lbs if you're counting at home and his 2 year old brother has him by about 4 lbs) he's definitely OK.

2 feet nothing and weighing less than the average Poodle, he's a human wrecking ball running a 1,000 rpms and the absolute light of my life. I never imagined I could love something so much while at the same time wanting to put them in a cage and hang them from the ceiling. All boy and proud of it, Rakes goes through life with the subtlety of Godzilla stomping through Tokyo.

He's got my eyes, my nose, my mouth, and my unruly hair. And if you think it's impossible to be so mad your ears are burning one minute to laughing until you think you're gonna pee your pants the next?

Come visit sometime.

Happy Birthday, Rakes Edward.

Your Dad loves you more than you'll know.

And I'm really glad you're here.

Now put that knife down before somebody gets hurt.


HorshamScouse said...

Happy Birthday, Rakes, from Mister John.

Ted D said...

John, I'll be sure and pass the word.

And just know? He'll be wondering where his present is.

HorshamScouse said...

Might be something after Christmas. I'm working on Plan B. I'll keep you posted. Keep shtum, OK?

Cyn said...


JMP said...



Tree Newt said...

Rakes, happy birthday from Uncle Mattie, Aunt Amanda, Caroline, and Baby Hannah! We love you bud!

Ted D said...

John, I'll be sure and keep it quiet.

Cyn and JMP: Thanks for the well wishes and I'll be sure and let him know you wished him well.

Mattie, I'll tell him. But he'll be expecting a present soon. FYI.

Sarah said...

Aw, happy birthday, kiddo! :)

Ted D said...

Thanks, Sarah. Poor little guy is sick with a fever, so laser tag is going to have to wait until next Sunday.

beckperson said...

Happy birthday, Rakes, and may your parents survive another 55! ::hugs::

Ted D said...

Thanks, Becks!

Another 55 though? I'm pretty sure my nerves won't make it.

HorshamScouse said...

If Beth's right, Rakes and the Papelbot share a birthday.

Why does that not surprise me? :)

Ted D said...

I've gotta look into that, John.

If it's true, suddenly a lot of stuff is making sense.