Sunday, November 23, 2008

Just Another Day At Home

I finally figured out how to upload a video to YouTube. And while I realize Ciera could have shown me how before now, I really don't care. Because that $1,000,000 Grand Prize on AFV is now within reach. One day, it'll happen; The boys will do something so mind bending that it will blow what they've previously accomplished out of the water and I'll be there to capture it all on film.

I can then retire to a life of Red Sox baseball, 24 on a continuous loop, and never have to take off my Red Sox hat again.

Until that happens, I've got what I captured today. In about a minute, we had "Cheese!" repeated at least 38 times by my last count, a demonstration on how to properly disembowel a human being, and Rakes picking his nose.

WWE wrestling comes on tomorrow night. I may get that winning video a lot quicker than I initially thought.


Tree Newt said...

Caroline just enjoyed watching her cousins. Tell Rakes she said picking your nose is nasty.

Her words. Not mine.

And tell Trot I said "Cheese!!!"

Ted D said...

But he wasn't picking his nose, Mattie.

He was scratching the outside just like he said.

JMP said...

WoW!! That was great!!!

Looking forward to the further adventures of RAKES and TROT on TED-TV!!!

Tree Newt said...

Yeah, and Caroline wasn't picking hers just now when I could only see one knuckle on her index finger!

Ted D said...

JMP, I mainly did that one to try and figure out how to upload one. Trust me, they were tame today.

Tomorrow night when wrestling is on? I may win the Academy Award for Best Director in a Comedy short.

Krystle said...

Awwwh, they're really cute! Did you guys do anything fun for his birthday?

And see? Isn't easy to upload a video on YouTube and does Ciera know how to do that already?

Right, technology...

Ted D said...

Krystle, we were going to play Laser Tag, but he was sick with a low grade fever. So we're doing that next weekend.

I'm taking him and Ciera to see Madagascar 2 tomorrow if he's better.

Easy? No. Simple? Yes.

I'm a complicated guy.

HorshamScouse said...

//Academy Award for Best Director in a Comedy short.//

Maybe not, but Best Director in comedy shorts? No contest.:)

Ted D said...

I like it, John.

Al Pacino ain't got nothing on me.

Sarah said...

You have a southern accent... but you're a Red Sox fan. :) Better than the Yankees fan I knew who was from Medford - or "Medfuhd", as he said it. I actually had to translate his Boston-speak for some guys from NJ who couldn't understand a WORD this guy said.

Oh, and the boys are adorable. But you knew that.

Ted D said...

I have a Southern Accent? ;)

And the boys take after their Mom, Sarah.