Sunday, November 2, 2008

A visit from ab.

My buddy Andy, along with his son Ben and girlfriend Emily came to see us today; unfortunately Ciera broke our camera the other week so I've gotta go to the archives for a picture. This particular one is from a Durham Bulls game we all went to this summer.

And no; I'm not sure who's the bigger kid, Rakes or Andy.

All I know is Rakes absolutely LOVES the man, and along with Trot and Ciera they were all in Prime Time Showoff Mode this afternoon when the B family arrived.

The bad news? Andy picked up Rakes and immediately got a claw to the nose and a bleeding scratch for his trouble; I guess I should have warned him about playing with the animals beforehand.

The good news? I'm pretty sure Ben and Emily have sworn off having children. Like, FOREVER.

Thanks to the Internet, I'm now good friends with a(well let's just say he's north of 45 years old on this rock and leave it at that) guy from Maine who's a carpenter by trade and a lovable curmudgeon by birth. And I've had the pleasure of introducing my entire family to him.

Plus, he's dealt with Rakes twice now and still takes my phone calls. He's definitely a keeper.

Thanks for taking the time to come see us, ab. The pleasure was all ours.

See you next year.

And remember; all you need is RUNS.


Tex said...

all AB needs is Runs?? seriously, I may need to reconsider my visit

Ted D said...

You better not, Tex.

And be sure to bring the new boots with you. ;)

Glad you had a great weekend, sis.

Tex said...

hey I know what you can do with your extra time this winter!!!

Invent crayon-proof paint.
Teach Rakes to SAT (stop and think)

seriously, Marcie has an excellent way to allow and encourage the inner artist in the kids without blowing a wad on paint every the boy an Easel with sketch paper and watercolor markers....put it in the him permission to draw

OR you can buy some of that chalk paint to paint one wall of his room and LET him draw with chalk.

Ted D said...

We've already got the Easel and the water colors. Plus a dry erase board and the sidewalk chalk. But I'm not giving up! I'm guessing your on your way back to Easthampton?

Tex said...

we're still at the up. about to head out though

::smiles really big smile::

Ted D said...

Glad to hear the weekend was a smashing success.

In more ways than one...

jojo said...

glad you all had a good time yesterday, ted.
(and that's a fantastic picture of ab and rakes.)

Ted D said...

It was great to see them, jojo. You were mentioned, very positively I might add.

I love the picture too!

Trot's Hat said...

That seriously is a fantastic picture. And chalk paint is amazing for children of all ages...

Ted D said...

Hi Bridget! It really is a great picture; what can I say? I had good subjects to work with.

And I'm a firm believer in chalk paint. Just not on the INSIDE walls. ;)

beckperson said...


Ted D said...

You gotta love Andy, right Becks?