Friday, November 14, 2008

I HATE Hank Steinbrenner

I just got done reading on where the Yankees are looking to sign CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett AND Derek Lowe for next season. It looks like Hank is picking up where George left off and throwing multi-million dollar contracts around like they were nothing more than coasters.

And while they've spent the budget of about 37 small world countries over the last 7 years with 0 titles to show for it, this renewed effort by the MFY's to buy themselves a championship has me more than a little nervous.

Hopefully it'll work out as well as giving A-Rod the gross national product has resulted recently, but you can never count the Evil Empire out. To pile on to this, Red Sox Nation is dealing with the possibilities of Mikey Lowell being on his way out and Mark Texiera coming to town. Although if you believe the talking heads, HE'S going to New York as well.

Until it all gets sorted out I'll be in the garage slamming my head repeatedly into the car door.

At least it beats the alternative.


Tex said...

look at it this way...we get to see "the face" of DLowe when we blow him up and I for one am thrilled with the possibility of being able to yell
"GO TEX!!" during a Red Sox game. maybe Ang needs to turn the garage into a padded room

Ted D said...

I couldn't take DLowe as a Yankee, Tex. It'd kill me.

As for the padded room? She's already ahead of you.

Sam Jackson's Lovechild said...

Derek Lowe will be on the red sox next year

though a groundball pitcher with lugo behind him doesnt thrill me

Bickley said...

I would love to see Tex in a Red Sox uniform, as well, but unless Lowell is out, we don't need him. Unless he can play shortstop. Why is that always our weakest link??

The talking heads aren't always right...and predicted that the Yankees would win the AL East this year. They also predicted the Rangers would be in last place. I'm still laughing at the pre-season predictions SI made last season. So I wouldn't take too much stock in anything they say.

Heck, around this time of year, everyone's going to the MFYs!

Hee! My "word verification" is "bostyl." Almost, man, almost!!

Ted D said...

JB, I'd love to see DLowe back in Boston. I just wonder how much bad blood is left between him and ownership. And I guess we're stuck with Lugo but I'd rather see young Jed back there.

Bickley, Tex would be a huge bat to protect Papi, but I don't want to see Mike Lowell leave. But you're right, this time of year the Yankees are signing everyone.