Sunday, November 16, 2008

Slow News Day.

I finally got to meet Baby Hannah tonight, and she's as pretty in person as she is in a picture. Right as this picture was taken tonight I was telling her about how Josh Beckett was going to rebound and have a HUGE 2009 season and why Scott Boras is the the devil incarnate.

Since it's Sunday, baseball season is still months away, and I'm already sick of worrying about whether Tek is coming back, I figured I'd lay off the heavy stuff tonight and just post some pictures from the life of the RSD.

Rakes was positively thrilled to meet his newest cousin, although I was worried he'd bust her eardrums at one point. On the plus side, she never woke up while he and Trot re-enacted the Stone Cold Steve Austin/HHH press conference from Wrestlemania XX.

Back in the summer, Pop took some of his 14 grandchildren hiking around Lake Macintosh here in Gibsonville. Here, Rakes and his cousin Garrison bring up the rear on the trail. I gotta believe they were discussing the pro's and con's of Luke Skywalker as a Jedi Knight. Either that or why in Lord of The Rings did that dude from Rudy have pointy feet. It could really go either way.

Finally, there's always the oddball in a picture.

Ciera, Rakes, and Cousin Jared taking in the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains while Trot is completely oblivious and most likely wondering where his next meal is coming from.

Exactly when do pitchers and catchers report again?


Tex said...

Trot was just making sure his brother wasnt standing behind him ready to shove him over the edge

is it really only mid November?

Ted D said...

Sadly, yes. It's still November.

And I can't believe Rakes is just standing there with his hands behind his back. Doesn't he realize what kind of danger he's in?

Tex said...

Rakes is calming masterminding the next Wright Brothers experiment

Tree Newt said...

Bro, do you realize how blessed we are? Man, I take my family for granted so much. Good to see you guys tonight. I'm glad Hannah finally got to meet her RSOCD uncle!

Ted D said...

That's as good a guess as any, Tex.

And Mattie, yes I do. It's a great life we've got; and Hannah is beautiful. Good to see you guys too.