Thursday, November 6, 2008

All Hail The Munchkin

Our diminutive, pre-maturely balding Second baseman won his first Gold Glove today, just one year after winning Rookie of the Year.

Here's to a MVP Award to add to the mantle in a few weeks.

That little 5 foot nothing ballplayer is a shining role model for us Munchkins Nationwide.

God willing, we'll be watching the Mini-Dirt Dog for another 15 years manning 2nd base at Fenway Park.


Tex said...

you do realize if Pedroia heard you call him a Munchkin, you'd be lying flat on the floor looking up at him laughing

Ted D said...

Sure I do. But I'M taller than him, so it fits! I LOVE the fact he's ROY, a Gold Glove winner, and an MVP Candidate.

Not just for me, but for Rakes as well. I've got a sinking feeling he's gonna have to prove himself all his life, just like Pedie.

Tex said...

I dont think Pedie or Rakes think they are underdogs

Ted D said...

Rakes does. Even if he doesn't realize it.

HorshamScouse said...

I think the AL MVP will probably turn on the ALCS outcome even though it's not supposed to be taken into account.

Which is rough on the tiny person because he deserved more than Eva.

Ted D said...

John, you may be right. But hopefully we're all singing "It's A Small World" in a few weeks.

Trot's Hat said...

There's nothing wrong with knowing you're the underdog. See, for example, the Red Sox, 2004.
Go get 'em, Rakes!
PS: Awesome video!

Ted D said...

He's getting 'em, Bridget. Trust me.

And what are you still doing up? ;)