Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving Can Be Funny.

Rakes was the Turkey in his pre-school Thanksgiving play.

Somehow, this doesn't surprise me.

Just like Christopher Reeve was meant to play Superman, Rakes was destined to be the Turkey.

And he did a fine job, I must say.

As a additional tidbit, Trot did his part to make the festivities even better by crying/having a temper tantrum while Rakes and his class performed for us today. We finally figured out he just wanted to join in about 10 minutes too late.

Just a side note to this post: Ang and I decided I needed an outlet on my day off.

Since we pretty much decided drinking myself into oblivion by noon is off the table, I guess I should warn Barnes and Noble I'll be taking over the sports section every Monday from now on.


Tex said...

an outlet? I thought you were the zookeeper?

Ted D said...

Even the zookeeper needs a break every now and then, Tex.

Tex said...

well, you could:
Join a book club
Join a knitting class
Join a spinning class
open a Mothers Day Out on Monday in your backyard (guess that one defeats the purpose huh?)
Ok my final suggestion

8-10am - kids off to school and clean up
10am - 12noon - write daily blog
12noon - 2pm - nap time
2pm - 4pm - play video games
4pm - ?? - be a dad

Ted D said...

One question.

What's a nap?

Beth said...

Great picture, Ted!!

Ted D said...

Thanks, Beth!

Sarah said...

Gobble gobble!