Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Munchkin Mojo

*Picture courtesy of Kelly and*

In a league dominated by the likes of guys named Ortiz, Rodriguez, Ordonez, and Vladdy, the AL MVP award went to a 2B who makes jockeys look tall and is in desperate need of Rogaine, a wig, or a plain old razor.

We really shouldn't be surprised; all he's done since arriving in the big leagues full time in 2007 is win the following: Rookie of the Year, a World Series Title, a Silver Slugger, a Gold Glove, started in the All-Star game and is a unanimous choice as the cockiest, funniest player the game has seen in years.

You can go ahead and add an American League MVP trophy to that bookshelf, Pedie. With the vote coming down today, I think we can all shift away from that "Prototype" mold we've seen with the MVP award in the past. Guys like Dustin Pedroia just don't win awards like that.

At least they didn't used to. Welcome to a world where the Red Sox are on top and the Yankees are scrambling. A time where this country elected an African American to the highest office in the land, barely 40 years removed from using fire hoses and German Shepards on it's own citizens. A reality that includes MY wife actually marrying a guy like ME.

Freaking Pedie is the AL MVP.

Munchkins everywhere rejoiced today.

I can think of two in particular who had to share a phone call right at 2 o'clock to celebrate.

Happy Dustin Pedroia Wins The AL MVP Day, Josh!


Tex said...

I think you wore lifts that day.


JMP said...

Hey Ted,
The mighty mite gets it done!!!
More power to him....he really earned this award!!!

Time to celebrate with a Cape Codder!!! ( Hey, its a good reason to have a drink!!!)

Cyn said...

This picture, especially on this day, makes me very happy! :)

HorshamScouse said...

Three great smiling munchkins!

My word verification word: dyings!

Ted D said...

Tex, no lifts. I'm a giant among men.

JMP, I still can't believe he won it; great day for Sox fans.

Cyn, I had to post a picture of The Munchkin Mojo; I tried to use yours but I couldn't get it to load up.

John, I'm happy to say I lead all three Munchkins in still having most of my hair!