Thursday, November 27, 2008

Reason # 4,984 I'm destined to be committed.

After a 2 year layoff due to moving one year and Trot being a holy terror the next, a real live Christmas tree is now in my living room. The house smells great, I've got pine tar all over my hands and my wall has a new hole in it for the wire being used to keep the tree from getting pulled over.

Yes. My tree is tied to the wall. We learned our lesson last year after hearing a sound much like a Sasquatch doing a belly flop and found Trot lying flat on his back with the artificial tree on top of him. I think he was trying to climb it, but he could have just been seeing if he could hit his brother with it; it could really go either way.

Ang put the lights on while I supervised from the comfort and safety of the upstairs office and Ciera and Rakes put the ornaments on.

There are now 37 ornaments hung approximately 2 feet 7 inches off the ground.

Ciera proves she's the brains in the operation by getting the step stool out to actually get something on the top side of the tree.

Finally, just to show we all haven't turned into "The Waltons" here's a picture that shows the true spirit of the night; Ciera saying something to Rakes that caused him to break out the "Derek Lowe" face for the first, but sadly not the last time tonight.

You gotta love the holidays. Time with the family, trimming the tree, and every 5 seconds brings a fresh round of crying, whining, yelling, and random attacks with a plastic light saber.

There are still 28 days left until Christmas.

God bless us, everyone.


JMP said...

It all sounds great!!
And I know you would not want it any other way!!

Hope you did not over-stuff your self like it did today!!!

Man---- I'm starting to see gigantic Godzilla sized turkeys out side my door!!!

Ted D said...

JMP, you're right. I wouldn't want it any other way. And no Turkey; we ate Roast Pork to break up the monotony.

And if those Godzilla sized Turkeys start to attack? Run, my man.


Dewey said...

Enjoy this time, you'll miss it soon (sort of, you'll never miss the whining).
Soon you'll be worried about the 19 year old who is 800 miles away (in NC), the 23 year old who lives in Boston, but came home for the holiday, but spent the night before Thanksgiving in the bar with his old high school friends, and Thanksgiving night playing poker (and one would assume, drinking). Although, to be fair, he was at Grandpa's on time for dinner, and was gracious (but somewhat hung-over), which everybody but me thought was funny.
Then there is the 23 year old niece, who I adore, who will be driving to Boise, Idaho tomorrow morning, with the nice Cape Cod boyfriend, who decided to move in with her. She a grad student at Boise State, he is unemployed. They think they can drive straight through to Idaho!!

Worries-I got them!


ps- The 19 year old who moved to NC, is living with his cousin, they are making sausage out of venison and pork lard. Is this normal and reasonably healthy? I grew up in Massachusetts, where all food comes from sterile stores, and work as a Clinical Laboratorian, so Salmonella and various parasites come to mind.

Tex said... ate pork roast?!!! :sigh:
one of the many reasons I miss my grandmother cos she always made a good pork roast for thanksgiving. We had a cajun flavor fried turkey and ham...dressing with giblet gravy! mmmmmm Ah the good ole days of trimming the tree. you dont have pets who want to climb the tree?

Trot's Hat said...

Ted, I have just thoroughly annoyed everyone in the library by laughing so hard at your post. Enjoy every minute of it, because The Christmas Tree Chaoses make the best memories!
(PS: The Kapler shirt is perfect)

Ted D said...

Dewey, I complain but I'm really not; I just need to write it all down so I don't forget. And it sounds like you've done a great job raising your kids. And don't worry about the venison sausage; us southerners have been eating all that stuff for years and we're still alive and kicking!

Tex, the roast pork was awesome. And no pets yet, but Ang is making noise about getting a puppy for the kids for Christmas. Just what I need; ANOTHER animal running around the house defecating on the carpet. At least Trot would have a friend.

Bridget, tell the rest of the library I'm sorry! And I'm enjoying it, just fried. ;)

Tex said... place your tree next to the table you eat at and in front of the door?? Won't that lend itself to trouble?

beckperson said...

I cannot wait to see another picture of this tree in 27 days. Will there be any needles left by then? Oh well, at least it's lots of food for the random ladybug.


Ted D said...

Tex, the boss is in charge of the placement of the tree; I just live there. Plus we all eat at the bar so we rarely use the table.

Becks! Yeah, it'll make Charlie Brown's look great. And any random ladybug gets exterminated.

Tex said...

Oh and Ciera looks like she's about to pass you up in height

Im just saying ;)

Ted D said...

She's on a chair, Tex.

But it's not like she's got that much to overcome to begin with.