Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Parenting 101

Due to the combined factors of 10 hour work days, not enough caffeine, and this whole Trade Mike Lowell/Move Youk to third/Sign Mark Texiera situation, I may have made a fatal error in judgment tonight.

I let Rakes and Trot watch WWE Wrestling; worse? I actually tivo'd it last night and we all settled down to take it all in after I got home from work.

The first 10 minutes weren't so bad, if you could look past Trot hollering "Dey gonna fight now?" while Rakes grew more and more animated by the minute. After that? Total chaos.

Rakes throwing punches at Trot while the latter spun in the air and and landed on the formers stomach repeatedly. I had to turn it off and put Trot to bed to get some peace. My biggest worry? It's too little, too late. I can only pray somebody doesn't get superplexed off the stairs sometime tomorrow.

Finally, I'd like to take this time to welcome my newest niece, Hannah Christine Dalton to the world. Congratulations Matt and Amanda. I can't wait to meet her.

Just have Caroline tell her that the boys mean well and any injuries she'll incur over the next 15 years will be purely accidental.


Tree Newt said...

Hannah says hey and said to tell you that she thinks the WWE stuff is payback for the time you did the piledriver on her dad. Not sure I got that right, but she said you'd remember!

Ted D said...

I don't think Hannah actually said that.

But tell her Hi. And I love her.

You can skip the part where I call you a dink if you want.

Bickley said...

Congrats on the new niece! Awesome!

Ted D said...

Yeah, it's pretty sweet Bickley. Another little girl I can spoil AND I make my brother nuts at the same time.

Stacy said...

As if those two need to SEE anything that would give them any ideas. They come up with enough mayhem on their own. :)

Say it ain't Mikey? Although Texeria would be a fine addition. :)

Ted D said...

Good point, Stacy.

And I don't want to see Mikey leave either. OR Youk move to third. But we'll see what happens.

Sam Jackson's Lovechild said...

Next up: Texas Chainsaw Massacre!

*vvrrmmmm vrrrmmm vrmmmmm!*

Now ted: that was some short-term thinking. if rakes beats you over the head with a Kendo Stick, just remember: it's your own fault

congrats on the new niece, Unk Ted :)

Tex said...

and I'll bring the chainsaw

vrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmm vrmmmmmmmmmmmm

Ted D said...

JB, yes it was. I'm not really sure what was going through my head; so I won't blame him when he tries to hit me with a folding chair.

Tex, you show up with a chainsaw and I'm sending you to the car with ab. ;)