Friday, November 7, 2008

Life in the South.

I promise.

This will be my last political post ever.

Unless I hear another example of pure idiocy like I heard tonight, whichever comes first.

My brother Matt, walking into Home Depot last night, was able to hear the following witty exchange between two future MENSA members.

Idiot #1: "Did you hear they're going to take down the Statue of Liberty?"

Idiot #2: "Really?"

Idiot #1: "Yeah. Once Obama gets in they are going to replace her with a statue of Aunt Jemima."

Can I just say that as a Southerner, this sickens me. As a North Carolinian, this pisses me off. And as a human being? It just makes me sad.

I wonder if THEIR ancestors had suffered decades of abuse, hatred, and suffering would they be so ignorant? Considering their family tree doesn't fork, I imagine it wouldn't make that much of a difference. But unless your Grandparents had to ride in the back of a bus, drink out of a different water fountain, and got hosed down by fire hydrants while Pit Bulls tried to take their larynx out, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say they would most likely be just as stupid as they are today.

In our Pledge of Allegiance it says "One Nation, Under God". Not "One white nation and one black Nation." The Bible tells us to support and pray for our leaders; I'm not a scholar, but I've read it enough to know it doesn't say "Support the guy who has the same skin color you do."

Just so you know?

The domain is now taken.



Trot's Hat said...

Really unfortunately, Ted, there are dinks everywhere.
But beautifully said.

Redbeard76 said...

Yeah I heard that joke sometime during the campaign too. It's just unbelievable how ignorant dinks can be scared over nothing. But thanks for turning your state blue, and for kicking friggin' Libby Dole out of the Senate!

Ted D said...

Bridget, sometimes I have to remind myself it's 2008, not 1968.

Redbeard, that was just the mildest one I've heard. We've come so far, but in a lot of ways we haven't, you know?

beckperson said...

Wow - you're starting to sound more like ME than ME! Carry on, brother!


Ted D said...

Becks, I can't stand ignorant, racist dimwits. People like that give the rest of the country the impression that most of us run around talking like Rhett Butler; and while their are a TON of white pointy hat wannabes, their are also a TON of people who don't see skin color.