Saturday, November 8, 2008

Saturday Night in the Big Town.

"Thank you sir, for taking me to pee."

As a 38 year old father of 3, I don't expect my Saturday evenings to be exciting. I don't even expect they'll be interesting at this point. But I gotta say; when I got home from work and Ang and I decided to go get hot dogs at the local grease pit, I never figured on getting a proper thank you from Rakes for taking him to the bathroom.

Just goes to show you never can tell what exactly is going to make you bust out laughing when you're Married with Children.

After arriving back home, Rakes fell asleep in the chair next to me watching "Cops"; which just shows how tired he was. Usually he's in wide eyed wonderment at the mayhem unfolding on the screen while I try and convince myself he's soaking it all in so he'll be the best law enforcement officer he can be someday, all the while knowing in the back of my mind he's just watching to see what NOT to do some day in the near future.

I ended my night by watching Johnny Depp sink into the mafia while watching "Donnie Brasco" for the 1,438th time.

The single life ain't got NOTHING on me.

Do you see how much I cling to Red Sox baseball as a lifeline now?

What in the name of all that is good and righteous am I going to do until Spring Training?


Tree Newt said...

Ideas for the long winter.

You could always continue with your political commentary series.

Or watch the 04 Championship DVD for the 3,459 time.

Or take up knitting.

Or buy a mountainbike (yeah, right!)

Or read the phonebook.

Or crochet a potholder for Ang.

Or learn how to change the oil in your cars.

You could paint a portrait.

You could write the next great American novel.

Or, my personal favorite:


Ted D said...

Don't think I'm cut out for a political writing career, bro. I get too agitated.

The mountain bike and knitting are out for obvious reasons.

I think I'll just sit in a chair and rock back and forth until March.

Thinking about you guys for tomorrow.

jetison said...

I just remembered, Ted - we went to pee together at the Red Sox game - and I never properly thanked you - well, Thanks !

Now that I've said it I realize it's slightly awkward when one of us isn't a child [at least chronologically] but at my conscience is now clear.

Ted D said...

Glad I could help, Bob!

Funny, I don't remember us going to the bathroom together...

Tex said...

you'll do what you've been doing....wrangle up those heathens and write about'll just have more time since you don't have to watch the games...maybe you'll SLEEP MORE???

Ted D said...

But that's what makes me nuts too, Tex.

I am getting a new digital camera tonight, so I'm sure there will be plenty of pictures and video to post.