Tuesday, September 4, 2007

$10 Million a year CAN be a bargain

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17-6 with a 3.30 ERA. Ace of one of the best pitching staffs in baseball. All that with marbles the size of grapefruits.

Tonight, Josh Beckett established himself as one of the elite pitchers in the game: matched up against Roy Halladay, a Cy Young winner, Beckett did what aces do. He sacked up and slammed the door shut.

8 IP, 7 K's, 3 ER's. In fact, his pitching line almost matches Doc's: biggest difference? Beckett allowed 3 runs and Halladay allowed 5. For a pitcher, there can't be a much better feeling than going head to head with one of the best in the game and getting the better end of the deal.

With all the monopoly money being tossed at the Barry Zito's and Carlos Zambrano's of the world, Red Sox fans should be dancing in the streets that we have a 17 game winner with at least 3 more starts locked up for the flea market price of $10 million per year.

There is NO WAY Theo lets him walk once his contract expires: much like Schilling, Josh Beckett was born to pitch at Fenway.

In addition to all the excitement over Beckett, there's another youngster making waves in Boston. Jacoby Ellsbury, the ONLY player I've ever seen score from second on a WILD PITCH continues to impress: HR, triple, and a single tonight, all the while making web gem after web gem in the field. Even Beckett has noticed, talking in his press conference about kidding Manny he's Wally Pipp. For those of you lost at the mention of that name, Lou Gehrig had to take SOMEBODY'S spot.

7 games in front, with less than a month to go: all I'm hoping for now is a quick clinch so Tito can rest some guys and set the rotation.

Wow: that felt really weird to say. Usually at this point, I'm running 43 different scenarios around in my head trying to figure out how we even MAKE the post season.

Don't let anybody tell you otherwise: the view from the front is the best one of all.


beckperson said...

Just catching up on yesterday's post - love the pictures of your kids! I think we are crossing paths in cyberspace. :)

I'm feeling pretty good about September, too, but then I tend to be rather Pollyannaish (is that a word?) about life most of the time. Now let's just see the Mariners do some sacking up and all will be well.

Ted D said...

Becks, hope the vacation is going swimmingly: all is well here.

Glad you liked the pictures: I'm really gonna miss the little heathens, but am excited about leaving them: does that make any sense?

Being Pollyannaish ( you're asking ME if that's a word?!) is a good thing. I wish more of us were like that!

Magic number is now 17 games: this IS the year.

Tex said...

Im telling BETTER buy your plane ticket NOW. Ive told my employer....I dont care if I fly in a redeye then out again right after the parade...I am SO THERE :)

KAYLEE said...


Ted D said...

Don't do planes, Tex. But I'll make the roadie up for sure. Maybe that would be the best time to introduce the dervishes to the city of Boston.

2 more days to Camden Yards.

Tex said...

Ted...Rake can sit on my shoulders to see the parade...course I may need to sit on someone elses.
I got to Boylston st at 5am in 2004 to catch the and a few others were there first...i layed down on the sidewalk waiting till around 7am... Im ready to do it again

Ted D said...

I hear you Tex: Rakes on your shoulders would be a picture to use as a screensaver!

Somehow, you made lying on the sidewalk sound fun!

C-Lake Winnipesaukee said...

Note to Ted - Dirty sidewalks & OCD are not a good combo LOL

And it's a nice frame of reference to be in when $10 mil is a bargain!

Ted D said...


I'll just lay a blanket out underneath me! Either that, or I'll steal Tex's blanket and use hers!

Yeah, to say $10 million is a bargain is a little weird to read, isn't it?

scott h said...

I was told if I didn't make an appearance this evening I could become the subject of the next blog.
SO in honour of this fine blog. I offer up this diddy.

Oh Soxies your so fine your so fine you blow my mind, go Soxies go go go Soxies.

I feel like a hooker on nickel nite. Used and abused.

Ted D said...

The prodigal son has returned home!!

Your attempt at singing is much appreciated: what kind of ladies of the evening do you have in OK that work for a nickel?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm? We've gone from missing our family because they went to the beach to looking forward to not changing diapers, etc. What happened Bro? Sounds to me like someone needs a vacation and fast!

Ted D said...

Denise, life's all about balance! My trip to Baltimore this weekend to see the Red Sox is in my sights.

Did you all make it to the Left Coast yet? I need to check your blog out: I'm sure I've missed something.

Good to hear from you.

KAYLEE said...


Tex said...

Scottie step a way from the bottle :)

Ted...if you think im gonna pack a blanket to take on a plane PfffffT! hard cold cement is fine with long as i see duckboats with the boys go by

Ted D said...

No Tex: just "borrow" one from the plane!

Anonymous said...

Yes, we made it and even a trip to the beach yesterday. It's good to be back at the Ocean again. Just got phone lines set up today so will catch up with Angie.

scott h said...

Kaylee I don't do it for a career.I just do it to bring a little sunshine into the life of people like you. It's really much better with a tuba and a harmonica.

Ted D said...

Don't forget the oboe Bub: the oboe makes any song that much better.

Hey, I saw a business that is the closest I've seen to yours today in High Point:except it looked like all they sold were plants, no pumpkins, etc.. Really crappy location, bad part of town and all.

I'm guessing you want to be in primo real estate areas. Not that I'm trying to steal your business plan or anything.

scott h said...

Its not stealing if I charge you a franchise fee and set you up.
It just needs to be on a busy street with good visibility.

Ted D said...

Busy street, but right past a Sonic: bad visibility and all. I've driven past it 300 times, but I've never noticed it before.

4-4 in the bottom of the 8th. I've got a busy week planned: I'd really like to go to bed like a normal human being tonight.