Monday, September 3, 2007

I'll Miss my Stooges. Just a little.



And the Princess.

They all spent the night with my parent's last night. Tip of the cap to my Mom and Pop: their Mom and I can't thank you enough. And as I prepare for my two day excursion to Baltimore with Mattie this weekend, I'm a little bit torn.

While I'll miss them like crazy, the thought of a child free weekend with my brother and some of the SG contingent is becoming more and more appealing: no diaper changes, no picking up toys, and absolutely, positively, no temper tantrums. Well, unless Boogs BBQ is closed for some strange reason: then all bets are off.

I don't golf. I don't hit the bars. And I don't play Texas Hold Em' on Friday night every week. I'm really looking forward to a weekend of live Red Sox games without any pauses in the action due to a child climbing onto the counter top.

As for the game tonight, I'm still trying to figure out how a 10-1 lead turned into a nail biter: after Daisuke cruised the first 5 innings, the Blue Jays all of a sudden decided to make a game out of it. Fortunately for all the Red Sox fans, the bats didn't decide to go into early hibernation.

Final score? 13-10 Red Sox. I got to see Mike Lowell get his 100th RBI for the year, Daisuke get his 14th win, and the Red Sox go 7 games up over the Yankees.

It doesn't get much better than that.


Mattie said...

What? Have you heard something about Boog's? You're not holding out on me are you?

See...7 games...I told you there was no reason to worry.

Tex said...

So I was thinking...when does Angie get her child free weekend with the girls? I know I know...after baseball season :)

Boy these games really keep your attention!

Ted D said...

Don't freak out little brother. As far as I know, all is well with Boog's.

And Tex: come November, she will be making her annual trek to Gatlinburg, TN with 3 or 4 other ladies, leaving me holding the bag with the kids.

Well, leaving me and MY MOM holding the bag: God bless my sweet Mother: I'll end up with Ciera for the weekend, which is like a walk in the park.

Just don't tell Angie that!

Tex said...

For SHAME for Shame!!!

C-Lake Winnipesaukee said...

First the kids:

Trot - Cool sunglasses
Rakes - Nice dinner mat
Ciera - Smart dress for school (good choice C and/or Mom :)

Ted & Matt - Don't forget to make up your "game day" sign!

Ted D said...

Thanks Carol:

I was thinking about "I'm with stupid" with an arrow pointing toward Mattie.

What do you think?

Christine E. said...
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Christine E. said...

Evening everyone!

Honeymoon is amazing! A bit seasick the 1st day, but otherwise great..:-)

The weather here is beautiful--and so are the Sox in the Standings--Holy Buckets! 7 games yeah!

Hope everyone is well!

Off to dinner

Go Sox!

Ted D said...

It's Christine posting from the Ocean!

I TOLD you they would be in good shape while you were gone: glad to hear you're having fun and enjoying yourself.


KAYLEE said...