Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Smells like 2004

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Finally: a little '04 mojo worked it's way into 2007. Down 4-3 going into the ninth, it seemed like all was lost.

All of a sudden, Lugo works a walk, and while Pedroia struck out, you still had Papi coming to the plate. 1 out, 1 on, and 1 run down.

Prior to this year, you would have expected it: however, shoulder and knee problems have had us all doubting the magic of Ortiz and the 9th inning this year.

What does the big man do? Nothing more than send Fenway into a frenzy and cause all of us, well me, to run around the house like some drunk frat boy pumping my fist and shouting "Big Papi" at the top of my lungs.

With the Yankees sitting at 5 games back, I was dreading going into tomorrow having dropped 2 out of 3 to the Devil Rays. Thanks to David Americo Ortiz, that is no longer in the equation. Hitting his second HR of the game into the RF stands took care of that, and just like that, the Red Sox have walked off against Joe Maddon and his Mod Squad glasses.

It's really amazing what one win will do for the soul: instead of being 4 games up, we're still at a 5 game lead vs. the Yankees. And with Daisuke, Beckett, and Schill scheduled for the next 3 games, I really like our chances.

You think Beckett vs. Wang and Schilling vs. Roger doesn't have our boys pumped up? Shoot, Schill DREAMS about big games like that: the FUT doesn't stand a chance.

Come Monday, I predict a 8 game lead in the division with the MFY's clinging to the wild card lead. In addition, Manny comes back this weekend to put George's minions out of their misery.

Hey: it's my dream. Are you gonna be the one to take that away from me?


KAYLEE said...

lets take em down:)

HorshamScouse said...

These last two games have to make you feel like '04 again. The turn around from 8-1 down and today's walk off brought back memories. And I'll let you in on a secret: I was home for Papi's first homer but I had to go back to work before the second. So my 'working from home' mojo wasn't called upon.:)

Tex said...

I predicted a walkoff last night. I mighta had the wrong batter but nonetheless....I PREDICTED the Walk OFF!! I'm ready for October ARE YOU?

Ted D said...

Horsham, you were messing with success by going back to work! But yeah, after the comeback Tuesday night and then the walkoff last night, it's bringing back the memories for sure.

Tex, I saw that: you picked the munchkin to do it, so you were just one batter off. How nice was it though to see Papi being Papi?

I'm ready: don't know if my nerves or stomach is, but I'm ready!

gojohn said...

Papi is THE MAN!

JMP said...

Hi Ted,
Papi's back and even Drew is hitting.
Here is to a sweep of the MFY this weekend. Yes, I can dream too!

Ted D said...

John, yes he is: and it's great to see.

jmp, 'preciate you taking the time to comment.It's always nice to hear from another Dad with three hooligans. John has twins to make up his three!

KAYLEE said...