Monday, September 17, 2007

We can now get on with our lives

*Picture from the Boston Globe*

This is how I'm choosing to remember this past weekend: Eric Hinske, sporting a facial expression usually reserved for guys named Dick Butkus and Ray Lewis, running over Jorge Posada on Saturday.

Because Saturday is the day Red Sox fans should look at as the measuring stick for this team: Beckett was dominating, the offense was clicking on all cylinders, and all the Yankees could do was sit back and watch the train go by as it steamrolled through.

Friday night, the bullpen had a bad night and we lost by one. Last night, Schilling gave a brilliant performance that ended with him wishing he could throw that last pitch just one more time. In the end, we had the bases loaded and Mr. Clutch at the plate: you couldn't have drawn it up any better.

But this is baseball, and unfortunately, stuff happens. Tip your hat to Clemens: I honestly didn't think the fat man had it in him to pitch that well. We've still got a 4 1/2 game lead with a magic number of 9: I say it's in the bag by the time we leave Tampa Bay this weekend.

For all the gnashing of teeth we do about the Yankees, we end the season going 8-10 against them: which means they won two more games head to head than we did. Two freaking games.

So enjoy your victory Yankees: and have fun out in SoCal in a few weeks. And if by chance you get lucky enough to somehow get by the Angels, we'll see you again in October. If that happens, make sure Jorge gets this message:

Eric Hinske says hello.


beckperson said...



Thank you!

Ted D said...

becks, thanks: are you talking about this one? Or the comment I left at your blog? Whichever it is, you're welcome!

I am so ready for the game to start tonight: I need to wipe that taste out of my mouth from last night. And if you're reading, HI sister of becks.

JMP said...

Right on Ted ..Right on!!
Lets see what the MFY can do with the rest of the season.
I'm looking forward to tonight game with the Jays.
Being 4.5 games ahead is better than being 4.5 games.

Ted D said...

jmp, I'm right there with you. With 2 weeks left, sitting 4 1/2 games up is a good thing. And lets hope Wake is pre injury Wake and is dominant tonight: I'd like to get another game up tonight.

Christine E. said...

Evening everyone:

Not looking wonderful right now--its the bottom of the 2nd, 2-0 Toronto and the Sox do not have so much as a HIT yet....

Toronto was HORRIBLE last week....ARGH!

Hope everyone is well!

Go Sox!

Ted D said...

Christine, it's early yet: plenty of time left. I think we all just wanted a 10-0 shutout to erase last night away.

Everybody is good here.

beckperson said...

Ted, Sorry for confusing you...I meant this post about the recent unpleasantries at Fenway. You captured it perfectly, as always.

(And thanks for your comments in lefty land. Means a lot to me.)

Ted D said...

No apology necessary becks: i'm a tad slow. I thought you meant this one, but just wasn't sure. And I appreciate the compliment.

As for the left coast, you do a great job mixing in the Sox, family, and politics. So, ::claps for Becks::

Christine E. said...

I agree....I just jumped over there when I read Ted's comments, and I really like your stuff.:-)


2-1 ..and JD Drew makes another out....CRAP

Go Sox!

Ted D said...

See Christine: told you not to worry yet.

KAYLEE said...


Please Tell me how you can be a red sox fan and not know who Jacoby Ellsbury is? I was wearing his jersey today and....couldnt believe how many people that told me they were sox fan didnt kno who he was.....


Christine E. said...


It took you this long to officialy hate Yankee fans???

There are a TON of people in the world that call themselves Sox fans, but dont have a clue...I have a friend who actually bouight a personalized BoSox04 license plate for his car after 04--and STILL has no idea who Gabe Kapler is...Its crazy...

I see that the Sox have decided to offer little run support to usuall


KAYLEE said...

WEll you know Christine its HARD too hate ALL Yankees fans when you have a boyfriend that is one......

Christine E. said...

LOL..I'll never know whay you continue to cause yourself grief by dating Yankee fans--it can only end badly...:-)

KAYLEE said...

hahaha I know but...I cant find the willpower to tell him NO because of that......I wish I had another reason to TELL HIM NO...haha!:-)

Ted D said...

Houston, we have a problem: it's now 6-1.

And the Yankees are losing.

We're doomed. ;)

JMP said...

The Yankers are winning...
So Sad..
Time to run for the life boats!

KAYLEE said...

wait are yanks winning or losing? TED HAS CONFUSED ME NOW!

JMP said...

Whos on first...
Whats on second..
and Idonknow is on third..

Holy Cow!!!
Now I confused...
Must be a Monday..;>)

Ted D said...

Sorry, wishful thinking: the Yankees are winning.

Sorry for the confusion.

jmp, throw me a life preserver.

JMP said...

Heres the life preserver.. we clone 6 Becketts, put different wigs on them, a few with facial hair , a few with out,a few well placed scars on some and nobody knows the difference. Then we use them to win the rest of the season!
Sounds like a plan to me... now where is my book on CLONING 101????

KAYLEE said...


Ted D said...


GREAT idea: however, I think Dolly the sheep ended up with 9 legs or something, so no cloning.

Dice K and Schilling have pitched better as of late, and if Frank Thomas didn't play for the Jays, we probably would have won 1-0.

Is it not crazy how different you feel after a loss? I'm a grown man with a family, a mortgage, and a job: yet the Sox losing has me in a funk.

One day I'm seriously going to have to consider getting a life.

KAYLEE said...

//One day I'm seriously going to have to consider getting a life.//

that aint happening as long as the SOX ARE AROUND :-)

JMP said...

Frank Thomas is VERY happy that the Sox's are in town.

You said "Is it not crazy how different you feel after a loss? I'm a grown man with a family, a mortgage, and a job: yet the Sox losing has me in a funk.

One day I'm seriously going to have to consider getting a life."

Well, we all need something out side of our personal lives to grab on to. I feel it gives us a break from the everyday grind, allows us to use our minds and channel our thoughts in a different direction. AND as strange as it may seem, I know it is a good for our mental health.
But I still feel like crap!!! HAHAHAHAHA! ":>)

Ted D said...

jmp, my wife and my stomach would question you on whether it's good for our mental health!

I know it's just a game, but it still doesn't make it any easier to think about it that way.

Anonymous said...

Mind if I ask a question and I mean it in the most sincere way possible. How did you all become Sox fans and not fans of the Texas Rangers? I know very little about MLB but I would think one might cheer for the team closest to their home. I'm asking to learn and not to offend.