Sunday, September 23, 2007

Thoughts on the Post Season

*Picture from the Boston Globe*

Wrong sport Manny: although I appreciate the sentiment.

Celebrating Julio Lugo's 2 run HR Saturday night, all of RSN feels like Manny does: we're IN. After agonizing all off season, going through Spring Training, and then following this team since April, step one of the Big Picture has been achieved: the Red Sox are in the playoffs.

Once the actual match ups are official, I may give a position by position breakdown, but until then, this is what we know.

The Angels and Indians have clinched their division, the Red Sox are at least in the postseason, and barring a historic collapse by the Yankees (Not giving up hope on THAT yet), so are the MFY's.

After today, Boston has a 1.5 game lead in the AL East with an off day tomorrow: the Yankees have one more game against Toronto left, so if there is any justice come Tuesday morning the Sox have a 2 game lead.

If the season ended today, the Red Sox would play the Indians and the Yankees would play the Angels. Like I said, once the schedule is finalized, I'll get into it more: but one big fact I'd like to bring up is this.

Christopher Trotman Nixon will be playing post season baseball: yeah, it may be for the Indians. And yeah, I wish he was still in Boston.

However, I couldn't be happier for the guy: and if we play Cleveland, I hope Trot goes 12 for 12 and we sweep them into winter. I'm genuinely happy for the man: And even though he's been relegated to a part time player, check out this blurb from an ESPN.COM article.

"And after every one of Cleveland's home wins, the star player got smacked in the face during their TV interview with a whipped-cream pie, a tradition outfielder Trot Nixon started and one he continued during Sunday's postgame mayhem by first nailing manager Eric Wedge and then general manager Mark Shapiro."

Sounds like the old veteran has fit in pretty good in that clubhouse, doesn't it?

Just one more reason I'm proud I gave my son his name.


Tex said...

let me know when you get that first pie in your face surprise :)

I know i havent posted on my blog in days....too much going on. I think it'll be next weekend before I do.

Im ready for the post season and love that pic of Manny!!

HorshamScouse said...

Great post Ted. I agree 100% about Nixon: good for him to have a postseason swansong to his career.

I assume your lad is actually Trotman, no? Trotman Dalton has an almost Presidential ring to it!

Either that or a future winner of the golf grand slam!:)

Ted D said...

Was wondering when you'd get around to that again, Tex. I understand: good luck today.

Horsham, thanks and actually, we just went with Trot: the wife's uncle travels in the same circles as Trot's parent's in Wilmington: I'm hoping this can possibly lead to a face to face meeting some day!

Carol said...

If Trot's career is winding down, the meeting will probably happen - as long as you promise not to throw any pies :D

~**Dawn**~ said...

Wow! Another Trot fan! I still wear my alternate red Trot jersey to Sox games. Someone has to remind JD Drew he's wearing a special number out there.

Looks like the Jays pulled off this afternoon's game so the Yanks are two back!

Stacy said...

I'm happy for Trot, too. (Still wish Theo hadn't traded him, though.)

Ted, I'm glad the boys made the playoffs. Maybe you can relax and ease up on the Maalox for a few weeks. :)

Ted D said...

No pies Carol: I promise! I do have a jersey I'd like him to sign though...

Dawn, BIG Trot fan: that jersey I have is a gray road jersey that my neighbor's boyfriend gave me. Hey, thanks for reading and commenting: Welcome!

Stacy, you know me: I'm already freaking over who I think Tito should pitch 3rd in the rotation and who gets left off the postseason roster!

Mattie said...

So Jr., what are the OBP's of the opposing reserve outfielders we could face in the playoffs? I know you've already committed them to memory.

Glad the boys are in. Wish the stankees weren't so close.

Ted D said...

::calculating stats. Ignores peat moss::

scott h said...

So , if you are calm now I need to stir the pot a little bit right?

Remember cell phones are so I can reach you at anytime.

Ted D said...

You are unreal: and I'm hurt, btw. I now see where I rank: 36 hours, 2 calls by me, and THEN you call me back.

And my nerves are fine just how they are: 24 hours or so from now I'll be back in agitated mode.

~**Dawn**~ said...

The Trotter will *always* be a Red Sock to me. =)

By the way, wandered over here from a comment you left on JMP's blog. Have you securely bookmarked now. You earned my immediate readership as soon as I realized you were a Trot fan. =)