Thursday, September 13, 2007

Simple Things

As I stumble through my life on a day by day basis, I find myself checking my rising blood pressure and worrying about bleeding ulcers more than I need to.

Most of this is all on me, being that I tend to freak out over the least little thing I can find. Blame OCD, the Internet, or the I Phone: who knows. All I know it the older I get, the more stressed out I become.

Sadly, this particular tick I have in my life often times causes me to miss the beauty of the forest because of the big daddy tree in front of me.

Tonight, after hitting the door at a bit after 5, I was scrambling to get Rakes to soccer practice and wondering how I'd get back in time to take Ciera to cheerleading practice when I happened to glance over at Baby Trot while getting chocolate milk out of the fridge: all of a sudden, the light bulb went off over my head.

Here is my youngest boy, with chicken in one hand and macaroni in the other, shoveling it in as fast as he could. And while Ang had done a fine job of cleaning the bar up by the time I found the camera, the picture still sort of captures Trot in full on mess mode.

I stopped, I laughed, and then I went to find the camera: it's the little moments like this that often times I miss because I'm more concerned with the big picture. For instance, driving like a maniac to get Rakes to practice, I actually took the time to REALLY listen as he talked nonstop on the way there: seems as if getting that extra cookie before bedtime is a REALLY big deal for the boy: needless to say, he got his wish tonight.

Later, I stood outside Ciera's door and listened to her talk to the neighbors dog Duffy like it ACTUALLY understood what she was saying. The fact I've ended up watching this 'lil ball of fur all weekend is a story for another day: hearing her with that much excitement in her voice is enough to make me forget about the pee stains on the carpet and the wake up call at 2 am for a walk.

If you have kids, take a minute and try to enjoy the small stuff. If you don't, try and find one area of your life you take way too seriously, and find something funny about it.

And yes: if the Red Sox were playing tonight, this huge life realization never would have taken place: I'm man enough to admit it.

But they were off, it did happen, and the Yankees lost. What can I say?

I'm much deeper when the boys have an off day.

Thank God it doesn't happen often: my head hurts and I need an Advil.

In a related note, the MFY's are now 5 1/2 games back.

I'm going to get my broom out, just in case.


Mattie said...

Who are you and what have you done with my brother?

Ted D said...

Screw off, you tree hugging hemp lover.


And I at least admitted if the Sox had a game tonight, it never would have happened.

I think I'm just on a high that the Blue Jays actually remembered the were a MLB team, and not some Single A affiliate.

scott h said...

You got home at 5:00 ! I wish I got home at 5:00.
It doesn't count touching your feminine side when you are still dressed in drag underneath.

Tex said...

uhmmm errrrr Scuse me? Who are YOU and what have you done with TED D?

Ted D said...

Bub, you can't have 6 months vacations and then rag on the working class.

Tex: just trying to explore my "deep end of the pool" side.

Don't worry: it's because of the off day. I'll be back to my normal ranting about baseball tomorrow.

JMP said...

Hey Ted,
Love reading your posts about the kids. Reminds me of our 3 when they were just a wee lad and lassies.
Like the time Alexa ate 5 pennies....yes they did come out in the this day every time I touch a penny.... well you can guess the rest.

Ted D said...


looks like we were posting at the same time. Sounds like we are reversed: you with 2 girls and a boy, and me with the opposite.

Man, the tales I can tell already: I'm just waiting for the teenage years!

edgeofdesign said...

You said "the older I get the more stressed I become". I remember when I was your age. You're still a young pup and like I asked Ang the last time she made a comment about being old, are you saying that I'm old? I hope not! Did you know I have my Brown Belt in Karate and I may have to fly out there out and practice a bit. hahahahaha

KAYLEE said...

man what a post ted!!!!!!!!!!! I love hearing those kids stories!

Stacy said...

Great post, little brother. Glad my Rakie boy got his extra cookie, cause Aunt Stacy would have given him one for sure. :)

You're exactly right; it's so hard to slow down, overlook the urgent, and find the REALLY important things; Faith, family and friends.

Ted D said...


I'm NOT calling you old: I just feel like I'm 37 going on 70! So no, you don't need to fly back here and tcb.;)

Stacy, glad you commented: I miss you now that you've gone back to the real world! He got his cookie but I had to threaten imprisonmnent in order to get him to stay quiet and go to bed!

edgeofdesign said...

Well, you're not old Ted and in comparison to eternity, what's 37? In fact, you're invited to my Billionth birthday. Maybe you're just trying to do too much or are carrying too much of a load you have no business carrying. Might I recommend you take this weekend and just go do something fun with your family. Hmmm? If that's too much, try hugging a tree? (How's that for advice to Ted Mattie?)

Ted D said...

Denise, my fun this weekend will be the following: getting to go to Rakes first real soccer game and watching the Red Sox destroy the Yankees in the last 3 games the two play vs each other this year.

Doesn't get much better than that.

KAYLEE said...

I want them to sweep the yankees!

and sor beckett to plunk someone:)

KAYLEE said...


Mattie said...

Well I guess we know who the favorite brother is now. My blog doesn't rate a comment anymore from certain siblings...

Ted D said...

HA corn meal!

I'm the favorite brother.

Christine E. said...

Evening Everyone...

Whoo Hoo! What a fabulous game! HA HA

The YES commentators just called Pettitttttte--Clemens.....LOL

I think I will watch the game now--its always fun to watch the YES peoplr throw their own players under the buss when they play poorly..

Hope everyone is well..

Go Sox!

Ted D said...

Hi Christine: you're getting the YES feed on a Sox home game? You have the extra innings package, right? Thankfully, NESN here.

All is well here: loving the game so far, though Daisuke is taking years off my life with every start.

Christine E. said...

Unfortunately, being here in Yankeeland, I never get NESN--even on Extra Innings....I can get Fox, ESPN when they do the games, otherwise its YES..:-(

And I am not super thrilled with the direction this game is going in--nor am I pleased Papelbon has to pitch two whole innings...

Go Sox!

Ted D said...

I can't believe they scored 6 freaking runs that inning. Unreal.

JMP said...

Ted... Man I an so bummed now.

Ted D said...

jmp, I STILL don't know how that happened. Up by 5 in the 8th and we LOSE?


Okajima is in serious need of some rest: back to back HR's just won't cut it. Daisuke deserved better after his performance tonight.

No new blog tonight: I'm too depressed. I get to see Rakes in his first soccer game tomorrow and I'm taking that as my high point.

Beckett rights the ship tomorrow: I can feel it.

Tex said...

Sack UP TED!! There's no crying in baseball!!

Ted D said...

Sacking up Tex!

Got some sleep, the rain stopped, and I went to Rakes first soccer game today: pictures later, but I haven't laughed like that in quite a while!

Hope the ACL Festival is going well: sounds like you two are getting to see some great music.

Have fun!

Tex said...

if treenut is expecting me to post this week...he's sadly mistaken. I barely have the energy to post any comments. Am i getting too old for this?

Ted D said...

No way Tex: you just need some rest. Between Spring Training, San Diego, Baltimore, the ACL Festival, new job, travelling with the old job, and life in general, you've had yourself a busy 6 months!

You just need a few weeks of just everyday life and you'll be good as new.

Off to feed the animals and play outside: low 70's with no humidity: fall is here!

At 4 I'll be in the car for about 3 hours.

Tex said...

i only want GOOD texts of the game

beckperson said...

Ted, I didn't think this post was all that different from the person I know on-line, but apparently there's another YOU that your family knows. :-)))

Can't wait to hear more about the soccer game! Good timing if it caused you to laugh so much!

I don't know if I can bear to watch the game(s) with those MFYs. And without Remy...I may just rely on SG comments. It's not that I don't think they can win, it's just the stress of it all. But I have fair. Believe me, I have fair. :)

Ted D said...

Becks, the Ted you know is the true Ted: they just like to bust my marbles any chance they get.

Last night just plain sucked: no other way to say it. I have faith in Beckett that he will turn the tide TODAY.

And I'm with you on the stress: I'm very glad this is it with them for the regular season.

Let me know what you think about the soccer pictures in the new post.