Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Future is Now

Today was a day for the young guns: Jon Lester, fresh off kicking cancer's tail pitched into the 7th inning, giving up two runs.

Jacoby Ellsbury got his first MLB Home Run today, as well as saving Lester's bacon with this catch here, plus running to the Bermuda triangle of Fenway to chase a ball down.

With Papelbon, Moss, Okajima, and Pedroia contributing to the cause today, it was readily apparent that the future stars of Fenway are more than able to step up and step in.

For these kids to come into a pennant race and be VALUABLE contributors to the club, not just filler for the bench, is a testament to Theo and his crew of young baseball junkies.

As a fan of the team, seeing this much quality waiting in the wings is a great thing to witness.

The Future is indeed bright.

Back to a 6 game lead: all you doubters may now come in off the ledge.


Tex said...

The Futures So Bright I gotta Wear Shades!!!!!!!!!!!

Tex said...

did you read my blog before writing yours?? or are we in a twilight zone again?

Ted D said...

Tex, I haven't gone there yet: I think we are one of those "brother/sister from a different mother" nights again.

Tex said...

i dont know how but some days these wave lengths travel fast

Mattie said...

Doubters? Who, me? Surely you jest. I was only speculating, as Red Sox fans are wont to do, that the sky was falling. That, my dear brother, is not doubting. Heck, that should SOLIDIFY my credentials as a card carrying member of RSN!!! Ah, how quickly '04 made us forget all our misery! I, for one, say "Bring back the misery!" For, from the depths of said despair sprang forth the 2004 champions! History repeating, my bro! History repeating!!!!

Ted D said...

Mattie, you don't get it: 2004 should have wiped away all that doubt and misery. We're now just another team, albeit one with a lot of money, fighting to get to the playoffs every year. Take a look at your standings in all the other divisions. Now, do you hear any sportscaster/writer saying those leaders are blowing it?

Hey: 5 days to Baltimore! I can't wait.

Ted D said...

BTW, Mattie and Tex, I just checked the 10 day forcast for Baltimore.

90 for the high, 75 for the low on the weekend, with a 10% chance of rain.

Looks like we're good for the games this week.

Tex said...

blah blah blah blah blah blahblahblah blah blahblahblah.

did you say something Ted?? Im sorry Im so busy packing I wasnt listening ;)

Ted D said...


The weather looks GREAT for this weekend!

Love your new ID icon: I need to put a new one up myself.

As for packing, thank God I'm male: Friday night 10 pm, 2 shorts, 2 shirts, 2 hats, tennis shoes, and Red Sox flip flops, and I'm good to go.

Stacy said...

I'm getting a little anxious about your weekend trip. Usually you and Matt are here when Tex heads out for her adventures. Now it's just me and Scott here, with you, Matt and Tex all on the loose. :)

Tex, I like your new icon, too. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on hanging out with the Dalton boys. :)

Ted D said...

Stacy, just keep the seats warm for me, OK?

Gonna be nice to meet Tex, plus get to see the Jumpster again.

Tex said...

Stacy I promise to keep the Dalton boys in line...although I doubt they can say the same about me :)

I am really psyched about meeting them both!! FINALLY i get to meet my (adopted) brothers. its sorta like a reunion right?

Ted D said...

YOU'RE going to keep US in line?


And your adopted brother is looking forward to meeting you. As far as keeping you in line, I figure it's sort of like surfing: just ride the wave and try not to wipe out!

Tex said...

ted i figure you'll just be keeping at arms length in hopes of getting some good photo opps :)

Ted D said...

Good Point, Tex!

KAYLEE said...

LOve that picture TEx:P