Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Look Back. And a Look Ahead.

Starting in Spring Training, I had the same wish every other fan of the Boston Red Sox had: win the division and get to the post season. That has happened.

If the Yankees somehow managed to suck and miss the playoffs entirely, that would have been the cherry on top of the sundae. Well, that didn't quite work out so well.

Other than that, there is not too much more I could have asked for out of my team this year: great baseball, a lot of laughs, and a great 6 month run.

Some of the highlights:

Eric Hinske, early in the year, making this balls out catch to rob the Tigers of an extra base hit, then coming back later in the game to hit the deciding Home Run:

(I really hope that works: if it doesn't, hopefully you can copy/paste it and it'll show up.)

Josh Beckett, after one year adjusting to the American League, becomes the ace I knew he was.

Curt Schilling, older and wiser, reinventing himself into a "hit your spots and forget the gas" pitcher, ala Greg Maddux.

Papi, battling back, shoulder, and knee problems still gutting his way to a .332 BA, 35 HR's, and 117 RBI's.

Emerging youngsters Dustin Pedroia, Jacoby Ellsbury, and Clay Buchholz giving us signs of the future, and Kevin Youkilis, Coco Crisp, and Jason Varitek coming through with solid years. In Youk's case, unless his penchant for grimacing at EVERY strike call or close play at the bag works against him, the Gold Glove for 1B should be sitting on his mantle come this winter.

Lastly, Michael Averett Lowell: I hate to think about where this team would be with the efforts of the Red Sox third baseman. .324 BA, 21 dingers, and 120 RBI's. In a year where Manny was not being Manny, Sr. Doubles stepped up in a big way. To a man, I bet any player on that team would tell you Mikey deserves to be the Red Sox MVP for this season.

Sox vs. Angels Wednesday night. Josh Beckett vs John Lackey. Papi, Manny, and Lowell vs Vladdy, Anderson, and Figgins. Mike Scioscia and his small ball play vs. Tito and his let it rip philosophy. Papelbon vs. KRod.

As an added plus: no Joe Morgan causing my ears to bleed and giving me visions of stuffing my ears with brillo pads to MAKE IT STOP.

I can't wait.


Carol said...

I bet you can't Ted! Those sure were some nice highlights & signs of the future as you said. Also, a Manny point to you for great coverage/blogging all season long (though I'm wondering if the Manny point is as effective when "Manny isn't being Manny" ;)

Ted D said...

Carol, I'm not sure either: but if the whole world would work the Manny point into daily life, the world would be a better place.

Off to Furniture Market: be home around 7 tonight.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I just hope that when the games switch over to FOX, we aren't subjected to Joe Buck. I've exceeded my limit on *that* for the remainder of 2007.

Ted D said...

Hey Dawn: you and me both. Though McCarver bothers me more than Buck though.

The first round will be on TBS, so that's good, though we won't get Orsillo. It's somebody and Steve Stone, who's pretty good.

KAYLEE said...


//no Joe Morgan causing my ears to bleed and giving me visions of stuffing my ears with brillo pads to MAKE IT STOP.//

I am thinking i'd take him over mccarver anyday......

Mattie said...

There's a baseball game Wednesday? Why, don't you know that's the day that the NHL regular season resumes?

Ted D said...

Listen puck head,

You know good and well there is playoff baseball: and if you watch a hockey game instead of the Sox game, I will take your Sox hat and give it to one of your nephews for a present.