Thursday, September 27, 2007

Curse This.

The Red Sox lost tonight, 5-4, to the Minnesota Twins: and it's all SI's fault. The vaunted "Sports Illustrated Curse" works it's black magic again for putting Papelbon on the cover this week.

Screw that noise: curses connected with the Boston Red Sox went the way of the dinosaur in 2004. When you come back from 3 down to beat the MFY and SWEEP the Cardinals in the World Series, you can take any talk of curses and pound sand where the sun don't shine.

They lost tonight because Josh Beckett turned back into a mere mortal and gave up 2 HR's, a triple, and NEVER had an inning without a base runner. They lost because they had the bases loaded with one out in the ninth, and Tek, followed by Youkilis, struck out.

Stuff happens: they still lead by two with three to go. So they clinch the division tomorrow. Or Saturday: big freaking deal.

Bottom line is this: they are IN. And no matter what the Yankees, Angels, Indians, or for that matter, the Twins do, THEY. ARE. IN.

And come next week, it won't matter what happened in the previous 162 games: it's what happens in the next month that counts.

In my opinion, Beckett-Schilling-Daisuke in the starting rotation with MDC-Okajima-Papelbon in the 'pen trumps any group of pitchers the other 3 teams in the AL can run out for the playoffs.

Is Manny healthy? Check.

Is Okajima healthy? Check.

Is Youk healthy? Maybe not 100%, but he's ready to roll.

That's good enough for me: let's get this clustermess started already.


~**Dawn**~ said...

I'm trying really hard not to be intimidated by the SI curse. But... Papi was on it last year...

~**Dawn**~ said...

I was just looking at the photo you used for you banner. What was going on when that was taken, do we know? Everyone looks very amused...

Ted D said...

Dawn, we killed the curses in 2004: no SI curse.

That picture was from Opening Day: I have no idea what they are all laughing at, but it's obviously something hilarious!

Christine E. said...

Evening everyone:

Where IS everyone? The Sox are down to a magic # of 1 and everyone is quiet?

Don't think its going to happen tonight, unless the Oreos have a surge in the 9th inning..

All of this would not matter if it wasn't for that STUPID rule that says the Yankees win the division if we are tied at the end of the season, cause they won 1 more game head to head than us..


Go Sox!

Hope everyone is well!

Ted D said...

Hi Christine: down to one. Great game by Daisuke, even with the HR he gave up.

Pap shuts the door, and just like that, we're one game away.

How nice would it be if Timmeh gets the win on the night they clinch the division?

Christine E. said...

Hey Ted:

I agree, Wake getting the win on clinch night would be SO way cool..

And that way we could really celebrate, instead of this waiting to see what the Yankees do..

Especially since people are talking how he should go back to the bullpen..:-(

Ted D said...

We'll need Wake in the ALCS: you can count on it. But if he does go back to the pen, you know he will handle it with class. I wish every player had the attitude Timmy has.

KAYLEE said...


Christine E. said...

Can you BELIEVE this?

The Oreos tie it against Mariano Rivera in the 9th to take it to extra inning???

Never thought I would be grateful to Jay Payton!

Whoo Hoo!

Go Oreos!

Ted D said...

Christine, this Yankee team, and especially Rivera, is not the same team we've grown to hate. They are mortal: and I couldn't be happier!

Christine E. said...



Cannot BELIEVE it!

AL East Divsion Champs!

Holy Buckets!