Friday, August 24, 2007

21 Runs, 2 games, Awesome

Man, when the bats on this team come alive, they REALLY come alive: 11 runs in game 1, and 10 more in game 2. Beckett wins #16 in game 1, and Schilling had his best outing since coming off the DL in game 2.

Today showed the rest of the league how scary good this team can be when it's clicking on all cylinders: everyone, from the pitchers to the position players, contributed to the sweep of the double header today.

First game featured 4 RBI's from Tek, 2 from Kielty and Lowell, and Lugo, Hinske, and Youk chipped in as well. It also included Josh Beckett getting his MLB leading 16th win.

Game 2 had Schilling winning his 8th game of the year, 2 Big Papi HR's with 4 RBI's, and a scoreless 9th by Eric the Red. Again, contributions came from everywhere: Lowell, Youk, and "Straight Cash Homey" had 2 RBI's, and Manny, Hinske, and Coco added one each.

If the rest of baseball isn't scared of this 'pen, they should be: scoreless outings in both games,with Timlin, OKJ, and Gagne standing out.

I couldn't feel better about this team heading into New York next week: this year, WE get the last laugh and put the Yankees out of their misery.

Here we go Red Sox, here we go.


Tex said...

All I can say is WOOOOO HOOOO!!!!

Ted D said...

I'll second that, Tex.

Great day for the Sox.

beckperson said...

it's nice to have two wins with no stress for a change, eh? All smiles here! Night, ted!

Ted D said...

Becks, you have NO idea: getting two classless games like that in the same day has done wonders for my ulcer.

Goodnight to you too, becks.

KAYLEE said...


HorshamScouse said...

All day baseball and two Sox wins. Now if the Tiggers could just untie it.....

Stacy said...

I couldn't watch much...those White Sox announcers were brutal.

Glad they won, just sorry I missed the Big Man homering x2.

Mattie said...

Hey, I actually got to watch a game without being blamed for the mishaps. Go Sox!

Ted D said...

Horsham, the Tigers heard you: 6.5 game lead as of this morning.

Stacy, they are putrid, no? Looks like I'll luck out and only have to hear them tomorrow.

Mattie, see, I told you that you weren't cursed. But riddle me this: why is the Greensboro Fox station showing the Dodgers/Mets game today?

I HATE this national contract they have.

C-EP said...

Hi Ted! I missed both games (was out on an ocean cruise), but knew things went well for the Sox when you had "awesome" in your title :)

NH is now taking after NC - It's 100 today (wish I could go back out on that cruise boat). Have a nice weekend!

Ted D said...

An ocean cruise Carol? Sounds fun: glad you fared better than Gilligan and the crew.

Pretty much a perfect day in terms of baseball, yesterday: sweep a double header and the Yankees lose as well.

Have a great Saturday.

C-EP said...

Lol - It was a 3-hour tour, and the tour guide also said something all of us being courageous to be out on a boat on a Friday, as the British consider it bad luck!

Game time soon - Keep it rolling!

Ted D said...

I've always wanted to go on one when we go to the beach, but the most we've done is go on the Dolphin tour to see the bottle nosed Dolphins. They stay in the intercoastal waterway.

Mattie said... brother gazing at bottle-nosed dolphins? Maybe he's the real Tree Newt.

Ted D said...

I've never gazed at a bottle nosed dolphin in my life: tried to keep Ciera and Rakes from falling overboard, yes. Gazed? Never.

14 runs today: keep it rolling to the Bronx.