Sunday, August 19, 2007

Split and on to Tampa Bay

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I think the look on Coco's face says it all: disgusted. Not with the effort: just with the fact that a 4 game split could have just as easily been a 4 game sweep for the Red Sox.

At least today it can't be blamed on Eric Gagne, who struck out the side with a hit mixed in: This Sox fan was glad, no, relieved that he pitched a scoreless outing. Poor guy has been gripping like there's no tomorrow since getting here, and it was good to see him do what he's getting paid for: get people OUT.

To be honest, going in I had a bad feeling about today: with Crazy Julian on the hill, I halfway expected a 5 run first inning, followed by Tavarez charging out of the dugout wearing nothing but his Big Papi shower shoes and doing the macarena.

After allowing 2 first inning runs, Julian settled down and actually pitched an outstanding game, going 6 innings with those two runs the only blemish on his day. All in all, there is not a whole lot else you could have asked from him.

Main problem? Lobsters. 6 men left on base by my best guess. When your starter gives up 2 runs, this lineup should, and usually does, win the game. But hey, life goes on: the Sox are up by 4 games, which is where they were going into the weekend, and we head to Tampa Bay tomorrow. Wake gets the start where he has a record that resembles Duke vs. Podunk Community College in basketball: Timmeh at the Trop is virtually unbeatable.

Finally, Jason Seaver on "Growing Pains" never had weekends like this: Ciera had a friend sleep over last night, only to wake up at 2:30 am, realize she's not at home, and call her Mom. 3:00 this morning, they arrive to pick her up. Trot decides he needs to wake at 5 with a fever, Rakes gets up at 6:30, and the day begins.

After taking Ciera and Rakes to church, come home, get them down for naps, and watch the Sox lose, we go swimming. This is followed up with dinner at 8, Trot running through his diaper on Ang and my bedroom floor, and Rakes THINKING he had a diaper on in bed when in fact his Dad forgot to put the cursed thing on him, resulting in him peeing all through his pajamas.

If I can con, I mean convince, someone to green light my life for a sitcom, I'm hoping the guy who played Bud Bundy on "Married with Children" gets to be me.

Seems only fitting.


Tex said...

sounds like your dad started at 2:30am. And such is the life of a dad with 3 wonderful kids. :)

Im off on another trip tomorrow...leaving my son behind. It's been much easier than I thought it would room mates as adults. and I discovered he actually IS an adult

Ted D said...

Started at 2:30 and I'm running on fumes. And yeah, they are wonderful.

Trying, but great and I wouldn't take anything for 'em.

Have a safe trip, and I know Josh will manage just fine: he's got a great Mom.

Ted D said...

Tex, Ang just told me my sister Sheri and her husband lost ALL their crops due to the tropical storm, and he's called FEMA about some help.

If you don't mind, some PV's would be greatly appreciated.

Tex said...

::sending TEXAS SIZE PVs Sheri's way:: HUGS to them! I definitely understand about the hurricane/tropical storm issues. Waiting it out to see what will happen when Dean hits here

KAYLEE said...

Oh gosh ted thats not good!

hayes said...

Best of luck with FEMA. This they know how to deal with, so hopefully it will go smoothly. PVs


Ted D said...

Thanks hayes: not really sure how bad it all is, but all the crops lost doesn't sound great.

Bub, if you are still online, do you have anything else you've heard? I know you just got back from Big D, so maybe you know more than what we've heard.

scott h said...

Yea I was talking to you on the old post. Sonya talked to Sheri for 20 min today. She didn't say anything. It really stormed during the night last night. we got in about 10:30 last night.

To your sitcom idea. I was thinking more along the lines of an animated show with you being played by a mix of a Homer Simpson does george Jefferson.

Ted D said...

I like that idea: Homer meets George. The perfect blend of stupidity and the little man complex: fits me to a T!

Now, who gets to play me? Gary Coleman? Bud Bundy? Or that lil' fella who was in those Mike Myers movies?

The possibilities are endless.

And will you call Sheri? They told Mom it was really bad.

K? Thnkx.

Stacy said...

Ted, I talked to Sheri and she said it rained from midnight Sat. until about 8:30 Sunday morning.

They had to get the cattle to higher ground, and they were swimming through the water at times to get them moved. The river got up in the yard again, but not to the house.

I just feel so bad for them; hopefully FEMA will come through.

Mattie said...

I was eating breakfast at McD's yesterday, and CNN runs a vid of a water rescue in El Reno. I hadn't seen TV in a few days, and didn't have a clue what was up. I called Sheri, and she said it was bad, but I had no clue about the crops. Sis, we're praying for you guys!

gojohn said...

Let's hope Tampa Bay cures this tailspin.. sounds like a 'restful' night NOT!

beckperson said...

Ted, Most definitely sending PVs to your friends/family? I haven't straightened everyone out yet :)

But hearing that people have to move cattle to higher ground even makes this suburban kid understand that things are tough. Best of luck to all and good luck with FEMA.

::PVs to Timmy tonight too::

Ted D said...

John, you've got three: you remember how long some of those nights were!

Becks, sorry for the confusion: Sheri is one of my sisters who lives in Oklahoma, and Scott is married to my sister Sonya. Stacy who comments here is also my sister, but she lives here in NC.

Confused now? ;)

FEMA has been called, but don't know yet what if anything they'll do. Thanks to everyone for the good thoughts.

And in addition to pv's for Timmy, send 'em to Cash as well: poor guy is going to have to catch the knuckleball of Wake.

edgeofdesign said...

Okay. I give up! What is a pv?

Ted D said...

Positive vibes Denise.

Tex came up with it.

beckperson said...

And Mattie's your brother, right?

I think I have it straight now! :)

::got a Haloscan-like error message here for the first time...weird::

Ted D said...

Yep Becks: Mattie is my younger, smarter, yet much uglier little brother!

And the weird message happens to me from time to time. Blogger is a fickle one.

Mattie said...

Younger, smarter, more talented, taller, better hair, and most definitely better looking brother!

Ted D said...

Dream on, potting soil.

KAYLEE said...

//Younger, smarter, more talented, taller, better hair, and most definitely better looking brother!//

I can just tell that is a lie but, you know what do I knoe?

beckperson said...

Isn't it great to have a game we can relax and watch?? I hate the stress of those pitchers duels.

Ted D said...


I was just thinking the same thing! After the weekend games, this is like a mini vacation.

Wake is unreal to be pitching this well at his age: great game.