Saturday, August 25, 2007

41 is just a number

Tim Wakefield, 41 year old Timmeh Wakefield, won his 16th game of the year today in the Red Sox 14-2 win over the Chicago White Sox: that ties him with 26 year old teammate Josh Beckett for the MLB lead in wins. It also gives fellow graybeards like myself hope.

If Timmy can compete and be successful at the highest athletic level there is, then surely I can survive a week of schlepping furniture and conning money out of people that they don't really have to spend.
Another member of the salt and pepper set continued to remind fans, players, and hopefully upper management of his value: Mike Lowell went 4 for 6 with 2 RBI's, raising his season total to 92.

Yep: you read it right. The aging knuckleball pitcher won his 16th game, and the add on player we HAD to take to get Beckett has 92 freaking RBI's. Hopefully, Theo is taking notice: other than Slappy and his reported $35 million dollar asking price, do you see any other 3B options for next year that have been as productive as Senor Doubles? Yeah: that's what I thought.

79-51: 28 games over .500 with a 6.5 game lead over the MFY's going into tonight. The Boston Massacre of last year is a distant memory, and Torre and his crew of billion dollar babies need to realize that this year is different.

THIS year, we have Beckett being an ace, OKJ being dominant, and Pap morphing into the Rivera of the decade. Papi is back, Manny is Manny, and Mike Freaking Lowell has 92 RBI's.

It's finally going to happen: the Red Sox are going to give the Yankees their last rights this week.

I may TiVo it all for posterity: at the very least I'm going to call my Yankee buddy Shawn and ride him unmercilessly.

It's the least I can do.


Tex said...

a number is just a number is RIGHT. Our boys are on a roll...and I hope the runs just keep coming all through the week

the salt and pepper crew aint so bad after all eh? not taking anything from The Kick@ss Commander..but he should be taking notes.

Ted D said...

Tex, as a proud member of the salt and pepper crowd, Wake and Mikey did me proud today. 35 wins in three games is a great sign: the fact it's being done in the latter innings is even better.

I love Commander Beckett: but he still has a lot he can learn from the likes of Schill, Wake, Mikey, and Timlin.

One of the best things about baseball: the changing of the guard when guys like the Sox have are willing to share their wisdom and experience.

Get out your broom: tomorrow is a sweep.

Ted D said...

*35 RUNS, not wins. Though that would have been pretty sweet as well*

HorshamScouse said...

Three out of four so far and the numbers are awesome. Why would Theo even think of not extending Scenic's contract? Certainly not in favour of for Dora, who still really, really, really thinks of himself as a shortstop.

My alarm's set for 6 a.m. to catch the sweep.

Ted D said...

Good man Horsham: getting up early in the future to catch the sweep.

I honestly don't know why Theo is dragging his feet on this: I've heard the tales that Mikey wants three years while Boston is willing to go two. For all the money they've spent for Edgar, et al., you'd think they'd pony up for Scenic. Let's keep the fair and hope they come around.

It's hard to remember The Professional that played that spot before him. Lowell should retire wearing the B.

KAYLEE said...

WE GOT NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT I WAS told by a yankees fan:P I loved this weekends games a win tomorrow would be perfect!

Tex said...

ya know I may eat my words...but if theo lets mikey go to the side and signs lipstick...i will NOT root for him

KAYLEE said...

//////and signs lipstick...i will NOT root for him////////

I'd like to think theo is smarter than that!

Stacy said...

35 runs in 3 games...pretty unbelievable. And I enjoy seeing the "salt and pepper crew" showing the young boys how to play.

I've been a fan of Mikey's all year. Theo best not let him go. 92 RBI's is pretty impressive.

Hopefully this is a sign they're starting to play their best just when it counts the most. :)

Ted D said...

Tex, I just don't see them committing that kind of money for Slappy: I think it would screw up the chemistry.

Look at how loose and goofy these guys are: ARod is the antithesis of loose and goofy.

::I hope I used that properly. I was shooting in the dark::

Stacy, getting hot right now is huge: ride that wave all the way to October.

Mattie said...

Surely Theo has enough sense not to bring bluelips into this clubhouse. But hey, the talk about it, the threat of it...didn't we win the world series the last time that was hanging over our heads?

Ted D said...

They tried to get him in 03 after the season, so you're close.

Tigers just beat the Yankees lil' brother, and the Sox lead 5-1 in the top of the 6th.

It may be on WGN: I've got NESN thankfully.

beckperson said...

Wasn't this one HECKUVA weekend of baseball? The boys earned a day off, and let's just hope the Tigers help us out! All is well in Red Sox Nation.


Ted D said...

Becks, it was a great weekend for sure. 46 runs is unreal.

Not too often we all get to go to bed happy and worry free. (Mostly!)

Tex said...

Im gonna need Monday OFF to prepare emotionally and i have to make a beer run :)

Ted D said...

Prepare for the Yankee games Tex?

Or just life in general? ;)

Tex said...

monday off from baseball ted. I have a conference we're putting on.
what no new post?

Ted D said...

Working on it: getting the kids to bed, Angie needed to get on the computer, etc...

Be up later.