Saturday, August 18, 2007

Big Day

As a parent, you experience a lot of firsts: first tooth, first step, first word, and first time sleeping through the night.

Today, I got to experience another first: taking one of my children to their first organized sports practice. Ciera has never been interested in sports outside of playing baseball out in the front yard. Rakes has been BEGGING to play TBall since he was old enough to know what it was.

Down here in NC, however, you have to be 5 to play that sport: so when we told Rakes he could run around kicking a ball while at the same time getting as dirty as he wanted, he was all for it.

I could tell he was nervous on the way there: his stammering problem gets noticeably worse the more excited/nervous he gets. By the time we got to the practice field, he made Mel Tillis sound like a Julliard trained actor. Once he met "Doach Bendell" (Wendell for those not fluent in Rakesese), all was well.

Proud does not begin to describe my feelings: watching my little hooligan out there running around and yelling at the top of his lungs was a great thing to see. Out of the 10 kids on the team, he was head and shoulders better than the rest. 'Course, I'm his Dad, so I may be a TAD bit prejudiced.

After practice, the coach came up and said to me: "he's done this before, hasn't he?" After replying that no, he hasn't, he just loves anything to do with hitting, catching, throwing, or kicking a ball, Wendell commented that he didn't think it would take long for the boy to get the hang of things.

I don't know who had a bigger head the rest of the day: Rakes, who told anyone who would listen he did "beally good at doccer practice today", or his beaming Dad.

It's not baseball, but it's a pretty good start.


Christine E. said...

Evening everyone

Well THAT was a wondeful game--even if it did not start out as one..:-)

Glad Rakes is doing do well at husbands (still sounds weird...LOL) 2 youngest daughter both play and really like it..

Not too fond of the sport myself..its the whole Mia married Nomar when he was supposed to marry ME...LOL

Hope everyone is well!

Go Sox!

Ted D said...

Hi Christine,

What an awesome game: my Dad came over to see Ciera and it was 5-0, and when he left it was 6-5. I told him he was the official call whenever they were losing after 4 innings!

Soccer has never been my thing: it was just great to see my son so excited about something. Like I said, he wants to play Tball, but has to wait for a year.

Sorry about Nomar not working out!


HorshamScouse said...

Hey Ted, looks like you may have reared a natural!

I'm not sure about scale here, but it looks from the pic like Rakes is taking on a full-sized ball which seems a bit unfair to me. Don't they have any kids balls? When he starts T-ball he won't be swinging a 32 oz Louisville Slugger will he?

And what a great win today!
Go Sox!

HorshamScouse said...

It's been a while, but I remembered using size 3 balls when we were kids:

It made a huge difference in those days. They weren't coated in plastic and soaked up water and weighed a ton at the end of a game.

KAYLEE said...
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KAYLEE said...
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KAYLEE said...

well i am glad he likes it :)

Tex said...

i thaink yore a ted bit prejudidced

saafe and aound at home

Stacy said...

Ted he looks like he's having a blast! And the fact that he's a natural does not surprise me in the least. The boy is very coordinated for 3. You'll have to let us know his game schedule so we can come and cheer him on!

edgeofdesign said...

He's a cutie alright. I think Trot's the one with the arm though (IMHO) that is. It's hard to want to capture the moments when we don't know whether to laugh, cry or scream and yet capture them we must. Soon, we'll be writing about our grandchildren.

C-Kayak said...

Look out David Beckham! Glad to hear that Rakes had fun and made Dad proud.

I was also proud yesterday when D kept kicking the ball in our yard about 6 times consecutively (the most that she has done it). I think I'll have to run up to Wal-mart and get her that little Dora soccer ball now.

Look out Mia Hamm-Garciaparra (sorry Christine ;)

beckperson said...

With all that's going on in your life, how DO you manage a post a day? You AMAZE me!

I was hoping for a good pic of the new soccer king! Excellent. It will be interesting for you to watch Rakes and see how sports help him grow up (but not TOO fast).

Think the Sox can pull off another win with Jooooles leading the way? You know it means Gagne will probably pitch, right?

::nervous already::

Ted D said...

Horsham, funny you say that about the ball: his coach mentioned that his age would be playing with a smaller ball, and there was 1 there, but several teams practicing at once, so you are right: the ball during the games will be different.

Tex, from appearances, you had a good time last night! Glad you made it home safe.

Stacy, I'll miss his first game. Sat, 9-8, since Matt and I are in Baltimore that weekend: you and Jared need to go to cheer him on!

Becks, I try to make a point to post once a day: I've said it before, it's sort of therapy for me. I can write about the good things that happened and it helps me forget the other stuff!

I'm with you: nervous about today with Tavarez pitching and Okajima and Pap most likely N/A. Let's hope for another 10 runs and we won't have to sweat it!

Denise, sorry about the late night call: Ciera woke us up saying Vanessa wanted to go home: Trot woke up at 5 with a fever, so Ang and I are running on fumes!

Ted D said...

Carol, sorry: didn't mean to leave you out. Trot is hanging on my leg so forgive me.

Glad to hear D likes kicking the ball around as well: go get her that Dora ball and let her have at it! Rakes as the new David Beckham and D as Mia Hamm?

Hmm... I smell THE celebrity couple of 2025!

KAYLEE said...


Mattie said...

I'm a bit late weighing in on this one, but I too am not suprised at all at Rakes taking to soccer so quickly. That boy is like his dad: pint-sized but athletic like you wouldn't believe! He's been hitting a baseball since he was, what? 1? I don't know that I've ever seen a more coordinated kid.

What is it with our family? Why do the people that are built to play sports (me) have absolutely no ablility to do so, and those of lesser stature can do anything?

Of course, he could be the future 2nd baseman for the Sox!

Ted D said...

That's exactly right corn meal: the Munchkin proves you can be a shade over 5 ft tall and make it!

He had a blast, which is all that really matters.

It is kind of funny about the size thing: I think being small you get your coordination quicker: I never went through the 2 left feet years: I was too low to the ground!

Tex said...

what a disappointment today. Runs just dont come consistently. The gap has shortened...but I'm not gonna get worried. But I'm not gonna give up anything

Ted D said...

Tex, I'm usually stomping mad after games like today and not worth a lick.

I was strangely calm and composed, even took the kids swimming for a couple of hours afterword. We got beat today: no more, no less.

We are still in first place, and hopefully the Angels do to NY what they did to us today: play solid, fundamental baseball and win 2 out of 3 at the least. We get Tampa Bay, and I like our odds.

Tex said...

all I know is I love Kielty.

scott h said...

Well, I leave for a couple days and the roof caves in. I feel a new hat buying spree coming on.
Jr you are worrying me. You are too calm. A storm is brewing I pity who falls under your rath when reality sinks in.
Rakes and soccer hmm. I can't wait for the first game report.

Mattie said...

rath? I assume you mean "wrath"