Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mirror Image

*Picture from the Boston Globe*

Funny, my face looked exactly like the Munchkins as I sat in my car and heard Manny strike out to end the game today.

Daisuke was, well, "pedestrian", to put it mildly today, giving up 6 runs in 6 innings, and left with the score 6-0. In the 7th, the boys started to chip away, getting a 2 run shot from Tek and a Lugo RBI double, and Manny added another run with a 2 bagger in the 8th.

Even though Crazy Julian gave them 1 2/3 and Timlin contributed 1.1 innings of scoreless relief, the comeback was, sadly, not enough. Pedroia, Youk, and Manny struck out to end the game, with an Ortiz walk the only offense provided.

But hey: it's not all bad. Fruitbat Rivera gave up 3 runs in the 10th inning AFTER the MFY's had tied the Oriole's in the 9th on a HR by Shelly Duncan. Yeah, it's sorta funny a guy playing for the Yankees has a chick's name, but dude can hit a ball a LONG way, so for now I'm holding off on all the "Boy named Shelly" jokes I've got bouncing around inside my head.

So even with the loss, the Yankees kept pace, and it's like some weird time warp thing: today, baseball speaking, never happened. We started the day with a 5 game lead, and that's how it ends: somewhere, Jeter and ARod are drowning their sorrows in a couple of Cosmopolitans while getting a pedicure with Damon.

Now I've got to figure out how I'm gonna make it until Friday, when the Red Sox and Angels play a day/night double header, with rookie phenom Clay Buchholz getting the call up from Pawtucket for his first Major League start.

Maybe I'll organize my Red Sox wallpaper samples, dust all of Rakes and Trot's McFarlane figures, and finally finish that letter to Theo where I convince him he NEEDS to hire a 37 year old man with 3 kids to be the full time "make sure there's enough gatorade and sunflower seeds in the dugout" guy .

Wish me luck.


C-Kayak said...

TD - If you get the job, can I hit you up for good seats? :D

Ted D said...

You got it Carol: best ones I can get!

Tex said...

Ted your recap was so good...but looking at all the globe's pics gave me an forgive me that I used your pic

Mattie said...

"Maybe I'll organize my Red Sox wallpaper samples, dust all of Rakes and Trot's McFarlane figures,"

Was this written intentionally after reading my blog?

Only kidding bro.

Ted D said...

Tex, no problem.

Corn Nut, what are you babbling about now?

C-Kayak said...

/Was this written intentionally after reading my blog?/

Has happened to me MANY times Mattie!

Do a good job dusting today Teddy.

Ted D said...

For the record, if you don't have at least 2 male children, your life expectancy is 8.7 years higher than those of us with at least 2 boys.