Friday, August 17, 2007

My Girl

Tomorrow at 12:57 p.m. my baby girl turns 9: unless my wife has a BIG change of heart, Ciera will be the only daughter I'll ever have.

Before she was born I was what I guess you'd call a typical guy: keep your emotions in check and don't let 'em see you cry. Still am in most ways, but when I started getting teary eyed at that God awful "Butterfly Kisses" song, I knew things had changed.

She used to want to be where I was at all times, and while she still does to some extent, you're more likely to find her upstairs listening to Hannah Montana. She's at the age where she still wants me to tuck her in and say her prayers, but doesn't want me in her room until then.

When I'm in town, I take her to school every morning and walk her to class while holding her hand: once we get to the door though, she drops my hand and walks on in. And every time she does it breaks my heart.

With the two boys doing their best impression of a Tasmanian devil most of the time, having a daughter helps keep me sane. Not that she doesn't have her moments. (Puberty can't start at 9 can it?)

She looks like her Mom, acts like her Dad, and from the day she was born, she stole my heart.

Happy Birthday Sissy.

Dad loves you more than you'll ever know.


KAYLEE said...


Tex said...

Dont worry Ted. Girls never quit being Daddy's little girl. She may grow up but she'll always be in your heart and you'll be in hers. And Remember a good father gives her the role model for who she wants to marry. So I'm sure she'll pick her a very fine man

Happy Birthday Ciera!! From your Adopted Aunt Tex

Ted D said...

Aw, thanks Tex: It's the weirdest thing: I STILL worry about her more than I do the 2 boys, and she's turning 9.

I'll tell her Aunt Tex said Happy Birthday.

Thanks Kaylee.

Christine E. said...

Evening Everyone...:-)

Kaylee! Your back! How are you feeling?

What a wonderful post Ted, your daughter is lucky to have a great Dad like you..:-) Please tell her I wish he a beautiful and happy Birthday....:-)

Buchholtz was looking pretty good if we coudl score some runs for Josh, we'd been in good shape...

Hope all is well

Go Sox!

Ted D said...

Hi Christine.

Listened to most of the first game, and watching this one. Bucholtz was outstanding today, though I hated to see Dougie go down: flashbacks of Tek catching him in the '04 ALCS still give me hives.

I was worried this might happen tonight: long game in the hot afternoon, the bats seem slow for both teams.

Thanks for the compliment, though I feel like I'M the lucky one to have her as my daughter.


C-Kayak said...

D & I are both sitting here looking the photo/post together, and want to wish Ciera a happy birthday! John feels the same way about Deirdre as you described Ted. He will be home in 20 minutes, and the highlight of his day will be D greeting him at the door.

Note TD - Last year for single digits (she's getting older)!

Ted D said...

Yeah, I know Carol: I'm afraid it'll all go downhill after that!

Tell Baby D that Ted is giving her the Manny point!

KAYLEE said...

I am feeling okay today christine but,it goes back and fourth!

Ted D said...

5-4 Sox, heading into the ninth!

You can't beat 4 run innings late in the game!

KAYLEE said...


Christine E. said...

Oh crap.....

Gagne blows is again--WHY am I not surpised??

I am SO glad you came through your surgery well Kaylee, I was thinking about you all week..:-)

And do i ever need to mention the TWO errors by Lugo??


Ted D said...

I honestly can't figure out what Gagne's problem is: he doesn't seem like he's throwing bad, or hurt.


Lugo has been mediocre to say the least.

C-Kayak said...

And it all now rests on Lugo (uh-oh)!

C-Kayak said...

Ortiz = Deer in the headlights - What just happened?!

Ted D said...

What a shot to the marbles that game was: I'm spent.

Errors, comebacks, and Gagne gacking the game away in the 9th inning.

Get 'em tomorrow, fellas.

Anonymous said...

I think they went through the exhibit today in record time. I still don't know what they really thought about it and got the impression they didn't want to talk about it. Go figure!

Ted D said...


Maybe our girls just aren't the cultural types!

Ang told me they were there all of 25 minutes! Hopefully, SOME culture was picked up by osmosis.

Christine E. said...


How fitting that Sir Lugo the Useless (my new name for him)was there to end the game..

Better luck tomorrow...

Have a good night everyone...

Ted D said...

Christine, I REALLY wish I could figure out how you feel about Lugo: I'm so confused!

Oh well, double headers are always dicey: we split the day, and Schill goes tomorrow.

Baseball, she's a fickle game.

Tex said...

sucked isnt even what i want to say about that game.

Ted D said...

Tough one to lose, Tex.

We'll get 'em tomorrow.

Gagne is turning into Rudy Seanez before my eye's.

Scary. For us, and for his career.

He's costing himself MILLIONS next year.

Tex said...

oh Gawdddddd I had forgotten about Rudy...thanks.

and new post on mine put things all in perspective

Ted D said...

Sorry Tex, didn't mean to traumatize you.

And I've already posted: nice job tonight.

beckperson said...

Ted, I came here to find aid and comfort after the game 2 loss, but I got perspective on what's really important. Thanks!

Hope Ciera has a wonderful day!

Ted D said...

Morning Becks,

That sure sucked last night, no? I don't envy Tito trying to figure out what to do with Gagne.

I'm sort of hoping for putting him in the corner of the bullpen and letting the other pitchers toss sunflower seeds at him.

I'll pass the word to Ciera, and thanks!

Have a great Saturday.

Stacy said...

Tell Ciera I hope she has a Happy Birthday! :)

Ted D said...

Consider it done, Stacy. Had a great party, her and Jared fought like two ring tailed racoons, and I got to chanel Scotty during the water basketball game by sending shots by Jared and Aaron all the way across the pool.

HorshamScouse said...

Hope Ciera had a great birthday!
And I hope the celebrations keep you away from the game until after they get the lead :(

C-Kayak said...

They now have the lead (6-5) - Thanks Big Papi, you just may have saved Ciera's birthday :D

Mattie said...

I swear I commented on here this morning! Either that, or I'm losing my mind.

Great post, big bro. I am learning exactly how you feel, with each and ever day. They grow up too darn fast! I know Baby C will be 9 going on 19 before I know it!

Happy Birthday Ciera! Sorry we couldn't make it up for the party!

Ted D said...

Horsham, I followed your advice and look what happened: a 5-0 deficit is now a 10-5 lead going into the 9th!

Carol, looks like the day is saved!

Mattie, you losing it? I'll pass the word to Ciera, and BTW, thanks to EVERYONE who wished my baby girl a happy birthday: they have all be relayed to her, and Mom and Dad are much appreciative.