Sunday, August 12, 2007


How in the name of all that is good and holy did Boston leave Baltimore losing 2 out of 3 games?

How do you go into the 8th inning with the lead and the game's best bullpen, and end the day feeling like you've been drop kicked in the marbles by some drugged up donkey?

Yeah, Eric Gagne looked like some guy plucked off the local beer league softball team Friday and today, but he isn't responsible for all the lobsters left on base. And if you wanna know what in the world I mean by lobsters, head over to my friend Tex's blog. She lays it out for you in a clear, concise way. Nice job Tex, btw.

I am speechless at how 15 men were left on base against the Baltimore freaking Oriole's today: forget the Canadian giving up a home run to Tejada: stuff happens. Fact is, the game should have been out of reach by that point. Members of the Red Sox, the Yankees are a good team, and they are inching up, game by game. Put a stop to this nonsense starting NOW.

If not for Melvin Mora pulling play after play after play out of his nether regions today, we probably aren't talking about this right now: he made more game changing plays in one game than most guys make in a year. It got to the point where I was calling him names under my breath usually reserved for people named Jeter, Posada, and Rodriguez.

In the picture, Ciera, Rakes, and myself aren't watching the game. We are watching COPS. I made a decision after that debacle this afternoon to avoid any baseball related programming. Which is why we spent the rest of the evening watching America's Funniest Home Videos, COPS, and I'm finishing off the day by watching Miami Vice on the Sleuth channel. Figured the kids didn't need to see Dad wandering around the house muttering things like "how does Snyder throw a breaking ball in that count?" while cursing to himself for the next 4 hours.

Nothing like vintage Don Johnson in a teal jacket and white shoes with no socks to get your head right.

However, had there been a camera in my house when Millar hit the HR to win the game, my face would look EXACTLY the same.

Bring on the Devil Rays:

My blood pressure may be reaching DEFCON 1.


Tex said...

All i got to say is the bleeding better stop soon...and before I reach Baltimore OR SomeBody's GONNA PAY!!! perhaps someone DOES need to bring enough bail money.


Tex said...

oh and i just thought of this...15 lobsters and Millar's number is: 15

Ted D said...

Tex, I have small children: please don't get me sent to jail!

And if we had to lose today, at least Millar was who hammered the final nail into the coffin: guy want's to be back in Boston so bad you can taste it.

Good for Kevin: he drew the walk that led to Roberts steal, so he get's an automatic free pass with me.

scott h said...

Caption under picture.

Daddy will they really come and take you away if we miss one game on this dang tv?

Tex said...

\\Caption under picture.

Daddy will they really come and take you away if we miss one game on this dang tv? //

I CAN'T QUIT LAUGHING!!!!!!!! ::rolls on floor::

Ted D said...


And my answer would be:

"Yes. You do."

Glad he made you laugh Tex: of course, he'll put it in his scrapbook.

Mattie said...

4 games. Didn't there used to be a 1 in front of the 4?

Can this team do NOTHING the easy way?

Maybe this is good. It better wake them up and get them going heading in to the postseason.

It better.

Ted D said...

When did you turn into a cynical old man?

C'mon bran muffin: Keep the Fair.

scott h said...

Ok , sorry wrong caption.

Correct caption.

Daddy that policeman is holding up a picture of you. Daddy if they make you go to jail can we keep the direct tv.

Ted D said...

What did I do to go to jail?

And yes, they can get to keep the directv.

scott h said...

Streaking thru Wal-mart screaming 4 game lead, 4 game lead.

Ted D said...

Oh. That.

How'd you find out about that all the way in Oklahoma?

scott h said...

Some guy here did the same except he had on a Yankee hat.

Ted D said...

Sox win 3-0, Wake pitches 8 innings of 2 hit ball.

Let the crazy SOB streak through Wal Mart.

scott h said...

So what you are saying is, if Tampa bay can make the WS ,Sox have another ring.

Ted D said...

NO, smart aleck.

What I'm saying is, they beat a team they should beat, and kept the Yankees, no matter what they do, from getting another game closer.

You have a Yankee hat, don't you? C'mon, I know you do. You are a sad person.

KAYLEE said...

//So what you are saying is, if Tampa bay can make the WS ,Sox have another ring.//


KAYLEE said...

Some guy here did the same except he had on a Yankee hat.



Ted D said...

Kaylee, I know about laptops and all, but you had open heart surgery 3 days ago: how in the world do you feel like doing anything? Isn't open heart surgery a really serious thing? My Dad had a heart attack 3 years ago, and didn't do anything for about a month after his surgery: you seem like you are in pretty good spirits.

KAYLEE said...

TED yes it is but,i would go flipping crazy here if I didnt do anything.I am not a person that can sit or lie and do nothing even if I was on my way to dieing just cant do it!I have rested to! its not like i get up and walk or anything yet..................